Rutgers trolley meet 2013

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rutgers trolley meet 2013

7 posts published by rutgersgrow during May I think Tuesday really showed me that 1) its the people you meet that will help you go on. VR and the Trolley Problem: Andrew R. McHugh '13 and his team at Carnegie Mellon use and the Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy at Rutgers University. . Meet Dr. Laura Stumpe: Associate Professor of Physics. nycmodeltransit added 1 video to Trolleys 2 years ago The 14th Annual Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Convention was held on October 11, at Rutgers University in the The National Trolley Meet at Oaks PA on May 3, 4 & 5,

Upon landing at Phnom Penh International Airport, we quickly grabbed our bags from the carousel and met the supervisor of Bonitar Hotel outside of the airport to board the van that would escort us to our home for the next 6 weeks.

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We were delighted to find a comfortably cool and spacious hotel room which provided all of the usual amenities as an American style hotel room, with a few slight exceptions of course e. We freshened up at the hotel and gathered our thoughts that weighted the last 36 hours of our trip. After settling in, the four of us set out into the busy streets of the Phnom Penh outskirt in efforts to grab our first real dinner since our departure in New York 2 days prior. After 10 minutes of roaming the littered side streets surrounding our hotel and being starred down by locals who were obviously aware of our fresh-from- America appearance, we found a small outdoor eatery tucked under metal roofing.

Despite a slight language barrier when ordering our meals as well as a slightly disturbing middle aged man pressing to pay for our meal, we concluded that our first dinner in Cambodia was a success.

rutgers trolley meet 2013

We exited the eating area as stealthy as possible and quickly walked back to Bonitar, dodging the locals on motor bikes here and there. The next morning, Friday May 24th, we woke up at 7: We were unaware of the waiting time for our breakfast food 1 hour wait and ended up missing our scheduled 9: We finished breakfast, taxied it up, and reached the bus station at 9: With an optimistic mind, we accepted the The bus station was chaotically arranged with numerous benches for waiting passengers, small trolleys of local street delicacies and old beggars.

After making small talk amongst ourselves and a Cambodian local to our left, Gabby and I decided to set out on foot to explore the early morning streets of the city. We wandered a few blocks down the road, dodging the hustle and bustle of motor bikes and street cars to find the Central Market.

rutgers trolley meet 2013

It was a intense and enriching sensory overload, to say the least. We boarded the bus at The six hour bus ride was interesting and filled our visual senses with a day in the life of a Cambodian.

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The bus featured popular Cambodian films and music videos on the small TV screens amidst a muggy, sweaty atmosphere and Khmer conversations echoing in all directions with culturally decorated curtains sweeping the sides of each window.

With a few stop overs at rest stops and food stands along the way and cricket eating done by Megan and Nabgha — Cambodian delicacy arrived to Siem Reap. Personally, I believe the people are friendlier and less aggressive towards new comers. This quaint town lays amidst a river surrounded by numerous bars and restaurants, bike rental shops, souvenir stands, small hotels and homes.

rutgers trolley meet 2013

Having no phone to contact them on the ground Facebook through wifi connection only we hoped to find them in the lobby of their hotel despite our 30 mins to an hour tardiness — and luckily they were there. We were all ecstatic to meet each other and share our knowledge of our experiences in Cambodia so far, along with educating each other on the objectives of each GROW team and partner organization. Very few trolley companies could afford such a large and comfortable car for their president.

The car contained a sitting parlor, rest room and a small dinette for making light meals and drinks while traveling. Car has wide platforms on each end of the car, they were open when built but closed in about The motorman has a little and we mean little glass-enclosed cab at the right side of end.

rutgers trolley meet 2013

It has some special features of a voltmeter, ammeter and a speed meter on the dash. Car recovered from flood damage December 15, Car returned to service on December 15 after being flooded in Hurricane Irene and again in Hurricane sandy.

The work on included, removing the two Westinghouse 68 traction motors, one of the motors was so far impregnated by the salt water that it had to be re-wound.

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Car is the last original Union Railway trolley in existence. The car was built by the American Car Company in and operated in the Bronx. In was absorbed into the Third Ave Railway, staying in service until After that these small cars where replaced by larger capacity cars and sold off.

It traveled all over the system, paying employees. The body restoration took over ten years and was fully funded by the Parente family. Car goes back into service, October October 1, This little Birney car was designed in to help keep trolley lines out of red ink.

Model Trolleys at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Designed as a one man operation, it saved salaries, It was a lot lighter cutting track maintenance as well. It had a number of new features such as special motors, controllers and brakes. The car also incorporated interlocking door switches which made it impossible to move the car before the doors were closed. It has two Westinghouse A traction motors and a DH16 compressor.

Both motors and the compressor had to be rebuilt due to Irene and then Sandy flooding. Car was the lead car on the north end of a 7-car train which had left Hoboken at 8: Ravi has said that he had changed his mind regarding the broadcast and disabled the camera himself by putting the computer in sleep mode.

His posts indicated that he did not want to share a room with Ravi after he learned about the first incident and then discovered that Ravi invited his Twitter followers to watch a second sexual encounter. On the evening of September 22, Clementi left the dorm room, bought food from the campus food court, and, around 6: His body was found on September 29, in the Hudson River just north of the bridge. Rutgers president Richard Levis McCormick stated, "We grieve for him and for his family, friends and classmates as they deal with the tragic loss of a gifted young man Members of the university's LGBT community told the administration that gender-neutral housing would help create a more inclusive environment for students.

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I don't know how those two folks [Ravi and Wei] are going to sleep at night" and added, "as the father of a year-old, I can't imagine what those parents are feeling today—I can't. You're going to meet a lot of people in your lifetime.

Some of these people you may not like. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you have to work against them. When you see somebody doing something wrong, tell them: