Praying to meet your future wife

How to Wait and Pray for Your Future Spouse - Married and Young

praying to meet your future wife

Place all your longings on a future marriage, and it will crush it. Yes, marriage is a wonderful gift and one worth praying for, but God But these are all desires God promises to meet in himself, whether we get married or not. Click here for How To Pray for Your Future Wife - Part 2) (Click here for If you meet a guy, start dating him, and he doesn't care about God. There are 14 payers for you to pray for your future as a wife for 14 days. any change that might take place while you are creating me to be a future Help-Meet.

She may need healing from past hurts caused by relatives, friends or other men and she may not even be aware of the wounds. Pray that God brings healing to her heart. At the same time, she must be careful that her relationships do not become a replacement for God. Pray that she guards her relationships from this danger by relying upon God more than anyone else. And, as uncomfortable as it is to think about it, maybe she is in a deeper relationship now that is not honoring to God; pray that He intervenes and drives a wedge between her and anyone who would lead her astray.

Pray that… God gives her friends who will help to grow and challenge her as she helps to do the same for them Proverbs She is careful about the people she allows to come into her life Proverbs She has at least one true, deep, lifelong friend Proverbs All her relationships would bring honor to God 1 Corinthians Before we go to the next topic, there is an aspect of relationships that needs to be mentioned: Your future wife may already have children that you will grow to love and support, you may bring your own children into your future marriage or you and your wife might have a child of your own later, thus creating another human who will live with God or without Him forever.

praying to meet your future wife

If children are a part of your future, understand that motherhood is one of the hardest tasks facing a woman. This burden is made stronger by the incredible bond between a mother and her child. Just as you will be able to bring certain strengths to the lives of your children, your wife will be able to speak, teach and reach a child in specific ways unique to women.

Motherhood requires being a diplomat, a counselor, a confidant, a leader and a planner, just to name a few of the many, many roles. Many people may look at a mother and praise her for bearing her responsibilities with grace and skill, but her most-valued praise will come, not from her friends or her neighbors, but from those who know her best: Pray that… She would show the compassion and comfort of God as she leads the children of your family Isaiah She is an example of faith to the children 2 Timothy 1: Her speech Women tend to be more expressive than men.

But some of the women I spoke to mentioned that they hate when they say things without thinking first. Words have immense power to damage. The words she uses or the ones directed toward her can hurt as much as a physical wound and the damage can last longer. Many women have said that they often reach the point where an internal monologue begins.

Hello, mouth, are you listening to me? In moments like those, our tongues keep galloping along no matter how hard we might tug on the reins. Those words spoken without thought or any words for that matter can never be called back, and we watch helplessly as they stampede along, free of restraint.

Words have meaning, gentlemen, remember that.

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Pray that… Her words drip with grace Ephesians 4: She stays far from gossip Leviticus Her heart produces godly words and that she worships God with her lips sincerely Matthew Her insecurities Society places all sorts of pressures on women. Your future wife gets all sorts of messages thrown at her about how to look, what to wear and the way to act. The world practically screams at her from the magazine aisle, billboards, Internet and television. Little by little, those false ideas accumulate and seem to give more and more validity to her own insecurities.

Those are all lies, of course, but she needs discernment to hear His truth to combat them. Only when she begins to see herself through the eyes of God will she begin to combat her insecurities in the right way. Pray that… She is not captured by the lies of the world John She knows who she is in Christ alone and finds her value by her acceptance in Him Ephesians 1: She knows she is truly loved and completely pleasing to God Colossians 1: Your future wife needs to be quick to repent when she is wrong.

It takes a strong person to admit a wrong sincerely and humbly. It is certainly not a grudging apology for a wrong when what you really regret is getting caught. Another way to view it is that is requires confession and forsaking.

Confession is not the admission that the wrong is discovered, but it is saying the same thing about sin as God does. After we confess, we must forsake the sin. We turn from it, leave it behind and strive to walk in His righteousness. The higher the view of God we have, the more serious our view of sin becomes.

You want this attitude to be deepening in your future wife with every day she walks with Him. Pray that… She is quick to seek forgiveness from God 1 John 1: She is quick to seek forgiveness from other and offer it quickly as well.

Her beauty Certainly you will admire the physical beauty of your wife, but you should also be looking at the heart as well. There are many physically beautiful women who have cold hearts toward God. Pray that your future wife would become a woman of true, inner beauty, one whose character is absolutely stunning. She should spend more time preparing her soul than she does her hair. Ask Him to transform her into the glorious likeness of Christ and cause His radiance to be seen in her life.

To a man following God, nothing is more deeply stirring, more desirable, and more beautiful than a truly, godly woman. Pray that… She pays attention to the hidden person of her heart 1 Peter 3: She finds her beauty wrapped up in honoring God Proverbs She avoids the temptation of basing her worth on appearance 1 Samuel Her purity Men, we know the struggle with the purity of our eyes and our thoughts. They regularly face assaults on their purity on all fronts, including their thoughts and eyes.

How to Wait and Pray for Your Future Spouse

Satan would love for her to sacrifice her mental and physical purity in an attempt to get love, acceptance and comfort. Eventually their true natures are revealed. Guys, give it time to see what kind of woman you are getting to know.

Pray that… She understands that her body belongs to God because He bought her 1 Corinthians 6: She flees from any and all sexual temptation 1 Corinthians 6: She exercises self-control by being controlled by the Spirit of God 1 Thessalonians 4: She values the sanctity of sex within the covenant of marriage Hebrews Her gifts As one of His children, God has given your future wife certain gifts.

God gave them to her to glorify Himself through her. One of her greatest joys is to discover and enjoy those gifts by using them to grow others, support the church and bring unity.

As she uses her gifts, their identity and strength become more apparent. Your future wife will connect more deeply with the church, worship and serve God more powerfully and know Christ more intimately by the practice of her areas of giftedness. You might also discover that God has given her gifts that complement your weaknesses.

The joy that comes from using her gifts is not only an encouragement to her, but it builds up the entire body of believers, which includes your family. Pray that… She discovers and uses her spiritual gifts fully 1 Corinthians She sees her gifts as important to the building of the church 1 Corinthians She finds joy in bringing honor to God through her gifts 1 Peter 4: Her heart If her mind is the front line of the battle, the heart is the headquarters.

It must be guarded carefully. Satan would take glee in seeing things enter her heart that would later cause pain and loss. Your desire should be that any Trojan horse left at the gates of her heart would never be brought inside, all deceptions fail and every idol set up be toppled.

Because the heart is the source of activity, your wife must take great care with it. Our hearts affect everything about us. They affect our words Proverbs 4: If your wife consistently loses the battle within her heart, she will consistently lose the battle with sin.

Her strength and her vulnerability find their home in that most precious part of her, so pray for it. Pray that… God teaches her to guard her heart against anything that would do damage Proverbs 4: She will have godly desires, given to her by God Himself Psalm Her singleness Your future wife may or may not have come to terms with her singleness. It can be a tricky season to navigate successfully. Accepting being single for a time and desiring marriage can coexist peacefully although usually with a degree of tension.

If she is being faithful, as I hope you are too, she can rest assured that her Father has not forgotten where she is or His perfect plans for her. Pray she embraces that call. Pray that… Christ grows her in ways that she would not experience if she were married now 1 Corinthians 7: Her wounds She has wounds.

Prayers for Becoming a Future Wife | A Lovely Calling

But her wounds are going to affect you and your family personally. She will need you to provide a safe place for her to express her past hurts and still be loved. Even if she has healed from them, there will be scars left behind. Those old scars, though faded, may hold feelings of condemnation, regret and guilt. Sadly, none of us can go back to undo what has been done, but our God is the Healer. He mends the broken, redeems the past and dissolves shame. Men, be an instrument of redemption, not condemnation, to her.

Pray that… She heals from her wounds of the past Psalm Christ uses her hurts for His good, though she may not understand how He can do so Romans 8: She is set free from feelings of guilt Romans 8: She should not live by situational ethics or change how she speaks, dresses or acts in order to be accepted by those around her.

She should be who she is in Christ regardless of her environment, even when being honest and living for Him will extract a toll. Someone who has stories that never quite check out, changes details here and there to make herself look better or has a pattern of dishonesty will play havoc with your mind and your trust in her.

Pray that God raises your future wife up as a woman known for her character. Pray that… Her life is characterized by integrity Proverbs She is a trustworthy person Proverbs Comparison of how things are with what things were, were not, could be or should be can cause a constant sense of loss and pain. She may be looking around at life and grieving over unmet expectations, shattered dreams and fading hopes.

But if she is being faithful to God, seeking Him in all things and has done all she can do, then she is in the center of His will. Ask God to give her contentment in her place in life right now and for her to practice living in the certainty of His perfect will where she finds herself, regardless of the circumstances.

The pursuit of fulfillment here will always ache of incompleteness, but the incompleteness we experience here points toward One who is fully complete, in and of Himself, and One who will complete what He started in us Philippians 1: Pray that… She is content regardless of where God may place her Philippians 4: She releases control of her life to the care of God I Peter 5: God helps her find contentment in simplicity 1 Timothy 6: But all women including singles can feel overburdened by the demands of work.

Deadlines can loom large, the officemates may be in conflict and household duties may accumulate to the point of frustration. But we can have a redemptive view of work by seeing it as worship. Equip me with the armor needed to go to battle and to have victory!

Bless me with patience and endurance, Lord. I know that you will be by my side no matter what. When a trial comes to disrupt our marriage I pray that you would give me the understanding and wisdom that it will take to bear through it. Thank you for teaching me Lord. Give me a spirit of humility and teach-ability as I prepare for a lifelong relationship with the husband you have chosen for me.

I want him to be able to walk in the door of our little home after a hard day of work and be blessed and comforted by the simple pleasures that come from me being a keeper of the home!

Help me to learn how to budget our money wisely, to cook and clean well, to teach our children and bring them up in the ways of the Lord, to garden, to bake, to manage the household and support my husband and his business. Help me to learn and practice these things at home, before I am married, so that I am prepared to bless and serve my husband after my wedding.

Thank you for your word and scriptures that lovingly guide me in the ways to be a good help-meet. Day 11 Father, please help me to start developing healthy habits in every area of my life. Help me to physically develop good eating, exercising, and grooming habits.

Teach me how to create time habits that will carry over to help my future husband. Help me to work when I should work, but also generate good habits of rest and recreation.

Let me devote constant time to prayer and Bible study so that I can grow in your grace. Let any bad habits or selfish lifestyle patterns be removed from me. Help me to learn how to help my future husband order our whole life to meet your priorities and not the priorities of the world. Let me exhibit moderation and self control in every area of my life so that I can best serve you and help my husband.

Help me to recognize my husband as the leading role model in my life. Help me choose words that will only encourage him and enrich him in his walk with you, Lord. Help me not feel that I will be leading an independent lifestyle after I am married but that I am to come under and a long side the leadership that you have given my husband as the head of our family. Help me to love and honor him, Jesus.

I pray that we would always find time together as a couple, to read and pray. Let us be grounded in your Word as a married couple ought. Thank you for giving us a model of the marriage union in your Word that we can follow and strive to exemplify. I love you, Lord! Day 13 Dear Jesus, please help me to love my future husband my whole life long unselfishly and unconditionally.

May I honor and respect, bless and encourage him, and be in love only with him. May he always be my prince and my hero in my eyes.

Please help our marriage to be strong and for both of us to stay focused on worshiping and loving you. Make us strong against the popular culture that has consumed the 21st century.

praying to meet your future wife

I pray that You would bless us with a wild love for one another so that we could face the world together. Help us be a model of the Ephesians 5 marriage. Help us be good examples to our children so that they might want to do the same in their marriage and carry on the torch of un-defiled marriage union into the future generation. Let us love you and no other, Jesus.

I pray that as a future wife, I would have a desire to love you more than anyone, Lord. Ground me in Your Word of Truth and help me to fix my eyes on you.

Give me a pure heart, a devoted mind, and a quiet soul. Teach me how to honor and submit to my husband in all areas of life. Just ugandan young man.

God new every one before they where concieved the womb and has plans for u to mean ribs of the owner where set be bless jeremiah1 Ray June 5, at Reply Jeff July 20, at Put my full faith and trust in the lord, always tried to live a life straight and narrow.

Reply Kris Wolfe July 22, at 6: At one point, I just lost faith that I would ever be married. Reply Ricky August 13, at 6: Just what I needed now. Kris Wolfe August 19, at 5: Reply Shan February 18, at 1: Reply Kris Wolfe March 21, at 7: A good woman has always been a rare find.

You can find these sentiments even within biblical texts. Jorge Fuentes June 16, at 3: She will come, I truly hope. And will truly believe Him for her.

Kris Wolfe June 19, at 4: Reply Lungelo June 26, at 8: Thanks Reply Anna July 10, at 2: I have one of my high school good male friends who used to be a player, the worst type, your basic well-assumed manwhore pardon my French.

Then, when he was aroundhe met the Lord and decided to turn his life around. For almost 13 years old, he remained celibate and kept praying for God to send him a God-fearing woman. My friend had no qualms asking the old ladies of his church to pray for him so that he would resist sexual temptation. She truly has an heart for the Lord on top of everything. Yep, I witnessed how God rewarded a former player who decided to trust Him with the search for his wife.

I very much enjoyed reading it. I believe I was taught this notion by someone some time ago, but I have gotten all caught up just trying to find the woman of my dreams or close to it or by praying for one. I have been struggling to find the woman of my dreams or close to it. I just turned 41 on July 16th and have never been married nor do I have any children.

I look a lot younger than my age and many people have attested to that. I will now first seek His Kingdom, righteousness and take delight in Him. Then, I will pray for a wonderful woman. Good women are a rarity but through God, anything is possible!!!!! Reply Kris Wolfe August 7, at 5: I can understand how you feel, though. I definitely felt hopeless many times once I got to my 30s. Have you checked out blacktiebook.

It might be helpful. Thanks for your comment! Kyle August 10, at 8: