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and browse. Featuring all gun shows, expos, events, and classes in AZ for. Find all the Arizona gun shows on this events calendar. Quartzsite Gun Show. The eight major gem and mineral shows are major attractions for the city of Quartzsite. There is also a seasonal swap meet from November through February . All about Quartzsite with an events calendar - RV shows, Rock and Gems shows, fun for the family. Hotel Reservations | Show Dates Location / Tyson Wells Market Center Swap Meet Oct 01 Phoenix, Arizona: miles east.

We have one table especially for the kids, where they dig through the gravel and pick out gemstones. We also have a club table, selling grab bags, mineral; contact Neil Maier, ; Email: BoxLemoore, CA; Website: Gavilan Peak Parkway ; Sat. Social Hall, Lake Rd. Route 9 ; Sat. Annual show; River Valley Rockhounds, Inc. Free admission for children under age Broadway, Centralia, IL; Email: Rte ; Sat. George Washington Blvd; Fri. Bath Rd, Tallmadge Rd; Sat.

Annual show; Patuxent Lapidary Guild, Inc. Free admission for scouts in uniform and teachers with ID with one paid adult admission. Dealers include jewelry makers, goldsmiths and silversmiths from all over the country, who can repair or make original designs. Custom work done while you wait. Opals, gem stones, pearls, gem trees and crafts with stones. Wholesale Room requires current state taxID and trade credentials.

With the economy finally beginning to show some solid signs of life, there is no reason cannot be a great year for your business — as long as you have a plan and stick to it.

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After speaking with experts, it is clear that success in the retail sector will require retailers and vendors to be more nimble, more flexible, and more connected to their customers than ever before. No matter whether you run a small flea market stall or an upscale boutique, you will be facing the same pressures as every other retailer, including intense competition from online retailers and vendors, rapidly fracturing sales channels, and empowered customers who have a universe of choices before them.

Here are five tips to succeed in this brave new retail world: January Orlando, FL January February 8 Minneapolis, MN April Livonia DetroitMI April West Spring eld, MA April Orlando, FL May Franklin, NC May Livonia DetroitMI July Franklin, NC July Spruce Pine, NC July August Tucson, AZ September Minneapolis, MN September Livonia DetroitMI October West Spring eld, MA October Asheville, NC October Orlando, FL Tell a Good Story Consumers are beginning to rebel against the limitations of the online experience, with its lack of personal service and attention.

In response, successful vendors and retailers are creating more immersive shopping experiences through effective merchandising and exciting in-store atmospherics. So if you are selling clothing, for example, crossmerchandise with a jewelry retailer and put it together for the customer. Create a story for them, so they do not have to. Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. Some items pictured are not actual size. You are also competing against higher customer expectations, according to Leah French, About.

The displays have to be creative and attractive. Change up your displays and product offerings regularly, tell new stories, and keep it interesting. Customers do not want to simply shop, said Sieban. Cree una historia para ellos, para que no tengan que hacerlo. Be an expert Customers have more options than ever before to buy products—most likely including yours.

Yet even if they will not pay more for the same product just because you are offering it, they will pay for expertise. If you are selling apparel, stay up on the colors and trends. You become my antique furniture guy. Get in the habit of updating social media accounts with great insider tips, send out an information-packed newsletter with the newest trends and product advice.

Offer excellent customer service with a smile. Los despliegues tienen que ser creativos y atractivos. Renueve sus despliegues y ofertas de productos con regularidad, cuente nuevas historias, y mantengalas interesantes. Los clientes no quieren simplemente ir de compras, dijo Sieban. For more info check out our website catalog, with over 4, photos! They could go to a shop or buy from a print catalog. Those days are long gone, as sales channels have multiplied.

This is especially true for younger shoppers, who channel hop without even thinking about it. To stay relevant, try to occupy as many channels as you reasonably can. Se convierte en mi tipo para muebles antiguos. Ofrezca un excelente servicio al cliente con una sonrisa. We import our merchandise from our factories in India and Thailand and will UPS our merchandise directly to your doorstep. We carry all sizes, and specialize in plus sizes.

Target them with an app or mobile website. If you are really savvy, combine channels so your newsletter subscribers, for example, will have access to special promo codes that can be used in conjunction with in-store or in-booth purchases. Create a complete ecosystem that is ready to service customers wherever they are. Do an email blast and let them know what you are doing and promotions you are having. Go Mobile Mobile technology is proving highly disruptive to commerce—in a lot of good ways for retailers.

Especially younger consumers who are virtually glued to their mobile devices, where they can hop from social media networks to email to apps to websites seamlessly.

Think of ways you can reach these people through their phones. What is your market doing? Can you text special offers? Para permanecer relevante, trate de ocupar la mayor cantidad de canales que razonablemente pueda. The horizon with mobile marketing is virtually endless. And do not forget about mobile payment technology. This area of the economy is still developing rapidly, but it is possible that will be the year that mobile payment goes mainstream. With mobile payment, your customers will be able to shop anywhere, at any time, perfect for a vendor on the go.

Retailing can be exhausting. There is no better way to stay current and excited than to meet other people in your own industry, share tips and ideas, and see what products are hot. No matter what business you are in, there are likely several tradeshows or expositions that cater to your market. This year, consider taking a weekend off and booking a trip to a tradeshow, whether you are going to buy product or just walk the floor and talk to other people who know your story. Launched in and the first of its kind, PROVENDOR is a members-only association created to bolster the growth and development of retail entrepreneurs in the flea market and swap meet industry.

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Vender al por menor puede ser agotador. No importa el tipo de negocio en el que se encuentra, es probable que varias ferias o exposiciones atiendan a su mercado. Although fakes might end up on a flea market table, they did not originate there! They came from somewhere else—a source.

We aim to educate and empower our clientele into making safe purchasing decisions. Here, I will introduce a few quick tips and tools for avoiding obtaining counterfeit products for resale. As a seller, you must do your own research and learn to ask your own questions.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, my fellow vendors will acquire a few usable tips on how to analyze the sources of their products.

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Counterfeits continually evolve into more authentic looking versions. Newly counterfeited brands and labels are regularly introduced to the online and wholesale marketplace. Nuestro objetivo es educar y capacitar a nuestros clientes para tomar decisiones de compra de forma segura. One needs only to perform a Google search to find thousands of news articles and warnings related to the dangers and prevalence of counterfeits.

Local, governmental, private and international authorities work with trademark holders to combat counterfeits at all levels along the supply chain. However only a small percentage is effectively found and seized as it enters our country at ports and borders.