Star lite swap meet hours

Starlite Marketplace

star lite swap meet hours

The space occupied by Starlite Swap Meet in South El Monte can best be Several hours are often spent building the structures, which are. Star Lite Swap Meet South Tacoma Way Hours. General Public: Indoors Tue-Fri AM - PM Sat-Sun AM - PM. Outdoors Tue-Fri Star Lite Swap Meet is the LARGEST market in the Pacific Northwest! We're open Tues – Fri Street Fair 8am – 6pm, Sat & Sun Swap Meet am – 6pm.

A tour of our funky — and flourishing — flea markets | The Seattle Times

January 29, The space occupied by Starlite Swap Meet, an ephemeral gathering place that facilitates sales and bartering in what otherwise would be a vacant lot in the industrial suburb of South El Monte, can best be described as a void in the urban landscape, only becoming a place upon the arrival of the people who occupy it on weekends.

Like the latter entities, though, the swap meet is also privately owned; vendors pay to occupy parts of the space and customers are charged a 75 cent fee each to enter it. The following account is primarily based on a lifetime of observations— my own family has sold at the swap meet for the last twenty-some years.

The Swap Meet Opened in the s, the Startlite Swap Meet once operated as a drive-in theatre that housed up to vehicles.

star lite swap meet hours

The otherwise empty theatre lot simultaneously began operating as a daytime outdoor swap meet shortly after its opening. Aside from the marquee, its only notable infrastructure is the fence that denotes its boundaries in relation to its light manufacturing and residential neighbors, and two relatively modest buildings located at the center of the swap meet, where a cafeteria, administrative office, and restrooms are located.

A tour of our funky — and flourishing — flea markets

Sold at the swap meet are toiletries, herbal medicines, pet clothing, and seemingly everything in between. It would be negligent, though, to say that the influences are obvious, beside the language barriers that exist between the groups, broken English often being the only language that ties the communities.

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The bouquets appear to be a bit on the pricier side, but arrangements are what one would expect of any florist. Specialty Services Perhaps most surprising in the rows of merchants selling goods is the two purely service-oriented shops — a beauty salon and an underground tattoo parlor. Miscellaneous Now we get to the really fun and funky.

A night at the Starlite Drive-In

Yup, one outside vendor was featuring just that, which was a definite favorite of the younger swap meeters. Oh, and a heaping pile of naked Barbie dolls could apparently be yours, though what purpose they could serve is beyond me.

Come shop or take in the many sights, sounds and smells, open In warmer months, vendors spill onto the lawn, with outdoor space open to the general public from 8: Tuesday through Friday, and 7: Star Lite Swap Meet. Puget Park Swap Everett The row of bra vendors near the entry is deceiving. Lots of used crossbows, hunting knives, camouflage gear, power tools, Chilton repair manuals and motorcycle helmets.

Again, Latinos make up probably half of the estimated vendors at this drive-in theater space, many selling mariachi outfits, Mexican pop music and DVDs.

star lite swap meet hours

Sort of gives it a neighborhood-yard-sale ambience. Better yet, they offer the best deals. But you will have to work for it.

star lite swap meet hours

You dig through their boxes. Select a buckle from a box and a belt color, and the vendor tailors your belt on site. The crowd, aboutpeaks around noon.

star lite swap meet hours

The real bargains start in late afternoon when the crowd dies down and vendors slash prices.