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The characters of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. Chiro The protagonist of the series and leader of the Hyperforce. He pilots the Torso Tank Driver. "I thought you and he only go into Hypermode when there's trouble." Care to join us?" All you remember is meeting your friend, the boy." I entered Hypermode and took a defensive stance, but was struck at the back of the neck. .. in the universe: Otto of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. I kind of failed with the whole 'in the monkey team's POV'. leader of the Hyper Force, and Krinkle was just some kook who brainwashed them Today it was Antauri and Sprx standing outside of the Robot, taking care of some daily duties. Antauri decided to go with it, especially since there was a distinct.

Chiro shuddered then walked over to his seat sitting down and trying to move his tank out of the pile that held it down, but couldn't get free. Chiro grumbled under his breath as he tapped the com on his chest. I'm trapped in sector 12 with 6 townspeople I need immediate assistance. After a few moments of nothing he tried again. Keep these close in case the water rushes in. Chiro hesitated, his entire body shaking at the idea of going out into the water. The idea of being crushed between falling building debris and the tank clawed at the back of his mind followed by the thought of drowning.

Gackslapper said, "Are you alright my boy? He struggled up the latter and closed the latch hoping that they would be alright with a few inches of water pooling at the bottom.

He looked around remembering to breathe through his mouth instead of his nose as he then hesitantly moved his hands and arms beginning to get a small amount of movement as he walked down the tank and headed towards the smaller bits of debris holding down the front of the tank. He tried to focus on the mission, just the mission he had to ignore the fact that he was under water.

As long as he didn't think about that he could do this. He pressed harder against the rock until it budged but didn't fall. Chiro laid down on his back placing his feet against the rock pushing hard against it, kicking it again and again until finally the rocks crumpled off the front. The front of the tank jerked forward as it was freed. He clung tightly to the metal before he crawled over to the other side of the tank kicking that one the same way. Unlike the first time these ones broke away almost instantly, and once again caused the tank to jolt, this time the tank jolted with enough force that it freed itself completely and shot to the surface ripping the rebreather out of his mouth before tossing him and the tank out of the water.

Gravity slammed him hard against on top of the roof leaving the boy coughing and curled up in a ball shaking in fear and cold. After a moment Chiro regained his courage and slowly got to his feet.

His knees shaking under him. Chiro then slowly climbed back into the tank and nearly falling to his knees when he hit the floor of the tank.

Chiro managed to stand though, as he closed the tank hatch and climbed into the seat. He pushed the button that let the tank push through the water much like a boat would. He could only hope that they wouldn't get stuck again, because part of him knew that he would be unable to gather that much courage again.

He couldn't go back out there, he couldn't go back under water. None of us have heard from you since we split up.

Did you have any problems? I'm going to finish my check on sector 11 then head back to higher ground. Antauri and the group had basically adopted Chiro two years ago when he found his way into the Super Robot and had been more of a father figure to the boy than his father ever had been.

Antauri had taught him how to fight and use his newfound abilities over the 'Power Primate' as well as basic math skills that he would need to know if things had ever come down to that. The rest of the family helped raise Chiro though as well. Gibson taught him more advanced math as well as science.

Otto taught him basic mechanical skills and how to fix things when they break. Sparx taught him how to fly and control the super robot if he ever needed to do so alone.

And Nova taught him hand-to-hand combat and basic medical information incase he ever needed to patch himself up in a fast situation and nobody was there to help him do so. Chiro sucked in a breath and began to focus more on his driving than the past as they finally hit solid ground once again and charged up to high ground where once all of them were in one place they engaged the robot turning their small vehicle into the Super Robot once again.

Once all the pieces to the large puzzle was put back together Chiro led the civilians to the center area of the Super Robot where they met up with a good 40 percent of the townspeople, the other 60 percent having been out of sight. Nova, Antauri and Gibson find as many blankets and pillows as you can, even some of the ones from our rooms and set up beds for everybody.

Until the water recedes and the rain stops we're going to have some house guests. My team is making a meal for everybody and gathering supplies for all of you to use until the rain stops. If you have any questions find me or any of my team and we'll do our best to answer what you have. All we ask is that you keep calm and not fight. She had pale skin and pink hair which were pulled into pigtails and she had a on a white and green dress that brushed her middle thighs.

He was so caught up in her beauty for a minute that it took a while for him to realize that the girl was shaking and that she was soaked. Chiro frowned, then made his way away from the doctor and line of people before going up to the girl taking off his jacket leaving him in his black tank top as he put it over her shoulders. Chiro excited on the left side of the robot's neck before jogging over to the team who were standing on the edge. The river was overflowing, which if much more weight was put on it the dam would burst causing the entire city to be sucked under water and possibly lost forever then none of them would stand a chance.

Nova stay here and watch over the civilians. You've looked like you've been wanting to be sick all day. Chiro smiled, "I'm fine Nova just been a long day. It took a total of ten minutes before they landed on the edge of the dam.

Chiro and I will hold these ropes. Chiro then tied the other end of Otto's rope to his own ribcage looking at Antauri and Sparx who were working on the other side of the dam, the less deep end. Chiro wanted to argue with this but kept quiet as Otto climbed down. Chiro looked over the edge shaking violently as he watched the water splash higher and higher on the dam with each passing moment.

Typically the water was only 16 feet deep this time of the year but this year the water was closer to 60 feet deep. He managed to calm himself down just in time for a bolt of lightning to strike a near by tree. Chiro cried out in fear as he spun around to look at the tree. This caused himself to slip and fall backwards into the water, yanking Otto down as he passed him.

Chiro's body hit the water directly on his back with enough speed it made him feel like he hit cement instead of the cold water. This knocked the breath out of his making him instinctively suck in a breath, another mistake for his lungs were instantly filled with water.

The water clawed at his lungs feeling more like fire than water. Chiro couldn't help but panic. All sense of reason, all the lessons of staying calm under pressure were instantly forgotten as the water swept him and Otto along.

After a while Chiro lost all sense of which way was up and which way was down. He couldn't breath, he could hardly move, and now the world around him was going fuzzy. Chiro was suddenly yanked to a stop by the rope around his waist and after a moment Chiro could feel himself being pulled along until he felt a strong arm wrap around him and he was pulled to the surface.

Only then was Chiro able to catch a real breath of air and cough loudly as he clung tightly to his rescuer. Otto held him close, tears streaking down Chiro's face as he sobbed and shook his eyes wide with terror. Chiro couldn't even budge he was so scared of sinking back in and didn't even bat an eye when Antauri and Sparx pulled him and Otto out of the water letting Chiro fall on his hands and knees on the damn, continuing to cling to Otto. His hair covered most of his face but all of them could tell that Chiro was terrified and still frozen in pure fear.

He looked as scared as he felt, his body shaking uncontrollably his clothes soaked. Deciding not to carry Chiro through the group of people Otto took Chiro directly to his room and set him on his desk chair. From these points, it would seem that Chiro may have a hard past. According to some of the staff, Chiro's a latchkey kid. Since so little is known about Chiro. He becomes the subject of many fan-theories. Some state before Chiro found the Super Robot portray Chiro as an orphan with abusive parents, or his parents died and his relatives occupied Chiro's house and ill-treated him, or Skeleton King made his parents as his prisoners or sent them to some other planet or galaxy.

Some even believe that Skeleton King 's related to Chiro in some way, the most common form of this theory being that he's Chiro's father. In the episode, I, ChiroAntauri dies and his soul goes into Chiro's body. Which in turn, Chiro turns into a monkey, until the next 2 episodes where Chiro turns back to normal. Powers Chiro's powers come from the Power Primate entity inside him. He can utilize electrokinesis, as seen in the attacks Lightning Kick and Thunder Punch.

He's also seen utilizing the Power Primate for combat. An electricity based punch. An electricity based kick. Used often, but not as often as "Thunder Punch" after the first couple seasons.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic adjustment

A bolt of lightning thrown by Chiro. Again, not used as often after the first couple of seasons. An energy based attack shot from the mouth. Used more commonly by Antauri. A burst of green energy that focuses into a beam or radiated out over the whole body.

A green gorilla like force field around Chiro. A blow can push the enemy. It's like Monkey Fu except it comes from hands, shown in Skeleton King. The Hyperforce train him in fighting. I know he's not going to do anything sinister… I could tell that much from our meeting. I suppose only time will tell.

Once he no longer felt as freezing cold, Antauri thought back to the attack. He focused carefully on each individual sensation that had plagued his inner self, and each one left him more convinced and confused then the last. All evidence pointed to the peculiar feelings were coming from his own mind, but how was that possible?

It almost seemed that there was something about Chiro he didn't want to remember Where had that come from? He didn't even know the boy! He had spoken with him once, and most of the time blocked the peculiar things the boy was saying during the day. So what could he possibly be afraid to remember about the boy? He had searched all over the city, high and low, for the boy. His feet ached with every step, and he had nearly been seen several times. Yet, he had nothing to show for his efforts.

It was as if the boy had just dropped off the face of the planet! He couldn't even detect shreds of his Power Primate, which normally radiated from two planets over even!

Well, maybe not that far away, but still. Perhaps he isn't in the city… Mandarin thought, after checking around yet another corner. Or maybe I'm just not going to find him because the moment I step into the sight of someone, they'll alert my brothers and I'll be kicked out of the city before I get the chance. Suddenly, he heard something. I'm your real leader!

Meet the Wigglenog

Those two would never change. He was convinced that even when they gave in to dating, they would still be the same. Sprx had never known when to keep his mouth shut, and Nova had always been strong willed with a violent streak. Not that Sprx ever minded, of course. Now's not the time to be remembering old times!

You have a mission! Mandarin heard the boy sigh. I'll be back tomorrow though! And you can count on it! Mandarin crept to where he could see the boy. He was effortlessly moving through the alleyways, as if he had done this a million times before. Mandarin would bet that he had taken the back ways long before he even knew the Monkey Team existed, just from the way he seemed to know exactly where he was going.

Or perhaps this had been going on longer then he thought He doubted that however. He hadn't been gone that long, and Skeleton King had discussed the boy in their transmissions. Mandarin followed the boy easily. However, he soon found that he lost the trail, something that rarely happened to the orange monkey.

Suddenly, there was a glowing hand at his throat. The boy would be right, but even so Chiro rolled his eyes. I'm not the leader of the team anymore. He almost felt pity for the boy. Welcome to the club, he thought scathingly. That's the reason I'm here. I'd rather have you as leader of the team then some imbecile who has no idea what he's doing.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic adjustment

I like the challenge. Without Chiro, these fights would be boring. They would easily get Krinkle - whom Mandarin assumed did not possess powers like he had deluded the team into thinking he did - and the monkeys would follow their precious 'leader' into captivity.

And as wonderful as it would be to finally rule Shuggazoom, Mandarin knew that first of all, they would still be dealing with Chiro Mandarin gave a short nod. Let's go back to camp, and I'll fill you in. Chiro suppressed yet another eye roll. This was going to be a fun partnership. Had he really been that obvious? The rest of the walk was silent. I think I would have preferred the taunts to the daggers in my back… Chiro thought. Though, who could blame him?

Finding the Formless dressed in tin foil hats along with a few other accessories would have disturbed anyone. And of course, the only culprit was Sakko. The small monkey meekly scrambled over to him. We're supposed to attack the city in three days! We can't afford to lose more time! As much as Skeleton King would have liked to have tossed him into battle anyway, he couldn't afford to lose Mandarin. Especially since the next choice for the right-hand man was Sakko; who didn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

Sakko; who wore belly shirts, mini-skirts, bows, and other such things. Sakko; who dressed up his Formless. Skeleton King inwardly cringed. Mandarin, if you don't get better soon… "Yo, Kid! The red monkey looked over his shoulder, feeling as if everyone was staring at him. They were, each of them giving him funny looks, as if he had said something wrong.

Immediately, Sprx thought back to the nickname. I've always called him that! I've always, always, always called him that.

Since the day that we met, practically! I'm not hallucinating here, am I? They all exchanged glances, each trying to remember if he had called him Kid in the past. Suddenly, memories of Sprx calling - Sprx winced, grasping his head. His vision swam, and a pounding echoed throughout his brain, as if some had taken a sledgehammer to his head. His could barely suppress the screams that threatened to erupt from his throat and drive him hoarse.

The others were in the same position. Krinkle, the wonderful and caring leader that he was, was going over to each in concern. When he reached Sprx, he could hear the man muttering something he couldn't quite make out.

It almost didn't sound quite like the type of thing you would mutter when tending to your teammates though, judging by the tone. Now that crazy kid has you doubting in your leader! He's just muttering to himself in concern, like any leader would do.

That's what it had to be. There was no way Krinkle wasn't their leader! His head was throbbing, and his vision was blurry. The only parts of his head that didn't hurt quite so bad were where his fingers were digging into his scalp, though he knew those spots would hurt when this was all over. Mandarin raced over to his side, knowing that the boy would be no help to him if he was like this!

There had been no warning for it to have happened. He was in the very middle of explaining things, and then suddenly, that scream had torn from his throat and now he was like this. Chiro soon looked up, slightly bleary eyed. As his vision cleared, he shook his head, as if trying to shake the rest of the pain off. Would that start happening to him too?

He suppressed the urge to press the tinfoil hat tighter to his head. There was silence for a few moments. Once Chiro had collected himself, he said, "So, where was I? Okay, so after falling asleep in my room like usual, thinking about how weird it was Krinkle had showed up, and about easy it was to defeat him — normally he was more persistent, you see — I woke up in my pajamas, sleeping near the water around Shuggazoom.

I was really confused, so I headed back to Shuggazoom thinking that the team could tell me what happened. And of course, there Krinkle is, right in the middle of it all. I lunge at him, only to have the team attack me! He just smiles like I'm a two year old he's humoring as he orders them off me, and they listen to him. Then he has Antauri 'escort' me out telepathically. They still believe that he's the real leader, and I'm nuts.

Chiro leaned forward as Mandarin began to speak. Once the orange monkey was finished, Chiro thought for a few moments. It had been a full day since Sprx's mix-up. Each member of the team now had at least a tiny seed of doubt in their leader. They had all heard him muttering peculiar things, and all of them had been there when Gibson declared that there was nothing in their systems that should have caused a headache like the one they experienced.

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Each of them tried to dispel their doubt, for he was their leader, and they respected him. After all, he had woke them from stasis, saved them more times then they could count, possessed the most powerful Power Primate they had ever seen, and took care of them like his family. They should have no reason to doubt him!

But ever since that crazy kid had come around, they had begun to doubt in their leader. He had somehow managed to knock them off balance and cause a disruption in the harmony that they normally felt around their leader. And the worst thing? They couldn't even believe that he was a leftover from the Varons.

Something about him was so familiar They felt protective over him. That was the question that screamed in all of their minds, and none of them were any closer to figuring it out Krinkle will prove who our real leader is when Skeleton King finally attacks Chiro headed to the Robot as he did every single day, at the same time every day. He didn't really need today, but he had to try. He also couldn't let the monkeys think there was something up, or that he had given up on trying to convince them that he was their leader.

He would never give up in that area. But I doubt he'll come today. The weather is absolutely atrocious! But that's never stopped him before. I remember one morning, it was me and Nova out here, and he came and it was storming, thunder, lightening and everything!

It was horrible, and yet he stood out there, getting soaked and screaming above the storm and making himself hoarse. He didn't even have an umbrella Even if he does think that he is our leader, or wants to convince us he's our leader, what does he gain from standing out in the middle of the pouring rain? Seems rather stupid to me Gibson nodded, as Otto shut the door on the wires. The boy immediately started in on his recounts of their adventures, and pleading for them to believe him. Otto and Gibson walked around to the other side of the Robot's neck, opening the next door of wires.

The rain poured down about them, but they were safe beneath the head of the Robot. The teenager, on the other hand, was not. He was completely drenched, covered in rainwater and shivering from the coldness of the water. However, he didn't stop with his pleas; with his stories.

He didn't stop trying to convince them that he was their leader - that he was apart of their family. Gibson felt sympathy for the boy He delved no deeper.

It can't be just some psychological thing So what is driving him? The boy shook his head, heading back through the alleyways like he always did. Gibson had the strange urge to follow him, to make sure he got home safe. However, he did not. He suppressed the urge and turned back towards the green mechanic, who was bounding towards him. Then he tilted his head to the side. The blue monkeys shoulders slumped. He knows more details about our missions then we have ever disclosed to the public, and about some missions that we never, ever told the public about.

He's got no reason to sit out here in the rain, risking catching a cold or something even worse I just can't figure out what's driving him He also throws more concrete and rational reasoning into his stories and pleas I also can't help but feel As if we were once friends, possibly even close enough to be family Yet, I have no memory of him A glance was shared between the two.

Chiro glanced up as he saw the Super Robot flying to meet with Skeleton King's army, and he raced after the mechanical ship as fast as he could. He knew that they would beat him there - they were flying after all - but that didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was he got there in time for him to play his part. As much as he hated the way that Mandarin had chosen to go about this, Chiro also knew that something like this could not have been avoided regardless He was breathless by the time he was to the battlefield, but that did not stop him from immediately joining the ranks of the allies.

None of them seemed to notice the added member - which was good. The hardest part about this was not using his powers However, he managed it. So far, so good. The five multi-colored and mechanized monkeys easily feel into the battle, not noticing what a difficult time their leader seemed to be having.

They were severely outnumbered, but based on past battles; they knew that they were not outmatched. They were quickly proven wrong.

The others let out light chuckles, but they all quickly returned to the seriousness of what was going on. It was getting harder and harder to fight the new-and-improved Formless. For the past few battles, they hadn't had to fight near as many, nor had they been quite so difficult to defeat. Gibson and Antauri both surmised that these had been test runs, and now Skeleton King had finally improved his Formless recipe.

After all, for every Formless that they defeated, the ooze created two within their place. There were certain points that they could strike to prevent this, but they kept getting harder and harder to reach. Ooze from the destroyed Formless also kept sticking to their fur, the stickiness of the solution making it harder for them to move around quite so easily. The others nodded, despite the obviousness of the situation. None of them really had the energy or the time to point out the fact of how obvious it was.

He pulled out the sword that Otto had made for him and started trying to distract the Formless by 'attacking' them. Antauri raised an eyebrow at the man, though Krinkle didn't notice.

Why isn't he using his powers? He must be saving the energy for the Skeleton King. Activating Ghost Mode, the silver monkey quickly took out the Formless following Krinkle about. It made a bit of a dent in the army, though there were still many, many Formless.

The battle continued, until finally, the monkeys had been completely separated from the allies, and the army had split in two; one-half for the monkeys and Krinkle, the other half for the allies. Before Krinkle could respond, most likely with, "What's that? The Formless army collapsed into a gigantic pile of ooze and followed swiftly behind him.

The team and the allies panted, all of them worried for the man that had just been taken by the Skeleton King. The other monkeys looked up, and there it was The others nodded, doing the same. We'll be back soon! Chiro was still breathless from the battle, but he knew better then to leave Krinkle with the Skeleton King for too long. His lungs burned for air, his heart raced, his muscles strained to keep going, and sweat poured down his body, but still, he kept going.

Chiro smiled slightly, giving a short nod. Sprx lifted the teenager up, before joining his brothers in their formation. Chiro fixed them all with a hard look - one a leader would wear - and said, "Despite what you guys think, Krinkle isn't the Chosen One. He doesn't have powers. He's a normal person, like the rest of the citizens of Shuggazoom. He's not going to be able to get out himself. He's not going to be able to resist Skeleton King for long.

Skeleton King is going to get him to join him or whatever it is he wants to do, and then he's going to realize that Krinkle isn't really who he's searching for.

He's going to be mad. Something inside of him was beginning to believe the boy The Power Primate agrees that the boy is the Chosen One No further conversation was made. They soon arrived at the Fortress, and guards were pouring out of every entrance and exit of the entire place. There was no way six multi-colored monkeys and a teenage boy could slip through unnoticed. Unfortunately, Formless weren't quite as dumb as they used to be.

Skeleton King doesn't want as many guards near him, becuase he doesn't want them interfering with his magic and stuff. They landed quietly on the roof, and snuck into the main hallway.