Rdm car meet in orange

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rdm car meet in orange

Orange Plaza Rotary's photo. APR 24th Annual Orange Plaza Car Show. Public. · Hosted by Orange Plaza Car Show and Orange Plaza Rotary. Interested . About a year ago, I first reported about the “Red Door Meet”, a weekly automotive get together held every I'm pretty sure this car is the same one I featured in my last RDM report. RDM. This orange Trans AM looked great. Orange Plaza Car Show, Orange, CA. K likes. Our next show: April 15, !.

Not having seen another Rat Rod Benz around the scene, he set about getting Sally as low as he possibly could without using bags.

rdm car meet in orange

This Benz is static. You never know what to expect when you arrive on a new crowds grounds. What little I knew about The Red Door meets, where that it was meant to be a small affair held by a couple of the local lads for the JDM scene.

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It gets so busy that cars are often swamped by floating crowds of people. One of my favorite aspects of the meets are that there are no boundaries between the car and bike scenes.

Just recently he has rectified the issue with an upgraded clutch and flywheel and should be seeing some quicker times in the future Sometimes just getting through the crowd to a parking spot can be a long process as Logan Schilling is finding out in his custom V Dub.

There is always room for some old school muscle.

rdm car meet in orange

Thomas Powers has been crafting his immaculate WRX since when he bought it stock. Complimentary trim has been added to the exterior with front lip and skirts along with carbon wrapped hood and boot lid. Or a car bra apparently. Age is no excuse at RDM. This gentlemen makes a regular appearance to remind the young guys here that one day, if they work hard, they wont have to fix everything with a zip tie. Sultans Ruslan has only had his Mercedes C43 AMG for the past four months, but a true gear head, he is never satisfied.

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There is always just one more thing he needs to turn his attention on, so with forged internals and Eissenmen exhaust system some form of forced induction is surely just around the corner for this Dark Knight. These along side a full black out leather interior and the TL Types S quad tip exhaust for a nice note, and you have got one smooth ride. People bring anything and everything to this event.

You still see them every day in traffic. With a little TLC,they seem to live forever.

Meet the BILLIONAIRES of Orange County

Not all of them are this nice, as you might have recently seen. That one drew some heated comments about ruining a classic car.

EOM Car Meet

I did a little research, and found out that this car is kind of famous. In a town full of where every third car seems to be a Toyota Prius, high performance Mustangs still freely roam the city, guilt free. This is the original Mini Clubman. The turbocharged 4 cylinder engine while obviously not stock was spotless. This looks like a very well done restoration. Another of the many old Minis in Portland.

I can go months without seeing a Lotus drive by. On this Sunday evening I saw two of them. You can always expect to see some interesting Volvos at a RDM. This is a Mazda RX3 rotary, set up for drag racing.