Non virgin kpop idols meet

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non virgin kpop idols meet

and whenever I read a comment or discussions on the virginity status of Kpop idols, That doesn't make either of them virgins or non-virgins. Netizens Discuss Virgin Fans And K-Pop Idol Sexual Relationships. Published All ordinary people are not virgins either haha It is kind of. K-pop idol worship attracts millions in South Korea and beyond, but They say that hate is not the opposite of love, but rather they are two One ex-trainee claimed in an interview that the going rate for a “meeting” with a female trainee .. Tse would later claim that she lost her virginity to Chen while he.

K-pop idol groups, both male and female, usually sing about innocent romances, first loves, breaking up or love at first sight teenage topics ; while Americans sing about these topics too, they also sing about addictions and more adult topics.

The aforementioned factors are not all, but the main ones that become easily apparent when trying to consider the reasons that K-pop idols will have a difficult time being successful in America. America has a population of around million. Combining the 6 factors listed above and considering that Asians, to whom Asian music e. K-pop appeal the most, are the minority of the population, we have a tiny fraction of the American demographic that are a potential source for interest in K-pop music.

Now, on the other hand, K-pop is vastly more popular in East and Southeast Asia also due to the similarities I pointed out above. Besides popularity, K-pop has been a part of popular Asian music scene for decades starting with the earliest K-pop pioneers that received attention outside South Korea.

The overall population of East Asia is 1. K-pop is also highly popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia with massive fanbases. There are around million people in this region.

So we have a simple statistic comparison of million Americans of whom only a minority are potential fans versus million Asians of whom a significantly larger majority are potential fans and from this we can see that in Asia, there is a vastly larger potential fanbase than America could ever hope to achieve.

This is the question many Kpop fans have, even in Korea. America is the global cultural beacon: For better or worse, what gets produced in Hollywood has the best chance of becoming international culture.

American pop culture is sexualized, provocative and mature. I think in the past years, the Kpop aesthetic has drastically shifted towards the American norm. There is an immense sense of pride among Asian countries to overcome colonial history and reemerge as global economic and culture forces, particularly from a corporate perspective. Japan was first to go through this process and produce companies like Sony, which dominate in multiple industries — including music.

Every video released this year by SM also has a very conspicuous SM log in the letterbox. In the same way that PSY was celebrated as a national hero for peaking at No. I want to further add to these points.

Another reason Kpop idols and their labels might want to break into America is because they might want to make more money.

Because America is over-saturated with sexy female pop stars, mature concepts, and male vocalists, there is an opening in the market for stars who offer something different or unique. This is why artists like Adele and Sia stand out so much though their music is pretty mature. And actually, this is why some Americans have become fans of Kpop in the first place.

Few artists are as pure and youthful and polished as Kpop idols. So, different is good for Americans. Few people perform the way Kpop stars do or offer the same level of ability, to add the certain level of etiquette and humility. They just struggle to get Americans to warm up to the difference. But Kpop labels and their idols actually have an open playing field if they can promote themselves in the right way.

This is also aside from the fact few American faces are Asian.

non virgin kpop idols meet

Kpop labels can monopolize that part of the market if they successfully break into the American industry. Though 1 Global Cultural Beacon may sound a little haughty, stats support this. America and Japan are entertainment giants. BeforeAmericans bought physical albums in millions. When the digital boom began to occur inJapan slipped in because they were still buying those physical copies while America was starting to download or pirate online.

Eventually, as the world went digital, America was leading the way, with Japan still a close second and fighting. As mentioned, the difference between the two is that America is a fresh market for Asian entertainment. Every Asian label wants the honor of cracking one of the biggest barriers to their global success. It would certainly give that label bragging rights. And as the poster said, if you make it in America, you can also influence the other western nations, unlike if you make it in Japan.

If South Korea can dominate both the east and west, they can slowly take over the music market and slowly take over the minds and hearts of the people with their cultural values and ideas. As well as make a whole lot of money. By appealing to these countries, tourism will increase, giving even more to the economy. This could turn Kpop idols into millionaires in their own home country too, which could give them power and influence which is what Psy is experiencing to a certain degree.

Last, Kpop helps spread ideas, allowing Korea to dominate both politically and socially. If they were to break into the American market, their own values could earn respect from the world or at least open a gateway to understanding their culture. Inwhen I first got into Kpop, South Korea was the 28th biggest music industry in the world. But look at it now! It is now among the top 10! Many labels laced Kpop songs in these drama adaptations, which further helped the success of Kpop.

There are many Chinese speakers in the countries surrounding China such as in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. T was the first kpop group to tour in China. Kpop is now a big thing in China. With the THAAD issue on the riseit made it clear that in order for idols to continue their success in China, political issues with the nation had to be ironed over.

But they still could gain the support of surrounding Chinese-speaking nations. I want to address 2 next: This is more common in the major industries like the USA and Japan. Ayumi Hamasaki has especially been triumphant in pulling herself from a binding contract and stepping out to make the masterpiece, I AM. America has always been a diverse industry. They can debut individually, with their own sound, or in any group they choose.

non virgin kpop idols meet

Pop and hip-hop music are popular in these countries, but many other genres are, too. If someone wants to try country, edm, rock, or any other genre, they could thrive with the right promotion and the perfect sound.

Opinion: The Not-So-Innocent Side of the “Innocent” K-Pop Girl Group Look

Though each of us have our own morals, Americans will set aside their beliefs and opinions to objectively enjoy the music. Michael Jackson and Miley Cyrus both had very poor reputations at their prime, but both managed to still pull success from their albums.

Because they just made unique and authentic music. Freedom and independence is prized. Many Kpop idols like the idea that they can take a few risks but still earn respect through their music. It seems appealing from across the globe just like Kpop seems appealing to the west.

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Those who want to date and start a family while still making music may find America to be freer. Last, those who want their popularity to last more than a few years may be tempted to break into the American market, hoping they achieve huge success. In Korea, kpop idols are lucky to last after reaching 30 years old.

Labels want to give Asians the respect that is long over-do in the west. All of these things will help Kpop labels get more money in the long run. Kpop artists have to promote themselves differently in the US than they do in Korea.

The internet is the perfect way for Kpop labels to reach out to America and promote their artists. Back to top 4 Fans Are Monstrous Kpop fandoms are monstrous in two different ways: When it comes to supporting idols, fans pour out a lot of money into the genre.

non virgin kpop idols meet

For international fans, shipping costs for purchasing albums can be very expensive. Merchandise is expensive, too. Korean fans have up-front access to merch and do a lot to include outside fandoms when it comes to organizing events. They pour a lot of money into their artists even in Korea! It seems like a lot of work for some music, but fans do this so that their favorite idols can keep making music.

Idols are also very gracious and show a lot of love and thankfulness to fans. Having a fandom name and fan color are common traits of Kpop groups. Korean internet cafes such as Daum and other fan websites helped in promoting the idea that each idol should have a name to call their followers and a color for all of them to wear.

Being humble and gracious is very important in Korea. This is one of the reasons international fans have fallen in love with the genre. Everyone seems to be trying to be polite even as they perform. Fans really do seem to worship idols on the surface.

Still, fans can also be the worst people in the world. Still, they influence the course of Kpop and the longevity of idols.

This is why they try hard to appeal to as many people as possible. Still, idols are imperfect humans that have personal lives. Some fans live in such a Kpop bubble, they often forget that their idols have personal lives and are humans. But sometimes the fans can be a little extreme. Their goal is to get as many followers and fans as possible. Fans are very critical and hard on idols because they do expect the best, almost perfection.

These idols do often look really polished and perfect on stage.

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I guess they give the false impression that they are perfect. Some fans have also invested their egos and money in these groups and want their favorites to tromp out competition. Some even expect idols to perform sick! Having a vacation is associated with laziness. Fan-idol abusive relationships are common and fans hardly feel like they are wrong in this regard.

Netizens Discuss Virgin Fans And K-Pop Idol Sexual Relationships

I guess because so many fans buy heavily into the industry, they expect their biases to pay exclusive attention to them and fulfill every wish fans desire. And with so much attention, the bigger you are, the more people you have to criticize you. Kpop has more fans now; that means more haters, too. This means they will like this group no matter what that group releases just because they may be in love with many other releases or attributes.

Sometimes, these same fans will refuse to support other groups, no matter how talented they are. Usually, each member of a group gets their own fandom A fandom name may not be present unless an artist goes solo. This makes it harder on other members of the group who have a hard time shining. Still, fans will usually support the whole group despite their favorites. Most Kpop idols are presented that way by their labels and management team.

They are all marketed as cute and dorky, even the male idols at times. Romantic songs really bring in the ladies. And Kpop idols are almost always extremely attractive. This is the main marketing strategy of most labels.

Knetizens, netizens, or Knetz is the slang word used to describe Korean citizens who use the internet and Korean internet community websites to build or break idols. Korean fans obviously have a lot of power over K-idols. First off, they are closer to Kpop in proximity. Second, their culture and opinions more directly influence idols because idols have the same values as most all Koreans. If Knetz like an idol, the idol will stay afloat in their groups.

If Knetz dislike an idol, expect that idol to be dropped from the group, no matter how many international fans still exist. Some get along great; others are very hard on one another. Much of it has to do with culture clash. Though many international fans like Kpop, their tastes may be different from Knetz based on culture. What westerners will support, for example, may not be supported by Koreans, which affects sales and chart rankings within the country.

Some are so dazzled by Korean pop that they forget that Korea is a country all its own with its own laws and ways of living. International fans may find them to be petty in comparison to other fandoms around the world.

Mutually, some netizens dislike when international fans criticize their culture and wish they would respect the fact that Kpop is a Korean art first and foremost. Knetz Explain Why They Dislike International Fans Some Knetz are so hard on international fans that they make it difficult for them to get invited on music shows the shows that usually promote the artists, more on this later. Of course, the music shows themselves are selective when it comes to who they choose… International fans are equally hard on Knetz.

Whenever there is a scandal or whenever a song bombs on the charts, international fans are quick to criticize fans who live in Korea.

But Korean fans feel that international fans always try to decide what is right for their industries, when their industries have been doing fine without international inclusion. Knetizen is a word hardly used positively by international fans when describing Korean fans.

But in Korea, these matters are taken seriously. Suddenly, Knetz and international fans will unite against that individual. Yes, studies have shown that many Kpop fans are of college age and up.

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This is why many labels are now starting to debut their groups much later and this helps older groups continue their success even after 30! As Kpopstarz pointed out: Though most of the material was originally marketed to tweens and teens, the last generation that fell in love with Kpop have grown up with their favorite idols and have gotten into the newer idols.

Most of the fanbase consists of females. The content of Kpop is usually created to appeal to them. Males make up a smaller portion, but they exist. The girl groups have attracted a large number of males overseas. The differences in the way Korean fans support their favorite artists and the way international fans support them comes down to how each fandom looks at Kpop. These differing views affect the way artists are supported.

Korean variety shows can make artists even bigger and Korean fans watch these shows firsthand. They know that whoever they support in their country will become a major idol and they know competition is fierce to get into the Kpop world.

Still, who is worthy of that attention may be baffling to international fans at times…More on this subject will come in the following sections. And how does it work? To answer that question, we need to delve for a moment into the world of psychoanalysis. Either they are morality-starved, debased prostitutes or sexless saints.

Where they desire, they cannot love. Later psychologists have gone on to expand on this notion. Only the virginal, the chaste can make them feel love. For many, the perceived brazenness of artists like HyunA, who appears to embrace just about any sexual fetish you care to mention, is a turn-off rather than a turn-on.

However, there is an intrinsic danger in this. Because a man putting a woman up on a pedestal, idolizing her as a sexless being is actually another, potentially dangerous form of objectification. As perfect as you may think any K-pop girl group member to be, it is vital to remember that she is human. Every member of every group is a woman with sexual thoughts and desires of her own.

Perhaps she has a secret boyfriend or a girlfriend that she is afraid to tell the world about because of what it might mean for her career. Certainly not in K-pop, at any rate. Girl groups have carefully constructed images. Those images, in almost every case you care to mention, aim to fulfill male sexual fantasies. The Virginity Fetish Who remembers Puretty?

The recent spate of debuting girl groups play with concepts of virginity yet further. The color white is most often associated with moral purity — scientists even argue that there may be deep-set reasons for this embedded in the human brain. Light blue is also a color long associated with purity, chiefly for religious reasons. SBS MTV And not to pick on any one group, but the music video for the latest Oh My Girl release is so riddled with virginity symbolism it would probably take a team of psychologists to break it down completely.

It looks like a scene from some bizarre pagan virginity cult ritual. Agencies, as mentioned in this article about boyband sexuality, are not always that particular when it comes to constructing fetish-based concepts. There are about plus Korean girl groups out there; it is a real sink-or-swim industry. Which is why agencies are now falling over each other in an effort to have their artists ooze sexual purity from every pore.

Remember that the primary target for almost all Korean girl groups is military service-aged men.