Sri chinmoy track meet results

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sri chinmoy track meet results

Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Masters Meet Results Self- Transcendence Masters Track & Field. By Utpara Lin. Sunday, 16 October. Track and Field. Info Results NYCRUNS Frozen Penguin Half Marathon. Saturday 3/10/ New York • NY Results. Sri Chinmoy 5k & 7 Miler. Sunday. Masters Results Sept USATF So Cal XC GP – Bell-Jeff Invitational – Open Oct Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Masters Track & Field.

I had been injured with shin splints from training too hard earlier in the year and I stopped running for three weeks prior to this particular marathon so I could recover. I kept in shape by cross-training, using swimming and cycling to stay in shape. I thought I should not run this race so as not to aggravate my shin condition again.

This caused some conflict in my mind because I had been trying to break three hours for the marathon for a few years now. I had gotten within 12 seconds of doing that the past year and now I felt I could really do it in this race. That was until I developed the painful shinsplints.

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I had signed up for the race earlier, but now I decided not to do it. The day before the race, something very powerful inside me, call it the soul if you wish, compelled me to go and run the race the next day.

No matter how hard I tried to rationalize not doing it, I just could not feel right until I decided to go and run it.

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My shins were stronger but I felt I lost the speed needed to break 3 hours so perhaps I should not chance reinjuring myself and run a slow time as well. But none of the rationality of the mind was powerful enough as the reality that was compelling me to go and 'just do it'. Some of my friends also tried to convince me not to run it, but to no avail.

Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Masters Meet

The next day, I went to the race with enthusiasm in my heart but a bit of fear in my mind. To ease my mind, I just planned on running the race strategy I had to break 3 hours and forget about my injury which was probably recovered enough now anyway to endure the distance. Although I started with a bit of pain in my shins and the readiness to drop out at any time if it seemed to get worse, within the first ten miles the pain in my shins gradually went away as I stayed with a group of people going out at a sub 3 hour pace.

I was feeling quite strong as I was definitely well rested before the race. So although my shins were a bit weak, I felt that I had the reserve energy and strength to keep it up. The second ten miles was a bit tougher but I was still quite steady as most of the group I was with slowed down.

The last person I was with also dropped back by the 18 mile point. Now I was running alone and this made me a little more apprehensive about what was to come for me even though I had run quite a few marathons in the past years, but none as fast as I was running then. I began to tire by mile 19 and started doubting whether I could actually finish in time or if I would fall apart altogether and do my worst since I had done no long runs in the past month or any running in the past three weeks.

At that critical and confusing juncture, I saw one of my spiritual sisters pointing out that Sri Chnmoy was just ahead sitting and watching the race.

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He was on the median of the parkway we were running on, sitting by himself with legs dangling like an excited young boy getting a thrill out of seeing so many poeple strive for such a lofty goal to finish a marathon which he himself had run in the past. I was the first of his students to pass by and he was so happy, smiling and smiling at me.

Then as I was passing him quite happy to see him at this critical point with my energy waning and legs hurting, he suddenly put his hand to his mouth and threw me a powerful blessing disguised as if he was blowing me a kiss.

It looked like a true father or mother sending all their love in the form of a kiss through the air. It was such a powerful blessing that I could not feel the pain in my body anymore and it was as if I was almost not even touching the ground. In this semi-floating state of joy, I picked up the pace considerably and began to pass many people who had been ahead of me. I knew I would not keep this up for the last 6 miles or so but I would ride it out as long as possible to insure my sub 3 hour finish.

I ended up running 2 hours, 56 min. It was my first sub three hour marathon, finally after 10 marathons in two and a half years of running them. It felt as if I had won the race not only because I was the first of all of our marathon team members to finish, but also because I had finally transcended what was until that time a very evasive and difficult goal.

Even more than that though was the fact that I listened my soul over my mind and actually was able to start and finish the race, and in so doing, receive an incredibly loving, surprising and powerful blessing in the form of a compassionate father's kiss thrown with the utmost love, sincerity, concern and joy. I had never seen this form of blessing by our great and loving Spiritual Father either before that time nor after.

I think it was so spontaneous because it was exactly what I needed at that one moment in time. I can never forget the sweetness and innocence with which it was offered yet the power that it had to physically and mentally keep me strong enough to reach what seemed just hours before an unthinkable goal. In reflecting back on such a sweet yet powerful experience, it is now clear to me that in professing the concept of spiritual progress through self-transcendence, Sri Chnmoy not only practises what he preaches but also never ceases to lovingly and self-givingly help others who sincerely try to transcend themselves.

So many students run marathons, ultra marathons and multi day races that it becomes commonplace and normal and I almost forget the loftiness of the achievement. This concept became real for me a couple of years ago when I decided to attempt, at least in part, the Self Transcendence Marathon in August. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a runner.

sri chinmoy track meet results

This has always been a difficult thing for me to accept, especially on this path, surrounded by world-class athletes. I never believed that I could finish a marathon, or even a half marathon, so I never attempted to do either. After Sri Chinmoy passed away, I was disappointed with myself that I had never attempted a marathon while he was here with us physically, so I decided 2 years after he passed away that I would try, and just see how much I could do.

I just went out every day and ran. I had no fixed idea of how far I would go, I just decided that I would just go as far as I could. At around mile 15, it became very clear that I needed to stop. So I did stop, and then remained to help hand out seaweed and tissue salts to the continuing runners.

One part of me was happy that I had done as much as I did, because this was an absolute first for me, but another part of me, I think the larger part of me, was disappointed that I could only do 15 miles. At the end of the race, we all piled back onto the busses, and we arrived back in Queens just in time for me to take a shower and head off to a very intense 3 and a half hour music concert rehearsal, and then prepare for the evening meditation function.

The next morning I woke up feeling quite well and fresh, and just happily went about my day with no after effects of having had a very physically intense day the day before. This made me think that finishing a little more than a half marathon was no big deal, and again I was a little disappointed with myself for not having been able to do more. After Celebrations, I arrived back in Winnipeg to start my school year. What did you do on your holidays?

She asked me the usual questions of what I had done over the summer and I told her of my usual travels to New York etc. My colleague stood looking at me in disbelief. Again she looked incredulous. My colleague was a tiny girl, about lbs soaking wet, and she went on to tell me that she trained for a year and a half to do a half marathon, and when she finished she needed 2 days to recuperate.

This time I was the one who looked surprised. I went back to my classroom and mulled over our conversation in my head. It was then that I realized what an incredible feat I had accomplished only by grace.

sri chinmoy track meet results

What seemed absolutely normal in our spiritual world seemed absolutely incredible to the outside world. I hope that I never cease to be amazed by what we can accomplish by grace. Such is our incredible world of inner light, energy, and self-transcendence capacity. The Yellow Hat Pragati is one of the pioneer women ultradistance runners in the Centre, competing in many multiday events in the 's.

Toward the end of one seven-day race, I had a very powerful inner experience while I was out walking at around 3 a. Just for a few minutes, I felt that I "became" Guru, that he was inside me. As a spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy was keen to highlight the physical and spiritual benefits of running. Sri Chinmoy taught that real spirituality is not a retreat from the world; everything we do can be done from a spiritual perspective.

Spirituality teaches us to transcend our limited egoistic perspective and enter into higher state of consciousness. Thus, spirituality is the practise of inner self transcendence. In meditation we constantly expand our horizons and sense of self. This inner spiritual self transcendence also complements the outer self transcendence. Sri Chinmoy has often spoken of the benefit and nature of self-transcendence.

When we transcend ourselves, we do not compete with others.

sri chinmoy track meet results

We do not compete with the rest of the world, but at every moment we compete with ourselves. The SCMT organisedand mile races; in addition they organised 6 day and 10 day races. InSri Chinmoy asked for a totally new race, the mile race. This was an unprecedented leap in distance.

Furthermore, the race was to be undertaken around a 1 mile block in Jamaica, Queens.