Porec party clubs to meet

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porec party clubs to meet

Croatia is a fantastic place to party, with countless clubs and secret hideaways harboring some immense parties you're not likely to find. Guide to Porec sightseeing - things to see and to visit A lot of restaurants and night clubs, which receive clients until the late night, have their own bus. Get our comprehensive guide on Porec bars, clubs and nightlife: best places for a You'll always find lots of boarders and skiers at Ski lift.

The historical centre, once encircled by walls and towers is today conserved in valuable remains. Inside the former city walls you can visit the cathedral complex of the Euphrasiana, the House of Two Saints and the Romanic House while you can seek out evidence of life during ancient times near the oldest square, Marafor. Upon leaving the old city make sure to observe the elegant, neo-gothic style of the Municipal Palace. Jazz in the Lapidarium: Every Wednesday throughout the summer the lapidarium, a cultural and historical complex, will resound with the notes of classical and modern jazz with all its variations from swing and blues to ethno, funky and acid jazz which will give hot summer nights a refreshing note.

Year after year musical evenings of chamber music are adapted to a certain theme, and the grandiose basilica will enrich and fulfil your stay with its size. A three hundred year old tradition has been brought to life with Giostra, a festival of events and knightly games dating from Let loose in the magic of Giostra through musical notes and dance steps from the 18th century, they will take you into a world of lavish silk crinolines, the mysterious gazes of noble ladies, loyal knights in stiff armour, brave horsemen and tables overflowing with rich, carefully chosen delicacies, excellent wines and the intoxicating scent of deserts will fulfil your experience.

The event takes place in early September. Inspired by the city, they will arouse and excite the sleepy ghosts, amuse and entertain passers-by, dance torch-dances and remain an unforgettable summer moment. Porec Aquarium will introduce you to fish as well as other flora and fauna typical of the Adriatic Sea, kept carefully within the pools with sea water. You can learn more about the marine world in the vicinity of Porec through their educational contents.

porec party clubs to meet

As a speleological site it is rich in hanging stalactites and growing stalagmites, icicle-like columns, underground halls and the presence of water which allowed for the survival of the olm or proteus and other cave fauna, and it represents a true natural geomorphologic phenomenon.

You can taste chosen Istrian specialties at restaurants, home taverns or country farm estates as well as at numerous local celebrations. Aside from white and red wines, we must also heartily recommend trying rakija brandy made of fruits and herbs.

Branches of ruda meadow rueblueberries and rosemary, thick slices of citrus fruit, ripe figs, peaches and cherries will make every rakija very special. From you appetizer to desert, in local enjoyment style, diligent local producers preserve a breath of the past in their lauded and worthy work and effort.

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The Porec's undersea world is rich with sea shells but there are few famous sea shell farms where they are cultured as well. Oysters are eaten raw right from the sea with a few drops of lemon juice, scallops are baked with spices an cheese and mussels are prepared in sauce. However allow your host to recommend the best preperation method. The fruit of the olive tree, the stone, gives some of the healthiest drops of oil.

It stands between Park Juraj Dobrila and Laginja's shore. The interior of the building was made in Baroque style in the mid 18th century.

porec party clubs to meet

On the ceiling there is Baroque plastering with illusionistic frescoes in medallions. Last spring, in the courtyard behind the Assembly Hall, early Christian floor mosaics were found, probably from the church of S.

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Mart's temple or the Big temple was one of the biggest on the Adriatic. North of it there are the remains of Neptune's temple. Near the temples here is the Marafor Square. It is very well preserved and it is also possible to visit the terrace on the top. Zlatna sopela - Trg slobode Squaremediterranean folklore meeting, Festival of traditional klapas — Trg slobode, Over two evenings some of the best Croatian klapas will perform at city center, Borik festivities — Borik, Join us for a full day of sport and entertainment programs on Borik Beach, Jazz in Lapidarium — Lapidarium, jazz concert, The decor is hip and funky, the staff friendly and fun, the crowd is young and lively, and the drinks are very affordable.

porec party clubs to meet

Make sure to check out each floor to find your favorite style of music. Boogaloo, Zagreb The name is fantastic, the club is too! This is definitely a club for something a little different from your usual club music evenings. See what else Zagreb has to offer here.

porec party clubs to meet

Its atmosphere is amazing and addictive, while the bohemian decor will certainly impress the more colorful-spirited party-goers. If you are a dance music fan, this is the ultimate party in Croatia one for you, with big names heading here every year.

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Set across four stages, the three-day festival has music, fireworks, light shows, and seriously intense music systems to make you really feel the music, while also being a fantastic experience to boot. Split is not just a place to party, check out what else it offers here. Set right on the beach, this is where you can expect gorgeous sunsets, crazy crowds, groovy tunes, and world-class cocktails and other drinks.

Few places on the Croatian coast can match this one when it comes to sunset beach partying among beautiful people. As a general rule, if you want to check out a few other places aside from the big clubs we have mentioned on our list, these are the main party regions. The pumping house, techno, and dance music kicks off around 4 pm and goes well past 2 am.

porec party clubs to meet

During summer, there are several music festivals you should look out for. A big-name line up attracts thousands of party-goers, with the festival held in a very serene and beautiful surroundings. That is, until the music starts!

A chilled-out and friendly festival, this is ideal for first-time festival-goers, with eight days filled with the best electronic music and a wide range of fun activities!

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