Spirited away chihiro and haku meet again someday

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spirited away chihiro and haku meet again someday

We all know that Chihiro and Haku split apart after Chihiro escape from The spirit bath house. Though, what if they re-met in high school?. Spirited Away () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more She meets a boy named Haku who tells her that Chihiro and her parents are in danger, Chihiro runs back to her parents, but they're still eating-and they've turned into pigs. . Lin says she has to get out of that place-"someday I'm getting on that train . Tumblr Wallpaper, Screen Wallpaper, Studio Ghibli Movies, Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki, I love Chihiro & Haku. Cute the ship has sail Anime Scenery, Spirited Away Haku, Spirited Away Wallpaper, "I'm honestly still hoping that someday a magical train will take me far away ha ha. anyway, this has been sitting in.

Sen asks if there are two Hakus. Lin says no, and that Sen must be careful what she says to Haku because he's Yubaba's henchman.

Sen doesn't feel well. Yubaba turns into a bird with a human head and flies off her balcony with a smaller but otherwise identical human-headed bird. As Sen lies sleeping among her new coworkers, a voice Haku's says "meet me at the bridge; I'll take you to your parents. When she observes "my shoes are gone," the sootballs bring them out of the tunnels where they live. Sen makes her way out to the bridge, where a semitransparent spirit is standing.

It wears a white mask and a black robe. Silently, it watches her cross; it was standing in the same spot in the middle of the bridge when she crossed the night before. Haku finds her at the other side and leads her through flowering shrubs to the huge piggery. He says she must never come there without him. She identifies a couple of sleeping pigs-there are hundreds-as her parents, and promises to help them. Haku says she must remember which pigs are her parents. He gives her back her old clothes, which she'll need to escape, and a card with her real name, Chihiro, which Sen has almost forgotten already.

She called herself Sen when she spoke to her parents. Haku says Yubaba exerts power over people by stealing their names; she must not forget hers as he has forgotten his. He gives her something to eat. She cries as she eats and he tries to comfort her.

Then Haku has to go; he leaves her at the bridge. When she turns back to look for him, she sees a dragon flying away and realizes that it's Haku. Later, Kamajii finds Sen asleep on the floor of the boiler room; he covers her up. Yubaba-bird and her smaller companion fly home through heavy rain. Inside the bathhouse, Lin asks Sen where she was; Sen apologizes but doesn't explain. Sen, Lin, and other girls wash a floor until a man comes to say they get the big tub today, though the women don't usually get that kind of work-"that's frog work," as Lin says.

As Sen dumps her pail out the garden door, she sees the silent spirit from the bridge standing outside in the rain looking in. She asks if he's getting wet and leaves the door open for him; he follows her in. They discover that the big tub is encrusted with crud and will need to be soaked before they can clean it properly, so Lin sends Sen to the foreman voice: John Ratzenberger for an herbal soap token.

Far above in her apartment, Yubaba senses something approaching. She looks out and wonders who is slinking around in the rain. A spirit that looks like a pile of mud is making its way toward the bathhouse. The foreman refuses to give Sen a soap token, but the silent spirit liberates one for her. As they fill the big tub to soak it clean, Lin says the water contains salts that are supposed to be good for you.

The silent spirit voice: Bob Bergen again approaches Sen and offers a handful of soap tokens. He's not completely silent; in this scene he makes little "ah ah" sounds, as if he's trying to talk. When she politely turns them down, he seems disappointed and lets the tokens fall to the floor. She's distracted when the big tub overflows. Meanwhile, Yubaba has identified the walking mudpile as a stink spirit, though she's suspicious that he isn't really.

The staff fails to fend him off, so Yubaba assigns Sen to take him to the big tub and bathe him. Sen can hardly speak because he smells so bad. He's surrounded by a pool of purple stinkiness.

He gets in the big tub, which overflows with his brownish slime. Yubaba and the foreman watch as Sen tries to clean the stink spirit. She uses the silent spirit's herbal soap tokens to order up some good, cleansing hot water. As Lin arrives to help, Sen feels something like a thorn in the stink spirit's side. Yubaba decides this is important and gives Sen rope to tie to the thorn which has a handle ; with help from all the staff, they pull a bicycle out of the spirit's body, followed by an entire junkyard.

Hayao Miyazaki has said that this part of the story is autobiographical-he once pulled a bicycle out of a polluted, litter-clogged river. When the slime clears, an ancient-looking brown face with shaggy eyebrows appears and says "well done" to Sen.

He seems to disappear, leaving her with a handful of something greenish. Then he explodes out of the tub like a giant white snake-or perhaps a dragon he resembles Haku's dragon form -and flies away, leaving lots of gold behind. The guest was a river spirit in distress, not a stink spirit.

Sen sees the silent spirit sitting in the corner, apart from all the excitement.

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again someday

At bedtime, Lin and Sen sit on their balcony eating dumplings. When Sen asks about Haku, Lin says the word is he does Yubaba's dirty work.

They watch a train go by on the water. Or so it seems; with all the rain, the water has risen so it just covers the tracks. Lin says she has to get out of that place-"someday I'm getting on that train.

That night, the frog who first saw Chihiro on the bridge goes into the room with the big tub and meets the silent spirit, who lures him closer with little gold nuggets. The spirit eats the frog, and thereafter uses his voice. He asks another employee for food and pays with more gold, which seems to grow in his hands as needed. Sen takes the river spirit's gift to the piggery, thinking it might turn her porky parents human, but she can't tell which pigs are her parents. Back at the bathhouse, Lin shows Sen a lump of gold from "a new guest here who's loaded.

Sen goes to look for Haku. A white dragon that Sen recognizes as Haku flies across the water, lands with a splash, and then seems to be attacked by white birds. Sen opens her balcony doors so the dragon can fly into her room and closes the doors on the birds, which turn out to be made of paper. The dragon is bleeding, but flies out and up to a higher window. Sen, worried, goes after him; one of the paper birds attaches itself to her back.

She runs into the formerly silent spirit, who is glad to see her and offers her gold; she declines and the spirit, disappointed again, drops the gold, which is eagerly snatched up by the other employees.

The spirit eats the staffer who was conducting him through the halls and another employee. Has Sen's rejection of his gifts turned him evil?

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again someday

Sen finds herself climbing up the outside of the towering bathhouse. She notices that she has some of Haku's blood on her hand. The paper bird moves from her back to her hair; Sen turns to see the Yubaba-bird flying back into her rooms at the top of the bathhouse.

Sen tries to get in through a window; the paper bird slips through and unlocks it for her. She goes through a bathroom down a hall to a playroom, where the paper bird enables her to hear Yubaba, who complains into the phone that the problem guest is a no-face spirit who's eating people and that Haku is bleeding all over the carpet.

She callously tells someone to "get him out of here-he'll be dead soon anyway. He never leaves his room so he won't get sick. He threatens to break her arm if she won't play with him, so she shows him Haku's blood on her hand-"germs! Sen goes out to the main room, where Haku lies bleeding in dragon form.

The paper bird turns into a woman who looks just like Yubaba. She turns the baby into a mouse when he mistakes her for his mother. She also turns the smaller Yubaba-bird into a tiny, bug-like bird and turns the three green heads into a facsimile of the big baby. The woman explains she's Zeniba voice: Suzanne Pleshette againYubaba's twin sister.

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again someday

She says Haku stole her magical golden seal, and she wants it back. The seal carries a curse that Zeniba says will kill anyone who steals it. She says he's a thief-he not only took Zeniba's seal, but plans to steal Yubaba's magic as well.

Haku snaps his tail and shreds the paper bird, which is lying on the rug; this action slices Zeniba in half from top to bottom. Haku and Sen fall through a hole in the hearth down a long shaft, almost landing among some evil-looking spirits before Haku, still in dragon form, revives enough to fly them to the boiler room.

Once there, Haku collapses; he's still bleeding. Kamajii says it looks serious-he seems to be bleeding from the inside. Sen makes him eat part of the river spirit's gift.

He thrashes and struggles and spits up Zeniba's gold seal and a black slug, which Sen steps on and kills. Haku changes back to human form, but he's still ill and unconscious.

Sen takes the seal. Kamajii says Haku, like Chihiro, appeared at the bathhouse out of nowhere and became pale-faced and steely-eyed once Yubaba took him as her apprentice and got control of him. He thinks Zeniba might be able to help if Sen asks, though Zeniba is very dangerous; Sen agrees.

She says Haku helped her, and now she wants to help him. Lin comes to say that the silent spirit is a monster called No-face who has swallowed three people; Sen admits that she let him in, though Lin implies she'll get in big trouble for it.

Kamajii gives Sen train tickets-a rare treasure-to go to Zeniba's house at Swamp Bottom. He says the train only runs one way now, though it used to go in both directions; Sen will have to walk back along the tracks. Yubaba tells Sen to get every last bit of gold out of No-face, who has grown huge and bloated, before evicting him from the bathhouse.

Before Sen goes in to see No-face, Yubaba asks "what's that dirty mouse doing here? No-face offers Sen gold again, confiding, "I'm not giving it to anybody else. She asks if he has somewhere to go. He doesn't; he complains that he's lonely. No-face says he wants Sen-meaning he wants to eat her. She makes him eat the remainder of the river spirit's gift instead, and it causes him to vomit uncontrollably on Yubaba, at one point.

Sen runs away and gets him to follow her down many flights of stairs. No wonder, the way you clung to them. A little water when we get there and they'll perk right up. My very first bouquet is made up of farewell flowers, how sad. What about that rose you got for your birthday? One rose isn't a bouquet. You dropped your card. I'm opening the window. C'mon now, behave yourself.

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again someday

It's a big day for all of us. Did I take the wrong turn? I don't get it. That must be it, look. It must be that blue one over there. I must've missed the turn-off. I bet this road'll get us there. This is always how you get us lost. Just a little farther, okay? What are those little houses? People pray to them. Dad, are we lost?

We're fine, we've got a 4-wheel drive. You're going to kill us! What's this strange building? Must be the entrance. Let's go back, honey. This building's pretty new. The wind's going in. Let's have a look! There's a way through. Dad, let's go back! No need to be scared, Chihiro. The moving van will get there before us.

So, let 'em, they've got the keys. Let the movers move us! Nothing to be scared of. Chihiro, you wait in the car. You'll make me trip, Chihiro, clinging like that. Say, do you hear that? Maybe we're near the station. Let's go and find out. What are those houses doing here? This must be an abandoned theme park. They built so many in the early '90s, but they all went down with the economy.

This must be one of 'em. We are going further?! Let's go back, Dad! Mom, that building is moaning. It's just the wind. What a lovely spot! We should've brought our lunch with us. They were making a river. Hey, you smell that? See, it smells great. Maybe they're still open. Can you believe it, they're all restaurants. Come in, Chihiro, it looks delicious. We can pay them when they get back. That one looks great I wonder what this is called?

I don't want to! They're gonna be mad at us. Don't worry, you've got Dad here. I've got credit cards and cash. You're not allowed here! Leave before it gets dark! They're lighting the lamps. Get back across the river! Dad, let's go home! It's just a dream! I can see through! It's a dream, it's got to be! Don't be afraid, I'm a friend. Open your mouth and eat this!

Unless you eat something from this world, you'll vanish. It won't turn you into a pig. Chew it and swallow. Good girl, you're fine.

What about my Dad and Mom? They didn't really turn into pigs, did they? You can't see them now, but you will. It's looking for you. My legs don't work. Take a deep breath. In the name of the wind and the water within thee Hold your breath while we're on the bridge. Even a tiny breath will break the spell, and the attendants will see you. Always nice to see you! I'm back from my task.

Hang on, we're almost The name Haku literally means "White". The stench of humans! They know you're here. I'm sorry, I took a breath.

No, Chihiro, you did very well. Listen and I'll tell you what to do. Stay here, and they'll find you. In the meantime, you escape. Stay with me, please! You have no choice, if you want to survive here. And save your parents, too. So they did turn into pigs When things quiet down, go out by the back gate. Take the stairs, all the way down. Until you reach the boiler room, where they stoke the fires. Kamajii's there, so look for him. The name Kamajii literally means "Old Boiler Man".

Ask him for work. Even if he refuses, insist! If you don't work, Yubaaba will turn you into an animal. The name Yubaaba literally means "Bath Crone". She is the mistress of the bathhouse Aburaya. She's the sorceress who rules our world. Kamajii will turn you away and trick you to leave, but keep on asking him for work. It'll be hard work, but it will give you a chance. Then even Yubaaba can't harm you.

I have to go. Remember, Chihiro, I'm your friend. How do you know my name? I've known you since you were small. My name is Haku. Haku-sama, Yubaaba-sama wants you.

It's about my task. Um, are you Kamajii-san? Um, Haku sent me here. Please let me work here!

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Darn, all at once Get to work, you little runts! Slave to the boilers that heat the baths. Step on it, boys! Um, please let me work here! I've got all the help I need. The place is full of soot. What should I do with this? Do I just leave it? Finish what you start! Wanna turn back into soot? And you, watch it! You can't just take someone's job. If they don't work, the spell wears off! Got no work for you here! You sootballs got a problem?! You guys at it again?

I keep telling you to leave it out. They're having a fit about it upstairs. Says she wants to work, but I've got all the help I need. The girl can handle her, I'm sure. And risk my life?! If you want to work, you'll have to make a deal with Yubaaba.

Might as well try your luck. You there, follow me! Can't you even manage a "Yes, ma'am" or "Thank you"? You sure are slow.

What do you need shoes for? Did you even thank Kamajii? He's looking out for you. Thank you very much! Yubaaba lives way up at the top, in the back.

spirited away chihiro and haku meet again someday

You wanna lose your nose? This elevator is not in service, sir. Your room is on the right. You reek of human! I smell it, I do! Smells mighty tasty, too. Tell me the truth, now! It's for the other girls. I'll settle for a leg! Anyone going up, pull down on the lever! Not going to knock?! What a puny little girl. You're making a racket. You're just a useless weakling. Besides, this is no place for humans.

It's a bathhouse, where eight million gods can rest their weary bones. Your parents had some nerve! Gobbling our guests' food like pigs! Just desserts, I'd say. And you'll never see You'd make a lovely piglet. Or maybe a lump of coal. I see you're trembling. Actually, I'm impressed you made it this far. Someone must've helped you. I must thank your friend. Just who was it, my dear?

You can tell me. I want to work here! Why should I hire you? Anyone can see you're a lazy, spoiled crybaby! I have nothing for you! I've got all the bums I need around here.

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Or maybe you'd like the worst, nastiest job I've got, until you breathe your very last breath?! I'll be right there. That's a good baby, now. What, you still here! I'll be right there That's a good baby, there, there. Please let me work! Okay, just pipe down! I'll put you to work. But one peep out of you about anything, and I'll turn you right into a piglet! Um, I sign my name here? Quit dilly-dallying and do it. That ridiculous oath I took What an extravagant name.

This child is starting work as of now. Follow me, then, Sen. The management of the bathhouse are Chichiyaku and Aniyaku, literally meaning "father figure" and "older brother figure".

Even on Yubaaba's orders Don't send her to us. Can't bear that human stink. Three days of eating our food and her smell will vanish. If she's still useless then, fry her, boil her, do with her as you will. Don't dump her on me! That's right, Rin's just perfect! You're gonna pay for this! So you pulled it off! You're so thick, I was worried. Keep your wits, now. If you need something, ask me, okay? So this is our room. Chow and sleep, you'll be fine. You wash your own apron! Are there two Hakus here?

I sure hope not. He's Yubaaba's henchman, so watch out for him. Found it, found it! Get a hold of yourself! What's all the fuss, Rin? The new girl says she feels faint. Meet me at the bridge. I'll show you your father and mother. Dad, Mom, it's me! Are they sick or hurt? No, they ate too much and are sleeping it off.

They don't even remember being human. Dad, Mom, I promise I'll save you! Don't get too fat, or they'll eat you! I thought they were gone. You'll need them to get home. This was a farewell card Yubaaba rules others by stealing their names. You're Sen here, but keep your real name a secret. She almost got mine, I'd nearly turned into Sen. If she steals your name, you'll never find your way home.

I no longer remember mine. Go ahead, eat, you must be hungry.

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I don't want to. I put a spell on it to give you back your strength. You've had a hard time. Can you find your way back? Yes, Haku, thank you! I'll work very hard. Is that the best you can do? You and Sen get the big tub as of today. But that's Aogaeru work! The male workers in the bathhouse are either Aogaeru blue frog or Bandaigaeru green frog. Orders from the top. Better give it your all. Aren't you getting wet?

I'll leave this open. On the big tub, Rin? They haven't scrubbed this in ages! This bath is reserved for our filthiest guests. It's caked with sludge. Rin, Sen, first customers are here. This tub needs a herbal soak. Get a tag from the foreman. A herbal soak tag. What's a foreman, Rin-san? I can't waste that on you! One deluxe sulfur soak. No point in standing there.

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Scrub with your hands! Your hands, I say! It has to be a herbal soak. You sure are dense. Oh, a fragrant bath coming up. Thank you so much! Why, nothing at all We have an intruder. You figure it out! Wow, you got a really good one. This goes to Kamajii. Water'll be right up, it's not too busy now. Yank on this for hot water. You're such a klutz. Look at that colour. That's the dried worm salts. With water this murky, who's gonna see the sludge?

Yank it again when it's full and it'll stop. Go ahead, let go! I'll get our breakfast. The bath's not ready yet. But there are so many I don't need this many. It's a stink spirit?! An extra large stinker at that. Headed straight for the bridge. The bath is closed for the night.

Didn't seem like a stink spirit to me Well, now that it's here, better go greet it! Just try to get rid of it as fast as you can! Please retire to your rooms! Rin and Sen, Yubaaba-sama's calling. Listen, this is your first job. You take this customer in the big tub. One peep out of you and you're coal!

Don't insult the customer! Welcome to our bathhouse Sen, hurry, take it! What are you waiting for! Show him the bath! This is no laughing matter. Let's see what she does. Oh, she intends to re-fill the tub. Oh no, soiling the walls with those filthy hands! Did you give Sen new tags?

Never, what a waste! All that precious herbal formula! Sen, where are you?! I asked Kamajii to give us all the water he's got! He's sending the best herbal soak ever! He's got a thorn stuck in him! It's in so deep, it won't come out! Rally the help downstairs! Sen and Rin, that's no stink spirit in there! Hustle now, and get the women to help them! Everyone, all of you! Our guest is still with us.

Sen, you're in our guest's way. Get out and open the door. Open the main gates! You made us a bundle! That River God is famous. You can all learn from Sen! Sake's on the house, tonight! Time to hand over all that gold you picked up! I didn't see Haku. He just disappears sometimes.

They say Yubaaba makes him do bad stuff. Looks like the ocean What did you expect after all that rain? Some day I swear I'll get to that town. I'm gonna get out of here. You're not allowed in there! Y-You can make gold? It's way past bedtime.

There, I'll pay you now.