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pgi global meet app

PGi launches GlobalMeet , which will replace the company's other web Apple iOS and Android apps, or an optional desktop program. Having trouble connecting to a conference call with the iMeet Agenday app? Our team will How does iMeet Agenday integrate with iMeet and GlobalMeet?. PGi (NYSE: PGI), a global leader in virtual meetings for 20 years, today announced the launch of GlobalMeet , further positioning PGi's.

The robust recording tool works across all platforms. You can save your meeting and archive it in the cloud for later playback. Archiving a meeting can help clients store a meeting for later reference or let users who missed a meeting participate after the fact. Global Meet helps with the annotation tools. We found that the annotation tools lets you edit documents that are shared within the cloud. There is also a full suite of white board tools, letting you interact with your attendees.

You can easily draw their attention to presentation highlights with the annotation tools. You do have to save the document again if you are storing it in the cloud.

We also found out that Global Meet works very well with Outlook. Also, Outlook and Global Meet can supplement your approach to customer relationship management.

Perhaps the best feature of Global Meet is the web link invite for conference attendees. You don't need to ask your attendees to download the chat platform. With their web browser, they can easily beam into your conferences and meetings.

The Bad Complaints Reports One thing that we would like to see improved about their service is the number of video demonstrations of the product on the website.

With Global Meet, we didn't see a lot of neat demonstration of the product in their FAQ or their support section.

There are two things that customers frequently don't like about the program. The first is that it's hard to see which client needs to be muted at times during the conference call.

Sometimes, the host has to scroll down and doesn't have enough time to see which client is making the extra "noise. When downloading the analytics after a conference, the user has a hard time sorting them in spreadsheets or tables.

This can make it difficult to determine who downloaded which files. One user complained about tracking customers who had participated. Sometimes, a customer can get booted from the meeting and will show up as two participants in the meeting when they get logged back in.

The Bottom Line Global Meet is a great tool for business decision makers that want to get meeting attendees involved quickly. We liked the number of HD video features for customers making a presentation, a powerful user interface, and the ability to record meetings for later. The white board and document annotation, powered by the cloud, make this meeting software very useful for complicated conferences.

Then, add Host and Guest passcodes.

pgi global meet app

You must enter either a Web conference URL, a dial-in number with or without passcodes, or both to successfully save your service. Tap Done to save your info. You may also tap on the green Verify buttons to check for correct connection and input accuracy.

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How can I contact meeting invitees from iMeet Agenday? You can send a Running late or Custom email to some or all invitees. If you are the meeting host or organizer, you can also send a Meeting reminder email. Select Running late, Custom or Meeting reminder Meeting reminder only appears if you are the meeting organizer. Can I create new calendar events in iMeet Agenday? Yes, you can create a new meeting invite or calendar item right in iMeet Agenday by tapping on the Menu button in the upper right corner of the Agenda list.

Add conferencing information to the invite by tapping on the Add Call button in the Location field.


Be sure to specify your desired calendar via the Calendar selection. Can I forward a calendar invite to someone in iMeet Agenday? Tap Done to return to the Details screen. If you are not the organizer of the meeting, you can still forward the event information to other people. Select Custom, then Email. From there you may select some, all or none of the current meeting invitees.

Tap Send to send out the calendar item. Can I customize when iMeet Agenday alerts me before meetings?

pgi global meet app

By default, iMeet Agenday will alert you of an upcoming meeting one minute beforehand. Tap on the notification or swipe over it from the lock screen to jump immediately into iMeet Agenday and join the conference.

You can customize the appearance and timing of this alert, or add another alert even earlier before your meeting.

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To do so, follow these steps: Tap on the Menu button in the upper left corner of the Agenda list. Select Settings, then Alert time. Tap First alert to turn off or modify the timing of the first alert, then tap Done to save your settings. Tap Second alert to turn off or change the timing of the second alert, then tap Done to save your settings.

Uncheck Show Notifications, then tap back to the applications list. Repeat this process by selecting other calendar apps and unchecking Show Notifications.

If you press the Call button, but hang up within a minute because your dial-in sequence did not connect properly, iMeet Agenday will ask you if something went wrong. On the popup prompt, you can try again to connect. Your information is confidential. Our team will review your dial-in info, make corrections, and follow up with you.