Railfanning cajon pass meet 1996 july

railfanning cajon pass meet 1996 july

Fold out map of Cajon Pass in August issue of TRAINS magazine - click here New 8/ Cajon Pass Live Cams by Virtual Railfan at Hesperia, CA . page 3 with photos - click here, MF 10/28/08 UP ++ EB Colton .. Railfanning Cajon Pass with lots of BNSF meets and overhead shots by. Posted by Bruce Kelly on Sunday, July 24, AM I'm still waiting for the day when someone does the all-time Cajon Pass third main Like so many other maps which have appeared in various railfan magazines, it just needed . but in a horrendous runaway pileup occurred (and closed I for a few days). Chasing Steel's Blog Index Page - railroad photography by joe perry. BNSF Celebrates the th Anniversary of Railroad Service Over Cajon Pass · An Idea .

It is along this stretch of road, accessible via either the Kenwood Drive or Cleghorn Road exits that some of the best aforementioned trainspotting areas may be found.

railfanning cajon pass meet 1996 july

The historic Summit Innoff the Oak Hills exit at the summit of the pass, was a historic Route 66 diner and was in the same location from towhen it was destroyed by the Blue Cut fire.

However, the entire area, including Cajon Summit, is often called Cajon Pass. Pacific Crest Trail The Pacific Crest Trail goes directly through Cajon Pass, and during the hiking season up to several hundred transient hikers will pass through this area after walking one of the hottest, driest, and most grueling sections of desert on the trail.

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The McDonald's restaurant at the pass happens to be very close to the trail, and it is famous among hikers, who often arrive dehydrated; most will stop here for water and salty food. Many hikers also spend the night in the one motel at Cajon Pass. Utilities infrastructure In addition to transportation infrastructure, three high voltage Southern California Edison kV power lines cross the summit as well. These power lines head to the Lugo substation northeast of Cajon Pass and connect to Path 26 and Path Both Path 26 and 46 provide the Los Angeles metro area another source of electricity generated from fossil fuel power plants in the Four Corners region, and hydroelectric dams along the Colorado River.

Natural hazards During October and Novembera number of wildfires devastated the hills and mountainsides near and around the pass, forcing the closure of Interstate The following winter, rains in addition to burnt vegetation caused a number of landslides to further close the freeway pass.

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On July 17,during severe drought conditions plaguing the whole state and creating extreme fire hazards, a fast, wind-whipped wildfire swept over Interstate 15 between California State Route and the Oak Hill Road exits, sending drivers running for safety and setting 20 vehicles ablaze, officials said. The fire closed the I north and southbound lanes due to the intensity of the fire. All that remained until was a short set-out spur. Just east of the former tunnels, Main 1 is labeled as Main 2.

Cajon Pass in California

It's a hilltop you can actually drive onto, with a high-tension tower standing overhead. From there, you have a view to the northeast of trains snaking down the 3 percent of Main 3 under I, as originally made famous by Richard Steinheimer in the September issue back when Main 3 was still the South Track.

The El Cajon Pass Train Wreck Of 1996

As shown in that issue, Stein's hill also affords views to the northwest of trains weaving through that broad S-bend near the Mormon Rocks. The Sullivan's Curve relocation was in Devastating floods in prompted ATSF to move its railroad from the east side of the creek to the west side.

Cajon Pass Triple-Tracking Updates (Plus Barstow-Daggett)

If you've ever wandered among the weeds and brush in that area, you'd notice faint traces of the old right of way. A curiuous piece of track that sat rusted and virtually unused for decades. The track chart indicates in two places that present day Main 1 was "Built BNSF track charts, photos of the third main construction posted at socalrailfan.

railfanning cajon pass meet 1996 july