Obama to meet with muslim brotherhood

Obama, Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, and American aid money - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

obama to meet with muslim brotherhood

At the same time, Obama invited banned Muslim Brotherhood and State departments, and to meet regularly with the attorney general, as well. Politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle have been setting their hair on fire about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer. Members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood met with U.S. officials including Further, the Obama administration's U.S. ambassador and State.

There are two fascinating issues here. First, Morsi was friendly to Iran, as indicated by his visit to Tehran in — and illustrating an important policy shift. In retrospect, given the highlighted meeting between Haddad and Soleimani, that accusation likely had some basis in reality. What is interesting is that prior to coming to power, in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran were more likely to be considered ideological competitors rather than friends.

Iran, as it now appears, would gladly coopt any group willing to further it ends. As we now know, Iran assisted the September 11 al-Qaeda terrorists, and furthermore gave shelter to al-Qaeda inside Iran as part of a special arrangement, eventually even helping the terrorist organization to rebuild itself.

The Muslim Brotherhood, on the other hand was better known for sponsoring terrorist proxies and ideological movements that reflected its Islamist ideology. These works have been spread far and wide throughout Iran, and are perhaps two of the most widely read Islamic tracts. In the s, Iran backed Hassan al Turabi, a Muslim Brotherhood member who helped orchestrate the military coup in Sudan in Interestingly, Omar Bashir, the seventh president of Sudan, and one of the leaders of the same coup, has been a loyal Saudi ally until recently.

The country is part of the Arab Coalition in Yemen, fighting against the Iran-backed Houthi rebellion. Qatar is also closely aligned with Iran, and hosts Youssef Qaradawi, one of the contemporary spiritual leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Inwhen Iranians assaulted the Saudi embassy in Tehran, leading to an open rift between the two countries, the Muslim Brotherhood remained silent.

Obama, Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, and American aid money

The Brotherhood was also receptive to other overtures by Iran. Egypt for now, is off limits. Indeed, given the evidence of connection between Islamic Relief figures who were also active in politics and Iran, the political commingling and funding of mutually beneficial causes and groups by the Brotherhood and the Islamic Republic should be investigated and targeted. Both Muslim Brotherhood and Iran support Hamas, but what other terrorist groups and proxies have benefit from the arrangement briefly alluded to by the meeting between Haddad and Soleimani?

The other issue that has not yet been examined was the timing of the events. A discerning reader may conclude a couple of things from this revelation.

obama to meet with muslim brotherhood

First, the Iran regime was not negotiation with the United States and others in good faith. It had belligerent motives, and further, was looking towards fostering a clandestine apparatus separate and apart from its powerful national intelligence mechanism.

Muslim Brotherhood delegation meets with White House officials - POLITICO

As one member of the National Security Council told the author: Advisers to Clinton at the State Department and staff on the Egypt desk at the National Security Council drafted a cable formally instructing the embassy in Cairo to reach out to the Muslim Brothers. The run-off in June gave rise to violent debates behind the scenes, all the more so as the very influential Saudi and Emirati lobbies in Washington wanted his opponent, Ahmed Chafik to win.

obama to meet with muslim brotherhood

But even those people just could not sustain knowing that the other guy [Morsi] won a free election and we were acting against it. The second gamble paid off, the first did not. A full-scale test came in November after the Israeli offensive against Gaza and Hamas. Obama contacted Morsi personally and the latter promised to bring Hamas to the negotiating table. Ben Rhodes recalled the episode: He kept his end of the bargain. He surprised even the sceptics. These events had two consequences: For in addition to his personal incompetence, mistakes and partisan politics, Morsi and his government came up against a well-organised regional campaign, taken up by influential circles within the American administration.

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They claimed that she had pressured the Egyptian government to rig the election. Many high-ranking Pentagon officials made no bones about their hatred of everything Muslim.

obama to meet with muslim brotherhood

As Kirkpatrick points out: Obama and part of the White House hoped Morsi would succeed; many in the Pentagon, like Mattis and Flynn, agreed with their Egyptian and Emirati counterparts that Morsi was a danger.

The American schizophrenia was so open that Egyptian generals complained about it to their Pentagon contacts. Hagel went to Egypt with instructions to warn Sisi that a coup would put an end to American military aid.

obama to meet with muslim brotherhood

However, both because of his personal convictions and pressure from Saudi Arabia, Hagel did nothing of the sort, according to Kirkpatrick. As early as the spring ofall the U.