Non aligned nations meet in iran tehran

IRAN Non-Aligned Movement meets in Tehran

non aligned nations meet in iran tehran

Non-Aligned Movement meets in Tehran. Some 29 heads of state and government as well as ministers and envoys from about countries. While in Iran for 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), range of meetings with leaders of Non-Aligned Movement countries Government of Iran, began in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Sunday and ends today. The United Nations has confirmed that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to attend a summit of nonaligned countries in Tehran next week. state, Kim Yong Nam, would attend and would meet with Iranian President.

The leaders or foreign ministers of countries, and observers from 17 more, will be in town, however fleetingly, to prove the Supreme Leader's point. Some of the callers — the Saudis, Bahrainis, Qataris — are Iran's neighbours, who are arming themselves to the teeth in case another Gulf war breaks out.

non aligned nations meet in iran tehran

But their presence should not surprise: Others, such as the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, arrive with catcalls ringing in their ears.

If America and Israel are foolish enough to broadcast their disapproval, they can only expect Ban's stock to rise commensurately.

Non-aligned movement: a two-edged summit in Tehran | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

The summit's most significant guest will be the new boy on the block, the Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. His arrival is two-edged.

Ahmadinejad spouse meet 29 wife of presidents during NAM summit in Tehran

On the one hand, he is the first Egyptian leader to visit Tehran since the Iranian revolution. On the other, his arrival fills a vacuum that Iran exploited in Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and Iraq.

Non-aligned movement: a two-edged summit in Tehran

Morsi is saying, and saying it with more speed than anyone predicted in June when he was elected, that Egypt is back as a regional player. That he arrives in Tehran fresh from a domestic political victory over his military will not have gone unnoticed either.

non aligned nations meet in iran tehran

He is both democratically elected and powerful. By devoting so much airtime to the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, Iran's biggest international conference in three decades, authorities had one aim: But there were some things Iranian media didn't show. When it came to the remarks made by the Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, denouncing the Syrian regime, and those of the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, obliquely criticising his hosts' policies, Iranian news agencies either censored their remarks or simply altered the translations.

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For Iran's leaders, hosting the summit represented an opportunity for an image makeover. In the face of the latest embargo against the import of the Iranian oil, it was also an effort to find new customers.

non aligned nations meet in iran tehran

They were able to depict an Iran that was a key-player in international politics but the unfortunate victim of a western-led campaign against its peaceful nuclear programme. This is why when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took the stage on Thursday morning for the official ceremony of the summit in north Tehran, addressing leaders of the movement's nations, families of the Iranian nuclear scientists killed in a series of assassinations in recent years were seated in the front row, holding pictures of the victims.

Outside the venue, the cars wrecked in the killings were displayed alongside pictures of family members.

non aligned nations meet in iran tehran

As Khamenei was speaking, the International Atomic Energy Agency was preparing to unveil its latest report on Iran's nuclear programme, which the west suspects might have military dimensions.

The report is expected to reveal that Tehran has increased its potential capacity to refine uranium by installing more than centrifuges at an underground uranium enrichment facility, despite UN calls for more clarity over its activities. The Ayatollah, who is known not to have left Iran for more than 20 years, was conscious of his audience.

non aligned nations meet in iran tehran