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If you are currently on bail or are a defendant in active criminal proceedings.

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Or if you have been convicted and been given a sentence even if suspended any time in the past 10 years OR if you have ever been sentenced to five years or more in jail, been imprisoned for public protection, or received an extended sentence, or if you have been subject to a community order in the past 10 years.

These also apply to service offences under the Armed Forces Act anywhere in the world. Read More What will I be asked to do? To decide beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of a person on trial. If placed on a jury panel you will be asked to consider the evidence presented to you then apply your common sense in order to determine whether the defendant the person on trial is guilty. It is as simple as that.

Could I be asked to stand up and speak? At first, yes — but don't panic. You will be asked to stand and take an oath which you will have to read from a card given to you by the jury officer. Then you can sit down, and if you want, not say another word. At the end of the trial, the judge will ask the jury to elect a foreman.

This is the person who is placed to chair the deliberation and ultimately has to get up in court and say "guilty" or "not guilty" to the charges read out to you. You do not have to do this, and if you do not want to you do not have to.

Usually, a few people will put themselves forward for it. What type of cases could I be put on? More serious crimes will be tried in a Crown Court.

Jurors try serious criminal cases such as burglary, fraud, sexual assault, manslaughter and murder — these trials take place in the Crown Court. What if I can not do that date? The expectation is anyone summoned for jury service will serve at the time when they are summoned. Information on how to do this will be given to you in the Jury Summons letter you will receive. Remember, you must be able to state why you cannot attend on that date and provide other dates which are more convenient.

And, you can only defer once. Sometimes, you can be summoned to a court in an area you used to live but if it is not practical for you to return there to do jury service you can apply to the court to complete your jury duty in your city of residence. Read More How long will I be on jury service? Jury duty usually lasts up to two weeks but you may be asked to serve longer depending on what trial they assign you.

For Glorious Equestria: Clopy - czyli rzecz o kucykowym porno

You will be made aware on your first day if there are any trials predicted to last more than two weeks. If it is not possible for you to serve longer than the two weeks you will be given the opportunity to state exactly why during your induction. The courts are not horrendous, callous places and they will endeavour to try to meet your requirements.

For the most part, courts will overestimate the duration of cases to ensure the trial is completed within the allocated amount of time. However trials are, by their very nature, sometimes unpredictable and there may be times trials run over the estimated amount of time stated.

If this happens, you will need to remain on the jury to complete the case. What if I have a disability or other health needs? When you reply to the Jury Summons sent to you in the post you can notify the court of any disability or needs you may have and they can determine whether special arrangements are needed to assist you while at court. Read More Will I get paid while on jury service? Yes, but not straight away.

The all important question. The answer is yes, but you might not get reimbursed your full wage although some employers choose to continue paying you as usual. There are three types of allowances you can claim whilst being a juror. Travel — as long as you can provide tickets or receipts of any amount paid to travel to and from the court you can be reimbursed. This will be reimbursed to you once your claim has been processed and not be given to you day to day.

There is a set amount paid to those performing on jury duty. The court will not reimburse your full salary if it exceeds the maximum daily allowance, which is: For the first 10 days, for up to four hours: If you are self-employed you can still claim loss of earnings as long as you can provide the court with evidence. By law your employer is not allowed to pay you and then claim the money back. Again, this payment will not be instant but will be paid into your bank account seven to 10 days after your forms are submitted.

You will have a chance to submit forms every Friday you are on jury duty — so do not forget! What will happen on the first day? The most daunting thing can be turning up on the first day. Generally speaking, court begins at 10am every day. However, on your first day you will be asked to attend early to go through an induction.

When you enter the court you will be guided to the jury room. This is usually a large room with sofas and chairs and tea and coffee provided sometimes there are biscuits. You will be asked to sign in and given forms to fill in then you will be asked to watch a short film on TV displays around the room which explains the jury duty process.

It is then that you might find you are waiting around for a while. The court staff will try to be as efficient as possible but sorting out juries for trials is always going to take a bit of time. They will begin calling names out for particular court rooms. Even though only 12 people sit on a jury they will call more, sometimes over twice as many, people from the jury pool.

This group of people are randomly selected for a particular trial. The group will be led down to the court where they will stand near the back during which time the clerk the person sitting in front of the judge will call only 12 names. If your name is called you will then take a seat on the jury bench. Those people not called will be led out of court and back down to the pool of jurors ready to be selected for another case. Those chosen will then be asked if they recognise the defendant or any of the names read out to you by the legal council.

If you do recognise anyone you must tell the judge and they will then decide whether you are dismissed from the trial. This is only to ensure a fair trial for the defendant and is not your fault. After that, you will be sworn in, reciting an oath with your hand on the bible or religious or non-religious text of your choice and then the trial will commence.

Often, people are surprised about how quickly it all starts but once you are sworn in there is not usually any hanging around. Read More 11 reasons for Bristolians to be proud of the city How does a trial work? In its basic form most cases will begin with opening arguments from the Crown prosecution then defence — this is where they give you a summary of what their argument is going to be.

Then the prosecution will make their case to you. They will provide documents, witnesses and any evidence they believe proves the defendant's guilt.

Then it is the defence's turn to provide their evidence and make a case against the prosecution. Both the prosecution and defence will be given the opportunity to cross-examine any witness who gets on the stand. They may want to do this several times. At the end, both sides will do their summing up, which is a plea to the jury to side with their account of what happened. Then you will leave the courtroom to decide the verdict.

What if I can not remember certain bits of information? You will be provided with documents throughout the trial which contain the charges, time-lines, agreed evidence and anything that it is believed you will need to refer back to. You will also be able to write notes on plain paper provided to you which you can keep in a folder along with your court documents. You will not be allowed to take these home with you and will only be taken out of the courtroom when you retire to deliberate.

You will be asked to leave the folder on the bench so it can be collected and kept in a safe area. No one is allowed to see what is in your notes. She begins to glow, realizing that this is what she's meant to do, that this is her destiny. Twilight then places the element of kindness on Fluttershy. In a burst of comprehension, Fluttershy finally remembers who she is, and her cutie mark returns to normal.

One by one, Twilight restores the memories and identities of each of her friends by reintroducing them to their correct roles, with the help of her restored friends and the Elements of Harmony: Finishing the spell With her friends restored to their true selves, Twilight has another epiphany: She knows how to complete Star Swirl's spell! She and her friends return to the library, and Twilight rewrites the spell's incantation: With the marks of our destinies made one, there is magic without end!

She suddenly vanishes into thin air, leaving a scorch mark on the wood floor in the shape and pattern of her cutie mark. Twilight's transformation Something tells me we're not in Ponyville anymore.

Princess Celestia appears before her, congratulating her on creating a brand new form of magic, accomplishing something even Star Swirl the Bearded couldn't, since he didn't understand friendship the way Twilight does.

Alternative universe (fan fiction)

She leads her student down a pathway of stars as dozens of images float by, depicting key moments in Twilight's life and study of magic and friendship. Celestia sings of how proud she is of her student, and that she is now ready to fulfill her destiny.

Suddenly, a shifting blob of magenta energy emerges from Twilight's chest and begins to swirl around her while a pulsing white light grows from her very center. Twilight is lifted into the air, the whirls of magenta and white blanket her, and she disappears in a brilliant flash, like the supernova of a star. In the night sky over Ponyville, a variation of Twilight's cutie mark sporting six small white stars instead of five appears and floats down to the ground.

Twilight's friends watch as the light fades away and Twilight appears, now a little taller [22] and with a pair of feathered wings.

Twilight, now with a new pair of wings. As the others gather around to marvel at Twilight's new look, Rarity states that Twilight has become an Alicornwith Fluttershy commenting that she looks just like a princess. Princess Celestia appears and states that Twilight is a princess, explaining that since arriving in Ponyville, she's displayed the charity, compassion, devotion, integrity, optimism, and leadership that a true princess is known for.

Twilight worries that this means she won't be Celestia's student anymore. Princess Celestia says she'll still be there to help and guide her, but Twilight has just as much to teach now as she has to learn. Twilight's friends and Celestia then bow to her. The newest princess in Equestria The next day, a princess coronation ceremony is held in Canterlotwhich Princesses Celestia, Lunaand Cadance preside over. Celestia addresses the assembly of ponies, saying Twilight has proven without a doubt that she is prepared to be crowned Equestria's newest princess.

The audience beholds Twilight as she and her royal procession enter the throne room. Before the three other Princesses, she is crowned with a new version of the element of magic tiara. Princess Celestia prompts her to say a few words. In her first official address as princess, Twilight says friendship was at one time something she didn't care much about, but she wouldn't be standing there if it weren't for the friendships she's made.

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She expresses to her friends her undying gratitude, and considers herself the luckiest pony in Equestria. It's an emotional day for all, even Shining Armorwho Twilight is surprised to find crying.

Twilight's friends congratulate her, and she meets the five of them in a group hug. Princess Twilight and her friends raise their voices for final chorus. Ponies line the city streets to witness the coronation parade, including DerpyCloudchaserand Flitter. In a final shot of Canterlot, Twilight takes flight on her new wings and soars at the screen, proclaiming everything's going to be just fine.

Rainbow Dash, that's not funny! I'm not good with the thundery ones. Something tells me everything is not going to be fine. Oh, Spike, what have I done? Aw, come on, Twilight, you'll figure out a way to fix this. These are your friends. And they mean more to me than anything. And I know for absolute certain, that everything is certainly fine!

Rest of main cast: I've never seen anything like it! Awesome, a new flying buddy! Why, you've become an Alicorn. I didn't even know that was possible! That's because she is a princess. Hold on a second! A little while ago, my teacher and mentor Princess Celestia sent me to live in Ponyville. She sent me to study friendship, which is something I didn't really care much about.

But now, on a day like today, I can honestly say I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for the friendships I've made with all of you. Each one of you taught me something about friendship, and for that, I will always be grateful.