Shinee boys meet u live here

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shinee boys meet u live here

Shinee World is the second Japan nationwide concert tour by South Korean boy group Shinee to promote their second Japanese studio album, Boys Meet U. The tour kicked off in Saitama on June 28, and ended in "NEWS - LIVE - JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD ~ Boys Meet U ~". SHINEE - Boys Meet U - Music. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. . SHINEE [ SHERLOCK ] Mini Album CD + Artbook + Photocard + Sticker K-. Conclusions first: in every way, Boys Meet U is a great improvement from album was trying to go towards a electro and 'live rock band' sound.

The song begins with a strong and clean vocal melody as its foundation, and then lets the experimentalism frame those basics and give the overall piece color without overbearing the listener.

SHINEE – BOYS MEET U LYRICS (English & Romanized)

A lot of songs seem to put the quirk before the basic song, the hook before melody, which is a complete mistake. It not only highlights the problems with both songs, it makes less of the merits of each.

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The goosebump inducing melody? There, I said it. I like fun songs as much as the next person.

shinee boys meet u live here

It was at that weird dubstep-esque interlude that the song totally lost me. Was this song that has no correlation with the rest of the album necessary at all? Sure the group plays musical hot potato with the lines of their songs like every other K-pop group, but this song is one of the few that really took advantage of the five voices available.

SHINEE – BOYS MEET U LYRICS (English & Romanized) | KV

Every member contributes some sort of color to the song. Now to go check if the sky is falling. Minho is still improving, but he still has not settled in his correct voice. Taemin is becoming aware of how good a singer he is, and how good of a singer he can be. You cannot turn into Kyuhyun!

shinee boys meet u live here

In addition, using vibrato nearly every line makes it that less special; Onew and Jonghyun both balance their vibrato-straight fairly well, they sing straight for the majority of the time but vary their vibrato speed as needed. Kiss Yo This is a Key song, with a lot of Minho high-voice rapping, hate it or love it. I happen to think it is a kitschy attempt but too clean-sounding, like something you would listen to in sixth grade while chewing pink bubble gum balls and making bubbles.

Shinee World 2013

Cheeky and playful, but delivered with a bow tie and comb-over on top; the little boy that tries too hard to be cute. I do appreciate that all the members rapped, and showed us precisely why Jonghyun, Onew, and Taemin sing.

shinee boys meet u live here

It fits in the flavor of this album, no complaints with its inclusion. Keeping Love Again is heavier on the autotune, though. Jonghyun also follows up with an intense emote, and I can honestly picture him smiling earnestly as he sings.

Minho again sounds like a frog. I am being ironic. Nonetheless, Key loses his mojo in the second verse as his voice seems like it came straight down from his nose. Then Key regains his mojo in the bridge towards the end, and honestly, those two lines epitomize how I want Key to sound.

It is still Key, without any compromise, except for sounding exponentially better. Minho was handed a lot of high parts especially the last few lineswhich baffles me because there are plenty of low parts, mostly relegated to Taemin and Key.

I cannot stress enough that Minho is a passable singer, but only when he sings lower. Changing the instrumentals a bit, this could fit on a mainstream American pop album. They sound fresh and clean, especially Onew.

shinee boys meet u live here

There is not much to say in addition after hearing the Japanese edition, except it is more awkward. Fire Fire fits into the vibe of Boys Meet U, though the pitchshifting may have been a bit too much, i. Minho has become a toad and even the Jonghyun-infused chorus sounds froggy. I have previously reviewed Fire here. In the first verse and bridge, Key is incredibly tense, a disappointment.

Even Minho upped his game in this song, his part in the second verse and bridge is the best it gets in this album. Following Minho, Taemin also shines, especially in his small a cappella. It is dominated by Onew and the beautiful parts another shocker go to Minho and Taemin.

I also cannot say I miss Jonghyun, either coming from me, hardcore-Jonghyun-fan, this must have been the biggest shock, right?