Ophidiophobia meet snakes in florida

Overcoming Snake Phobia

ophidiophobia meet snakes in florida

Let's put our ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) aside and celebrate World Snake Day. .. Containing the unwanted guests that are taking over the Florida Everglades. "Meet Sunshine, a young girl from the Philippines who suffers from a. The meeting was hosted by the National Alliance of State Animal and . Ophidiophobia (sometimes ophiophobia) is the fear of snakes. Snake Phobias are common and treatable. Learn how to overcome the fear of snakes. Includes a free self help book on animal phobias.

Some people have a sufficient fear of snakes that simply seeing an ad on television for movies like "Snakes on a Plane" or "Anaconda" can really spoil their day. Some people have a strong enough snake phobia that a chance encounter with the word snake in a magazine article, or a picture of one, can elicit a strong emotional reaction they find embarrassing.

And some people do live in areas where encounters with snakes are more likely, and have a daily need to manage their fear. If you are a person with a real need to overcome a snake phobia, please be aware that this is a very solvable problem.

Florida State Agricultural Response Team (Florida SART)

Why do people fear snakes? This is usually the first question that occurs to a person who has a snake phobia. People acquire phobias in a variety of ways.

Joe Rogan - SNAKES (FLORIDA EVERGLADE PYTHONS), KOMODO DRAGONS - "Capillaries in the eyes burst"

You may have had a difficult encounter with a snake at some point; you might have observed someone else become afraid in the presence of a snake; or you may have read, or heard, scary stories about snakes. However, you might not have had any negative experiences with snakes at all, and be unable to attribute your fear to any particular experiences. This often confuses people, and leads them to become preoccupied with the "why?

In the process, they feel embarrassed about their fear, and wonder "what's wrong with me? This leads them to blame themselves without good reason, because lots of intelligent, competent, otherwise successful and worthwhile people have a fear of snakes, or similar phobias that they wish they didn't have. It appears as though there are genetic predispositions to certain fears, and that some phobias are easier to acquire than others.

Yet spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteers — our neighbors and ordinary citizens — continue to pose a challenge. They arrive on-site at a disaster ready to roll up their sleeves and help. Because they are not associated with any part of the existing emergency management response system, their offers of help are often underutilized and even problematic.

Schwartz has more than 20 years of volunteer animal response work to his credit and he says that a Florida-based team with a single head could make responding to animal emergencies efficient.

Florida SART: Florida State Agricultural Response Team

The annual public awareness campaign includes a poster and video public service announcement PSA contests www. Almaguer of the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Poster Contest The poster contest is open for all 4th and 5th grade school children. Final digital videos must be on a DVD.

ophidiophobia meet snakes in florida

One individual or group limit 4 people per group winner will be chosen from both middle school and high school entries. Winning video s will be professionally reproduced for broadcast by DEM in its state-wide public awareness campaign. A production team will travel to the winner s hometown to shoot the PSA with winner s as the director s. Winners will be honored at a rally in their hometown.

Winners will be announced on January 23, These contests are part of an annual campaign that includes a state-wide Tornado Drill conducted by the National Weather Service at EDT on January While some of the snakes were native rattlesnakes, some were non-native species and could not be released into the wild.

ophidiophobia meet snakes in florida

What motivates people to keep snakes? Although a local ordinance prohibited keeping venomous reptiles, the man was licensed by FWC. Ultimately, the city was not successful and Radenberg kept his snakes.

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So does the state license preempt local ordinance? The WESH story noted that Radenberg and Doria had posted warnings on their home stating that venomous snakes live inside. Following Hurricane Andrew, it is believed that thousands of exotic animals escaped into the wild. If a tornado appears on radar, will the owner of exotic snakes return home to safely evacuate them … or save himself first?

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