Panadura balika sports meet

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panadura balika sports meet

Our school sports meet was held on the 19th of April. The Chief Guest was Paul Perera. He is the head of the Negombo South Internatinal. Primary Annual Sport Meet of Visakha Vidyalaya was held on 23rd of February Viharamahadevi Balika Vidyalaya - Annual Get-together 2 Fiorenza '18 - A/L batch of Good Shepherd Convent Panadura. The Annual Inter House Sports meet of Panadura Balika MV will be held today at the school ground from p.m. onwards. Reginald Cooray.

Results: Day 1 & 2 Sir John Tarbet (Junior) Athletic Championships – 2017

Initially its main function was to organise a sports-meet and the annual dinner, in subsequent years the OBA and the schools administration have co-operated in furthering the development of the College. Prior to the incumbent principal of the school presided over the OBA, since that date, a president is elected by members at each annual general meeting 2. Senanayake College — D.

Senanayake College is a selective entry, boys school in Sri Lanka.

Sanghamitta college

It was established on 10 February under the stewardship of Sir R. I, as a national school it is controlled by the central government, as opposed to a provincial council. The College is named after the first Prime Minister of Independent Sri Lanka, Don Stephen Senanayake and its the only muti-ethnic, trilingual school established in Sri Lanka in the post-independence era and is also the largest muti-ethnic school in the country. Senanayake College, situated on R.

Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo, School has current enrollment of over students with an academic staff over The school is listed among the National Schools, which come under the administration of the Ministry of Education, the College provides education to students from Grade 1 to 13 in Sinhala, Tamil and English language. In the number of requests to admit children into the Royal College Primary had become excessive, thus the Minister of Education I.

Iriyagolla took the initiative to build a new school in Cinnamon Gardens on the lines of Royal College, Colombo. In Minister Iriyagolla began the work for establishing the school. It was named after D. Senanayake, who was the first prime minister of Sri Lanka after gaining independence, T.

Alles, an assistant principal at Royal College became the Head Master of the new school. The location in which the stands today was at that time called the Kumbikale jungle. Students are placed in one of four houses according to their admission number. Tamil version of the anthem was written by Sillayoor Selvarajah.

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The anthem is recited every morning in school days, the Coat of Arms is a shield which is partitioned into two parts. The upper section has the lion of the Sri Lankan flag, a wreath of paddy is partially encircling the shield and the motto Country Before Self is in a scroll. Some decades back, the crown of the Kandyan monarch which is depicted in the crest of Royal College Colombo, was depicted in the schools crest as well, the Government of Sri Lanka offered a building previously occupied by the Crime Investigation Bureau in After renovating the building the school hostel was opened in Januarythe Prefects body is composed of Student Volunteers, Student Guides and Senior Prefects.

The college began as a school, the Al Madrasathul Khairiyyathul Islamiah, the Muslim community was not willing to enter into the modern education system introduced in the19th century, for several reasons. One was that most of the schools were established and controlled by the Christian missionaries, the traditional and conservative Muslims had the fear that English education may lead their children to Christianity, as they witnessed in Sinhalese and Tamil communities.

panadura balika sports meet

Hence, Siddi Lebbe wanted to separate schools for Muslims as did the Buddhist. His dream was realised in November with the establishment of the first Muslim English school in this country - AL Madurasathul Khairiyyatul Islamiah in Colombo, in the same year a farewell ceremony was held for Orabi at the school premises to mark his departure from Ceylon to Egypt. Inthe school was renamed as Hameediah Boys English School.

On 29 Augustgovernment ministers Pieter Keuneman and Badiudin Mahmud visited the school and unveiled a new building block. The school was granted college status inand was renamed Hameed Al Husseinie College. Presently, it has classes from Grade 1 up to Grade 13 with over students, the subjects are taught in Sinhala and Tamil language, with English taught as the second language. The Advanced Level stream is divided into four streams — Maths, Science, Commerce, sporting events are held throughout the year including the Inter-House Sports Festival.

The college offers such as soccer, cricket, Karate. Benedicts College, Colombo for the second consecutive time.

Annual Sport Meet of Visakha Vidyalaya - Primary Section

Hameed Al Husseinie College won third place against Zahira College, Mawanella, students are also encouraged to take part in other activities such as cadet training, Scouting camps, leadership training, Prefects Guild, brass band, lifesaving training sessions and first aid 4. The School was established by Mr. Kularatne as an offshoot of Ananda College Colombo and was registered as a school on 1 November Kularathna, a leading Buddhist Educationist of the time.

Methananda was placed as Principal of this institution which was called as Ananda branch, fernando was the Head master and Most Venerable Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Therea became its first Buddhist teacher. Governor Gregory Thompson laid the stone for a building to have 16 class rooms. Out of 16 class rooms he has used two rooms for the Principals office and staff members another two rooms for the Laboratories and balance 12 rooms for the classes, three Hundred and thirty students of Ananda were transferred under Mr L.

panadura balika sports meet

S Kularathna was the Chief person in all activities was instrumental in getting the institution registered as a separate school on 1 November Kularathna has appointed Dr.

Nalanda was fortunate in having its second principal the renowned scholar Prof. Gunapala Malasekera, later Prof Gunapala Malasekara set about his duties with much enthusiasm and launched several projects. He made plans for the collection of funds for the construction of buildings, also arranged 15 minutes Buddhist talk at the daily students assembly and took many steps to promote the Buddhist environment in the school.

Kularathna has laid the stone for second building on 30 March End of Nalanda students were increased tolater he has borrowed money from Anagarika Dharmapala.

The College student assembly hall is named Malalasekara Theatre after him, the college is equipped with facilities such as science and computer laboratories, lecture halls, auditoriums, hostels, etc. The main medium of education at Nalanda is Sinhala while students have the option to select English from year seven onwards, Nalandians have excelled academically, achieving high grades at Ordinary Level and Advanced Level exams and also in sports.

Students of Nalanda College Colombo also have excelled in research activities, at Nalanda College Colombo there are many endowed prizes and awards to felicitate its students who achieve immensely in education, sports and other extracurricular activities 5.

As a national school it is funded by the government as opposed to the provincial council providing both primary and secondary education, the school was selected as one of best innovative colleges in the world by Microsoft in Students of Royal College are known as Royalists whilst past pupils are known as Old Royalists, the school has produced many distinguished alumni, among whom are presidents of two countries, a sultan, and three prime ministers.

The college is funded by the Ministry of Education, which appoints its principal, the principal is the head of the administration of the college and is assisted by a vice principal. The school is divided into three sections, the school, middle school and the upper school, each coming under a deputy principal.

panadura balika sports meet

The college educates close to students in secondary and primary education. Administration of the hostel is carried out by the warden under supervision of the principal and is assisted by a sub-warden.

Since its establishment, the medium of education had been English, however with Sinhala becoming the official language along with Tamil.

panadura balika sports meet

Since English has been reintroduced as a medium of education at the college, students may select one of the three languages in which to conduct their studies.

Admission to the school is very competitive and it gets its highest number of applications for admission to grade 1 and the best students from all over the country enter the school in year 5 via the grade 5 scholarship examination.

The school is located on 37 acres where the school, the middle school. It is equipped with lecture halls, science and computer laboratories and this includes the College Hall and the Navarangahala, a national theatre.

The school hostel is located within the grounds and it accommodates students from outside Colombo. Sport plays a part in Royal Colleges activities. The schools facilities include a pool, cricket and athletics grounds, tennis courts, basketball courts.

The Royal College Sports Complex and the grounds are located a short distance from the college. The international standard sports complex, built inhosts national, situated in front of the main building, between the center Boake Gates and the College Main Hall, is the memorial to Old Royalists who died in the two World Wars and the Sri Lankan Civil War 6.

It is a National public school controlled by the government providing primary and secondary education. From a Primary School, the school developed into a secondary school, at present the school has over pupils and a staff of about Around 45 members of the staff provide other services.

Her name was Stanmore Crescent Primary School, the school consisted of classes up to grade five. After the initial batch of students finished five years of Primary Education, classes had to be extended to provide Secondary Education, due to the patronage of former principals Miss.

Jayasekera the status of the school was raised to level of a National School inunder the guidance of Miss W. Ever since up to date Mrs. Home to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, this park features 50 elephants found abandoned or orphaned in the wild.

The team were able to get up close and personal with the elephants in their natural surroundings — a dream for many of the girls.

panadura balika sports meet

Kandy is also home to the Spice Gardens in the Hill Capital. The girls were treated to a homemade curry for lunch, courtesy of the very same spices they had just seen growing in the gardens earlier in that day. The ultimate fast food? The girls definitely thought so! The day was a total success from start to finish, and the girls took to Twitter to share their excitement lovinglife.

Despite suffering their first and it has to be said, only! As well as learning about the fantastic work carried out daily to preserve rare species of sea turtle, the girls were also offered the opportunity to hold the new hatchlings.

Have you seen a cuter picture? The tour was nearing its end, but not before they visited Lahiru Pre-School managed by the Foundation of Goodness. Set up inthe Foundation aims to provide small-scale developments to the local villagers. This type of excursion is fast becoming a staple go to in our sports tours, and one we would highly recommend.