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The Furlings are first mentioned in the episode, "The Fifth Stargate References To our knowledge, SG-1 has never met the Furlings. The Furlings never did make an appearance on SG-1, but there was mention of them in several episodes, and Furling ruins were found and explored. Producer Robert C. Cooper was asked "Will we ever meet the Furlings?. So, I'm once again going through all episodes of SG-1 (SGA is next of I always wanted them to meet the furlings expecting them to look.

Production[ edit ] Executive producer Robert C. Cooper originally proposed they write a normal script for the th episode. However it soon became clear that deciding who would have the privilege of writing the th episode would be problematic.

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This led to the idea to create a sketch episode in the manner of Saturday Night Livewith each writer creating a vignette. Behind the th Cooper said, "it was a big deal for us to have [him] back for the th episode.

We obviously didn't think we could do it without him. For example, the marionettes used in an elaborate spoof of the series were created by the Chiodo brotherswho also made the puppets for Team America: The Original Series spoof, while a set from the sister production Stargate: Atlantis was used as the chamber of the Wizard of Oz.

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While jokes for the joke's sake are usually limited in normal episodes, the line between humor and camp is deliberately crossed frequently in "".

The producers even talked about recreating a part of Blazing Saddles that breaks the fourth wallbut they could not afford the horses. For example, Cooper noted that a Gilligan's Island skit was cut from the script.

stargate sg1 meet furlings episodes

The title sequence is deliberately shorter than most other episodes, poking fun at shows like Lost as well as the Sci-Fi Channel itself, [7] which had shortened SG-1's Season 9 opening but changed it back after fans demanded it. Early in the episode, Dr.

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Jackson asks why anyone would make a movie version of a TV series that lasted only three episodes—Teal'c responds that it had strong DVD sales. This is a reference to the series Firefly[13] which Fox executives decided to cancel after airing only three episodes although 14 episodes had been filmed, and 11 of them were actually aired—8 more after the cancellation announcement had been made.

The high number of DVDs of these episodes that sold afterwards justified making a feature film based on the series, Serenity. The scroll and the stone were the invitation. Harry Maybourne translated the scroll and stone, found by his rogue NID team, and decided to escape from the authorities by travelling to this utopia.

stargate sg1 meet furlings episodes

He tricked Jack O'Neill and the SGC to letting him accompany them to the planet, and used the stone to jump through the one-way door to paradise. O'Neill was able to follow him. The Furlings had advanced technology. The Furling technology transported the pair to the moon above the planet. Furthermore, they filtered any advanced weaponry from coming through: Jack and Harry found only ruins of a village and skeletal remains of the people that once lived there.

They did not know where they were or how to get back. As Harry Maybourne became more despondent and erratic while eating an awful "arugula tasting" plant, Jack O'Neill did more investigations, discovering the remains of a Goa'uld on the planet, and forensic evidence that the people killed each other. He was able to figure out the "arugula" was poisoned, likely by the Goa'uld, but not before he too was being swayed by its effects.

In the meantime, Maj.