Rosario vampire meet moka parents

rosario vampire meet moka parents

Moka joined him. "Under normal circumstances you'd remove my rosario and Inner Moka would break down the door, but Mother said not to do. Moka's father spoke quietly as he walked down the stairs. I had met Tsukune before I wanted to figure out what made him tick. I snuck into. Rosario+Vampire ch 3 Some one comes knocking. Hello I hope all of you enjoy chapter 3. "Beware the wandering stranger who comes in the.

The burning sun had just disappeared and the stars were just beginning to come out. Each gave a gentle twinkle as they slowly showed their faces after a long day's rest. Down on the gray concrete a tall brown-haired woman walked down the streets. She hardly looked at her surroundings. Her cold blue eyes darted around, looking for something. She continued walking, paying little attention to the children that were playing on the sidewalks. The woman gazed at them with contempt.

Me, going into this filthy dung hill! She possessed an extremely dangerous aura that reeked of arrogance. She soon came to an area of town that was being renovated. The women wore a brown suit with skirt that showed off plenty of leg, which was why it attracted the attention of one tall burly construction worker. The women turned around and the look she gave the man could have killed a bull.

Leave, otherwise you will be very sorry for your stupidity. But the women swiftly turned and kicked him square in his testicles.

The man went down like a load of bricks. He doubled over in pain, as he lay on the cold concrete. The woman placed her high heels on his cheek and pressed down hard.

The man managed to get up and limp away from the frightening woman as fast as he could. She kept walking until she came to a three story home. It had an uneven triangle for a roof that allowed water to flow off to one side. A porch with flowers decorating a brick wall went out before the doorway in a welcoming gesture. It was squeezed in between two other homes. She checked a small pad of paper for a address.

A woman with short black hair answered the door. Aono asked in a kind voice she did her best to suppress a shiver. The look this woman was giving her was at least cold. The brown haired women looked her like a human looks at a bug. She continued to look at Mrs.

Aono as if she was inspecting her trying to determine something. In an instant she seemed to get her answer. Her gaze seemed to harden into look of pure loathing as though Mrs. Aono, mother of Tsukune Aono, deserved to be squashed under her heel. Aono, mother of Tsukune Aono? She showed it to Mrs. What do you wish to talk about? Is it about Tsukune? I hardly hear anything from him when he went to high school. She reached in her purse and slowly pulled out two pictures. Who knows hopefully he may let me borrow some of these sometime.

He walked quickly to Moka's room he quietly peeked in the room from a crack in the door. He saw Moka lying in her bed. Tsukune sat on a chair next to her. Perhaps I misjudged you. Also you said something about it not being their fault? Also I a few days ago before the two of them arrived here I observed Tsukune and Moka for my own curiosity.

I had met Tsukune before I wanted to figure out what made him tick. I snuck into both of their rooms and discovered something on both of their cloths.

It was a powerful aphrodisiac which would have overwhelmed the two of them completely. Their normal inhibitions would not have mattered.

I'm surprised the two of them didn't have sex instead of just making out. I also found something else. Another substance was on Mokas' bed sheets. This compound it appears made my sister sick.

rosario vampire meet moka parents

The amount used could not have made her ill for more then twenty four hours. I noticed something else to. I found traces of two chemicals in both Mokas' and Tsukunes' rooms. Both of these chemicals were designed to make both of them light headed and not think rationally.

What is even more disterbing is that I don't know how long the effects will last. I will use all my resources to unravel this mystery. In the mean time I suggest we take the two of them on a shopping trip to get new clothes Father. Unless you want to risk a repeated performance of what happened earlier and you want to become a grandfather quite soon. Also before you say anything else who ever did this was methodical in their plans. Whoever did this sprayed everything and I mean everything.

Including every piece of cothing they have including all of their undergarments. However once I have all of their cloths I will see if any evidence remains of who did this. Well it appears Tsukune is off the hook for now.

Unfortunately this means a shopping trip. Also unfortunately I am going to have to give my two wives an opportunity to max out my credit cards.

I will have to go to the bank and add another ten zero's to their credit limit. How can a women spend hundreds or thousands of dollars simply cloths shopping. First I must tell you two the reason for this shopping trip! He also could tell that both his wife's were thinking of who could spend the most money in one afternoon. Aono along with Kyouko awoke to find themselves strapped in white strait jackets sitting in wheelchairs.

Dear are you all right? Where ever here is…Kyouko what are you doing here? As he eyes slowly were able to though to dark of the room. Kyouko was also in a strait jacket and in a wheelchair. Aono jumped as the pale gray steel door opened slowly.

A soft click was heard as several lights came on showing a cold steel room. A bald man wearing a bloody aproan stood infront of them. He had a horrible smile on his face. Several tall men dressed in black suits pointed their hand guns at their three prisoners. A pale faced man with gray hair dressed in a surgeons green uniform came up fallowed by a man with dark hair in a grey suit.

At first glance he almost looked like Elvis. The man in grey motioned for the guards to hold the three of them. The guards exposed each of their necks. The guard raised his gun and shot one of his own men dead. He ignored the blood that spattered on his cloths much like a kid would be oblivious to stains on his shirt caused by pizza sauce.

The wonders of science take longer to create that you realize. I will have your results just give me time! Aonos' neck and attached a syringe to it. He slowly extracted a full amount of his blood. Sealing the needle he put it in a metal suitcase he had with him. He next went over and jammed the needle into one of the veins of Mrs. He went limp as darkness took him. Unless you want to either be unconscious or dead it's your choice. Aono trembled as the creepy man drew out a full sample of her blood.

He made a motion with his hand to the guards. They released Kyouko and Mrs. Aono from their grip. Two other men a black suits came forward and removed their guns from their holsters. Holding their guns by the barrels the two men proceed to slap both Kyouko and Tsukunes' Mother with them. After two painful blows from the two men. The doctor raised his hand and the two men stopped.

rosario vampire meet moka parents

I don't tolerate disobedience especially from women. So don't try my temper! He took the side arm of one of the guards and shot the man in grey with the guards weapon. The man fell to the floor. His blood painting it a crimson red. The doctor seemed to take notice that his target was still alive.

He then emptied the half of the clip into the man in the grey suit. The mans' blood coated the floor like a carpet of the deepest red. I took no joy in doing that. If the first man I killed was partially meaningful and the second man I just killed was pathetic in my eyes.

Just think of what your lifes mean to me right now. After all what are the lives of the weak but the lives of many chickens. Also it would do the three of you very well to remember that once I get done extracting your blood and tissue samples I don't really need the three of you anymore. For the most part after I get done all any of you will be doing is taking up valuable space, using up food and water.

It will be unwise to say the least if I were to keep any of you alive longer than absolutely necessary. In other words as long as I see it that the three of you are of value to me alive then alive the three of you will stay. So I believe that it would be unwise for the three of you to struggle against me.

rosario vampire meet moka parents

Please tell that to your husband once he awakens. Then again I think not. Restrain them and clean up that mess! Along with thick eye covers to block out all light followed by ear plugs to keep out sound.

The guards rolled each of them out of the room in a wheel chair and to a separate cell. The doctor walked out of the room last. He seemed to glow with a sadistic smile on his face. I must tell you two again the reason for this shopping trip considering the two of you didn't hear me the first time.

She snuck into both of their rooms at the Yoki Academy and discovered something on both of their cloths. She also found something else. This compound it appears made our daughter sick.

Yes what do the two of you want to do with Tsukune? Soon everything will be put in place. Tsukune you are the key to all of this and when the time comes you will assure my families path to power and greatness, their supremacy for the rest of eternity.

They will not like being manipulated. She will not take a liking to your plan. She will hate the two of you for the rest of your lives. There will be nothing they can do about it. The contract will be permanently binding. Besides all his parents have to do is sign the document and it will be binding. The mother has all ready signed one document. It is not unreasonable to assume that she and her husband will not sign another. Humans are so easily tricked and fooled. However in this case unfortunately both the mother and the father will have to knowingly sign the document in order for it to take effect.

Not tomention they will have to sign too as well as Tsukune and his new…. Any way it is time for her to grow up show some maturity until she does I will do the thinking for her. Her mother lacks the whitto see it. You gave her the potion didn't you and she gave it to Tsukune! Do you have any idea what you have done! That should be more than the proof I need the potion should have worked by now.

If the two of you are finished leave now I have things to do! The women then got on her cell phone and dialed a number. I was paid a visit by two of the three dark lords.

They may try to interfere. I suggest that we assume that the two of them will bring the rest of them into the equation. Schools out for summer!! The orange haired vampire grabbed him by the wrist and ran dragged him down the halls of the Academy to where the buses were.

The bus door opened, revealing The Bus Driver and he smirked at Tsukune. Blowing a smoke ring out the side of his mouth he addressed them. Well better get on board man. Soon enough, Kokoa appeared, her fingers clamped around the wrist of her sister.

So I'm not going to be able to fight with you over the summer. You're just going to have to find some other means to entertain yourself. Moka wandered what exactly she meant by that. Whatever she meant Moka was sure it could not be good.

The bus drove through the black tunnel. It seemed to connect to anywhere a person wanted to go. Tsukune remembered the time that he had gone to Mizore's home through the tunnel, to the sunnflower patch or witch mountian, and finnaly to his home. Like it was some kind of 4th dimension that went to anywhere.

I want to get home nowwww!!!!! I will let you off to go, but don't be surprised if I have left you behind! He saw sakura trees everywhere along the road giving their pink and white blossoms to the wind.