Pleasanton swap meet 2013 corvette

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pleasanton swap meet 2013 corvette

Two friends ordered a pair of fuel-injected Corvettes straight from were held where the current Goodguys Swap Meet is in Pleasanton, California. proved to be worth the cash as they remained on the car until Northern California - Corvette Swap Meet & Car Show Back to back in the same weekend as Good Guys in Pleasanton. Anyone bringing their parts over there?! Member Since: Sep Location: Livermore CA. This year the swap meet was sponsored by .. found all C4 Corvette suspension on a modified Newman Car Creations chassis!.

There were Jeeps and much larger military vehicles on hand. Our favorite military vehicle was the Chevrolet 1.

pleasanton swap meet 2013 corvette

He really knew a lot of history about these trucks and their service. He showed us all the places on the truck where Chevrolet had to remove their manufacturer markings and all the standard production truck amenities that were not removed or altered as they should have been for military service like the gauge cluster and locking glovebox.

pleasanton swap meet 2013 corvette

There were tons of trucks at the event. Rod Authority does its own judging at the show and we pick the Top 5 standouts of the event and showcase them here for you. The builder Mark Tingley was on hand to show us around the car and answer our questions. Every part of the car was reworked and very clean. The brightwork was spectacular and the trunk was nicely refinished.

Mark also fabricated some custom dash panels to house the Vintage Air ducts. Rick Robbins' '57 Fairlane was a real standout!

Under the hood, there were custom panels to hide accessories while showcasing the W dressed with a March Performance serpentine system, Edelbrock carb and intake, and MSD ignition.

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The cruises down the freeway with the Ford AOD trans. Even though the event is named the West Coast Nationals, it attracts the best of the best pre hot rods, street rods, customs, and more from all across the continent. The Long Haulers were all lined up together, there was rows upon rows of Tri-Fives, and more. It was hot rod heaven in every corner of the massive fairgrounds.

This is a great event for the whole family. This year the swap meet was sponsored by Ahwooga.

pleasanton swap meet 2013 corvette

This year's swap meet had plenty of different options to deliver fuel to your ride. There were plenty of cool and hard to find parts spread out for the right buyer.

Some of the cool stuff that wanted to go home with us were the big block Hilborn injection setup, The twin supercharger kit, the set of oxidized spindle-mount American Racing mags, and the list goes on!

Buying an incomplete project or a finished project is usually cheaper than building one yourself.

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Cool Model Cars The model car area was jamb packed with kid and adult builders and their rides. Looking over the tables, you can see the evidence of some serious talent. These model cars and pedal cars were put together with some serious precision! There were different types of small scale engines on display throughout the hall. These engines were not only exceptionally detailed replicas of full-size engines, but they were are also fully functional and running engines.

Surprisingly enough, they sound pretty powerful for such small packages.

Goodguys 24th Autumn Get-Together: Pleasanton Style - Rod Authority

There were scaled versions of more than just V-8s on hand. It was a gold base-model bone-stock Camaro. The two-barreled V-8 struggled around the course even as stiffer shocks and a larger exhaust were installed.

pleasanton swap meet 2013 corvette

The Camaro wasn't so smooth-riding anymore. As a consolation, his father bought his mom a Vista Cruiser that he vowed not to modify in any way.

Goodguys 27th West Coast Nationals – Pleasanton, CA

Gloria was mystified and furious to hear he sold a car that was only 2 years old at the time to buy an even older car that cost more money. The concept of paying more for something older was foreign to her.

pleasanton swap meet 2013 corvette

The became Dad's weekend racer and daily driver until when he came across a Vette already dressed up in flares and ready to run. The owner at the time was Larry Park; enthusiasts and racers will already know this name. Park owned a Corvette shop in Milpitas, California, where he built and modified mostly Corvettes from the s until he died in He put larger rear flares to fit more tire and gave it a shiny red, white, and blue paintjob to match his shop logo.

Again, Gloria could not believe Steve would sell his now year-old car for less than the cost of the Vette that was twice as old! Gloria let the boys do their thing despite her disapproval.

Steve didn't really like the overstated paint scheme with a big and fat diagonal racing stripe across the whole thing on the street, so he did a charcoal gray scuff after the purchase; they took turns driving, paying for parts, and wrenching on the car since then.

Two years after Steve brought the home, Brian got his driver's license on his 16th birthday. Getting a driver's license is an important accomplishment in any teenager's life, but even more important to Brian since he was scheduled to race the Corvette on the upcoming Sunday.

It took a couple years, but before too long, Brian started to outdrive his father and did so 90 percent of the time. Steve was proud, not bummed, of his son's ability to smoke him.

The rest of the s would retire the subdued charcoal paint and be replaced with Porsche Red as a result of a frontend conversation with a no parking sign at a local on-street autocross.