Region 2 gymnastics meet womens


region 2 gymnastics meet womens

She judged for over 30 years in Washington State and Region 2 achieving what was then an Elite rating. Meet hosts in the State of Washington are required to send a copy of the sanction .. Women's Program Minutes from May 2 years ago. This year's Women's Gymnastics Championship will take place April 20 & 21 at In the event of a tie for the last berth into regional competition and for seeding 2 . Arkansas 3. Boise St. 4. *Ohio St. 5. Pittsburgh 6. Kent St. Levels 1 and 2 - must have competed in 2 sanctioned competitions Added to the base entry fee include $5 for a regional fee and $2 for a state fee to the total USAG Idaho has determined to have no more than 15 gymnasts/age group.

region 2 gymnastics meet womens

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