Santee swap meet directions and maps

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santee swap meet directions and maps

Drawing large crowds since and selling antiques, collectibles, new merchandise, crafts and produce. Spring Valley Swap Meet official website. Spring Valley Swap Meet Photo Export jpg. Spring Valley Directions: From El Cajon, Lakeside, Santee. Coastal Carolina Flea Market is the Charleston area's true flea market. Featuring over indoor and outdoor booths. Ladson SC HWY 78 Fairgrounds.

I start the video out a little different I thought I would show you what I bought and how much I paid for it and then would show you actually walking through the swap meet and finding the stuff. I have made a lot of money buying and selling stuff that I have found here.

You never know what you are going to find here and sometimes people just don't know what they have. A lot of times I don't know what I have either til I get it home and have a chance to look it up. You don't always make money but if you have a good eye for spotting deals it is usually a safe bet.

Industrial designer Keith Charvonia stops by with the amazing restomod it took eight years to build by himself in his home garage. Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise.

Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.

W models featured six-cylinder engines and were marketed as the, andwhile W models featured four-cylinder engines and were marketed as the,and All were styled by Paul Bracq, featuring a three-box design.

Great time and Vlogging the Remodel and all that is going on with the day to day around here Subscribe http: With over retail stores, there's plenty to see and do.

From paintings to pets to electric bikes, Fleamasters has a million items you won't find in ordinary, mart stores. The best place for Florida souvenirs, home decor, antiques and collectibles, hair salon, jewelry, more.

Food stands, coffee shop. Bring your family, friends and house guests for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Buses Welcome Fleamasters' Stories Around every bend: New stories are added every few weeks.

Watch our videos; visit us often to see them all. Find it in our Directory of Dealers. High traffic, prime spaces available. Get rates and info here. We love our Facebook friends! Get market news and special offers Now that you've seen our website, visit the fleamarket! Download printable map and driving directions. You'll love to shop at Fleamasters. It's a place for locals, tourists, backpackers, Russians, Resorters, Hippies and others. A lot of hippies come to Anjuna Market to sell handmade clothing from their own designs.

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Be sure to visit either very early or later in the afternoon to avoid the worst heat. The path is part of the San Diego River Trail, a planned but mostly unbuilt path along the San Diego River from the ocean to Lakeside and possibly farther upstream. Bikeway", but that unwieldy name probably will not stick because the sign did not appear to be permanent. It runs west along the south shore of Mission Bay.

Just before the path reaches the parking lot for the South Shores Boat Ramp, a side path turns left south and emerges on the north side of a road called South Shores Park. The path was closed for construction and was reopened on June 6, with the dedication of the South Shores Promenade, a walkway that runs parallel to this path between the path and the bay for 0.

santee swap meet directions and maps

There is a traffic light with a pedestrian signal that bicyclists can use to cross Sea World Drive safely. The path runs along the south side of South Shores Park.

In three places, pavement markings direct pedestrians onto a separate parallel path next to the Sea World parking lots. At one place, the path turns left and crosses Perez Cove Way at a marked crosswalk with a button-activated traffic light. The path then runs along the other side of Perez Cove Way and ends at the southeast corner of its intersection with Ingraham Street Thomas B3, N 32 The path is lined in some places with Torrey Pine trees of various sizes.

The Torrey Pine is a rare species that grows naturally only at Torrey Pines Reserve and on one offshore island. However, Torrey Pine trees have been planted at other places.

The official north-south bike route runs along it, although many bicyclists prefer to ride on the main part of Catalina Blvd. From the south end of the frontage road N 32 It is actually an extra-wide sidewalk, but signs at both ends mark it as a bike route.

Like most sidewalks, it has seams between concrete blocks, but one of them is especially large.

Red Routes in San Diego County

Watch out for it, especially if you are riding downhill north. A sign on Catalina Blvd. The frontage road and path are used more often by southbound bicyclists. This path is not shown on the RideLink map. It begins at the southwest end of Soto Street, just one block from Valeta Street Thomas B5 and ends at the north end of the park access road Thomas B6.

Bicyclists can follow the access road roughly south another 0. Part of this path is shown on the RideLink map. The official name of this path is "Bayside Walk". The path goes under the Ingraham Street bridge and emerges in a parking lot on the south side of Corona Oriente Road about 0.

There is easy access to the east and south ends of streets and alleys along the way. There are also stairways from the bike path to both sides of Ingraham Street. It runs south along the western shore of Mission Bay and ends on the north side of a road leading to a parking lot just east of the south end of Mission Blvd. Thomas J4, N 32 But it is open to bicycles, albeit with a ridiculously low speed limit of only eight miles per hour.

The path begins on the north side of Sea World Drive 0. After crossing Tecolote Creek on a path separated from the traffic lanes by a sizable barrierit turns west and follows the eastern shore of Mission Bay all the way to the entrance to De Anza Trailer Park at the south end of De Anza Rd. Thomas D6, N 32 It is not shown on the RideLink map. It is very popular with weekend bicyclists. The name "Rose Canyon Bike Path" is official and appears on some signs. It passes under interchange between Interstate 5 and Highway 52 see photographand emerges at the south end of La Jolla Colony Drive just east of the interchange with Interstate 5 Thomas A6, N 32 There is a sign at the entrance to Marian Bear Park south of the interchange and east of the path.

You'll have to cross both the railroad tracks and the creek to enter the park, but the path is fairly well beaten. Near the northern end of the path, there is an unpaved path to the east which goes up Rose Canyon as far as Genesee Ave.

It is suitable only for mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. You may also see daredevil mountain bikers following a narrow, unpaved path clinging to the hillside east of the creek. Because this path runs alongside a railroad, it is listed in a publication of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

An interurban passenger railway ran through here until about The path runs through what is officially called the "Fay Avenue Corridor", a southward extension of Fay Avenue. It runs south above and through a residential area, and emerges on the north side of Via Del Norte about midway between La Jolla Hermosa Ave. Thomas F2, N 32 See photograph of south end. The official bike route turns east and runs south on Beaumont Ave.

However, the old railroad right of way continues south for 0. Although much of it is unpaved, it is a well-beaten path firm enough to be ridden with care even on a road bike. Thomas F3, N 32 At a point 0. The currently unpaved part of this path, which is 0.

This path is listed in a publication of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Northbound bicyclists following this route should be aware of some signage problems at the north end of La Jolla Hermosa Ave.

The bike route runs north on La Jolla Hermosa Ave. The turn from La Jolla Hermosa Ave. The turn from Camino de la Costa to Beaumont Ave. It's not clear whether it was intended to be a bike path. The surface is a little rough, but it's definitely ridable. And there is a separate four-foot-wide concrete sidewalk to the west of the path, right next to Regents Road.

Coastal Carolina Flea Market

The current edition of the RideLink map shows no bike route of any kind along this route. There have been proposals to pave it. The path begins as a paved driveway leading west and uphill from the south end of Roselle Street Thomas C7. The pavement disappears about 0. The path emerges on the north side of Eastgate Mall, 0. The opening of the Voigt-Roselle Bike Path on June 29, probably makes this proposal a dead issue. It runs north along the west side of Interstate Highway 5 and its access ramps, passing over Genesee Avenue on an impressive, but nameless, pedestrian and bicycle bridge.

It ends on the south side of Roselle Street, just west of the onramp to southbound Interstate Highway 5 N 32 The path runs almost entirely downhill, with an elevation loss of approximately feet.

There is access to both sides of Genesee Avenue, with a few circular concrete benches. See photograph of north side access point. It is well marked and quite popular with runners and bicyclists. The path was shortened slightly during construction at San Diego International Airport.

It now stays much closer to North Harbor Drive. However, a portion of the old path on the west side of Harbor Island Drive is still open. It meets the main path N 32 When passing through Spanish Landing Park, the path goes through parking lots in a few places, but its meanders are clearly marked. If you are going west, and you want to cross Harbor Drive here, you can follow a hard-packed dirt path next to a roadway under the bridge.

There is no direct access to the north side of Harbor Drive, but bicyclists can usually get through a small landscaped area. By riding a short distance over hard-packed dirt, you can reach a smaller bridge north of Harbor Drive. This leads directly into a shopping center at Liberty Station, passing by the USS Recruit, a scaled-down ship use to train sailors when the area was part of the Naval Training Center. Another path, the Esplanade Bike Path, begins here.

At the east end, you can ride 1. There are signs apparently directed to bicyclists or roller skaters a short distance southeast of Laurel Street where the sidewalk passes next to some rest rooms. The latest version of the RideLink map shows it as a red route. The ship was formerly used to train sailors.

The path runs roughly north along the west side of the channel through NTC Park. It ends in a jumble of sidewalks at the junction of Truxton Rd. Side paths through the park to the junctions of Cushing Rd. An unpaved pedestrian path runs between this path and the channel most of the way.

There is a connection between this path and the North Harbor Drive Bike Path that pedestrians and bicyclists can use to avoid having to cross N. A side path runs 0. The tracks veer east, but the path continues approximately due south, crosses F Street and G Street, and ends on the north side of Harbor Drive N 32 The southern part resembles a pedestrian mall more than a bike path. Beveled curbs make the street crossings fairly smooth. Part of this path might be considered a northward extension of the nearby Martin Luther King Jr.

It is so considered in the official Rails-to-Trails Conservancy guidebook. It runs south along the west side of Harbor Drive, and ends at the southwest corner of Harbor Drive and Pacific Highway. Along the way it passes near the Aircraft Carrier Memorial, a black obelisk bearing the names of all U.

Parts of the path are paved with something resembling cobblestones. Bicyclists who want to avoid being shaken must ride very near the edge of the path. Onthe southeastern part of this path was disrupted by construction. It runs southeast between the trolley tracks and Harbor Drive, and ends at the junction of Harbor Dr.

santee swap meet directions and maps

Thomas B4, N 32 The part north of Fifth Ave. Half of the path is painted pale blue, and the other half is painted pale green. The part south of Fifth Ave. There are no bike path signs on this path, but the word "bicycle" appears on signs at some street crossings. A second, but less colorful path runs along the other side of the trolley tracks from the trolley station on Imperial Ave. It is identified as the "MLK Promenade" only by signs prohibiting pedicabs. Part of this path was used as an alternate route for bicyclists while the bike lanes on Harbor Drive were closed by construction near the Convention Center.

Because this path runs along a railroad right of way, it is listed in a publication of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. It is shown erroneously on the Thomas Guide as part of S. The path runs along the northeast side of S.

It will eventually be extended in both directions. Bicyclists riding northwest on S. Bicyclists riding southeast have to cross S. Then in order to cross again, they must leave the path at a traffic light 0. The southeast-bound lane of the bike path is fenced off beyond this point.

santee swap meet directions and maps

It connects two parts of Upas St. The path begins at the corner of Upas St. Thomas B6, N 32 It runs roughly east for 0. There is a bicycle parking rack near the turn. Most bicyclists will have to dismount to negotiate this turn safely. Near the bottom of the canyon, an unpaved running trail branches off to the right and continues south through the canyon. The bike path swerves left and crosses Highway on a pedestrian bridge built in On the other side of Highwaythe path ascends, descends and ascends again to emerge at the entrance to the Boy Scout Service Center at Upas St.

This path is a very convenient link between the east and west sides of Balboa Park, but it is not a good ride because of its steep grades and sharp turns.

The bridge carrying this path is not the closed onramp from southbound Richmond St. That bridge is still passible, but it is of limited use to bicyclists, even mountain bikers, because access to the jogging path along the west side of Highway is blocked by a fence.

On there was a hole in the fence large enough to carry a mountain bike through, but holes in fences sometimes get repaired. Bicycles are NOT allowed on Highway ! There is also a connection of sorts on the Upas St. However, it is merely a very steep sidewalk, which most bicyclists wouldn't want to ride in either direction. The path begins at the north end of Erma Road in Mira Mesa Thomas F2and runs north along the east side of Interstate 15, passing within spitting distance of it as both go through a road cut.

Ride this part with care, because small rocks often fall onto the path from the hillside to the east. There is a traffic light with a pedestrian crossing signal that bicyclists can use. However, traffic leaving northbound Interstate 15 and turning right onto eastbound Scripps Poway Parkway often fails to yield to bicyclists and pedestrians; there have been many complaints about this intersection.

For most of the first 0. Bicyclists who have extra time and energy may want to take a side trip down to the pump station and back up again. The pump station itself is uninteresting, but some of the murals cut into the retaining walls next to the access road may be of interest to those who like Kumeyaay art.

A plaque near one of the murals describes the work as "Rock of Aegis, a project whose intent is to reconcile the present with the knowledge and wisdom of the past. Petrographs by the Kumeyaay, original inhabitants of this land, are the inspiration for these symbols. The bridge was named after the late Cara Knott, who was found dead under the bridge in A highway patrol officer was convicted of her murder.

I have rather arbitrarily applied the name to the bike path, too.