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“Hyundai Gets Hot,” Business Week, December 17, , 84–85; J.D. Power and Answering the CEO Challenge: Accelerating Growth through Quality, Baldrige Award Profiles of Winners, National Institute of Standards and Meryl Davids, “Where Style Meets Substance,” Journal of Business Strategy 16, no. Newell Strength is a fitness center facility in Hillsborough, NJ that offers personal fitness training, nutrition weight loss program, and athlete training. Meet the ACC Value Champions. The Champions use leading management practices—writing applications, leveraging AI, and applying.

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I was lured into the wonderful world of weight lifting by a couple high school buddies. From that point of my life on, I was fascinated with the human body and all the various systems within it. When the time came to stay on staff at Rutgers, I made the decision to instead go back for a teaching degree. I found my calling, that of being an elementary school physical education teacher.

I taught grades K-4 to be exact. Within two weeks of taking my first teaching job in Bridgewater, NJ, I was also running their high school weight room.

Throughout the first year, people would always approach me at the gym and ask me to write them programs for diet and training; even the teachers I taught with would hire me to write diets for them.

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And while I was an educator, I acquired teachers and coaches of my own to continue to help me grow into a master of the body, mind and spirit. All during this time, Jay asked me if I would come back to help train the football team, which I did one or two mornings before school and then again for their post game day lift on Sundays.

This means that I often had to get very creative in my program design and I had to be able to adapt on the fly. Combine that with my unique experience of being a PE teacher for the little kids and it was the perfect combination for developing as a Coach. The walls were black and it had a brutal feel to it.

Before I knew it, clients were asking if they could bring a friend over to experience what we had going on in the PIT and the business continued to expand. At that time, I started with the semi-private coaching model and started training 4 clients at once, all on different plans designed by me. I started making plans for the facility, found a spot in the industrial park nearby and I was off and running.

The current version was strictly for athletes and alpha males. Not that we had a bias, but it was important to have the right environment laid down from the get go. We are making the public aware of the increased misuse of this extremely dangerous product to hopefully curtail others from doing it.

Instead of wearing their traditional blue uniforms trimmed in yellow lettering and patches, officers instead will be wearing blue uniforms with pink patches and lettering as a way of doing their part for breast cancer awareness month. Because our officers mostly wear a utility uniform for daily duty, which does not include a badge, for the last few years we have worn breast cancer ribbons.

But they often came off and we felt it just was not enough. The response in the community was great. It was the first time that any one team captured the fastest pull time 6. On October 15,representatives from New Jersey Special Olympics were on hand to present the team with its three first place trophies for each category. In addition, the department would like to thank all those businesses and individuals who helped with financial contributions and to specifically acknowledge Collision Restoration, Seven Seas Trading, Tremature Heating and Plumbing and Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning, all of Fairfield, NJ, for their generous and continued support.

The circumstances that led to the arrest are as follows: On September 25,at approximately It is alleged that Vargas arrived with another individual at the meeting location. Vargas then met with the victim in order to examine the merchandise that he was allegedly going to purchase. He told the victim that he accepted the terms and the pair began to walk towards the car that Vargas came in. It was at this time that Vargas ran towards the vehicle and jumped in the back seat.

The victim ran after him and attempted to retrieve the bag the merchandise was in by reaching in the open rear window and trying to get it back. The vehicle then began to accelerate from the scene at which time the victim fell to the ground resulting in an injury to his left arm and leg.

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The vehicle successfully fled the scene. On or about September 27,the victim was advised from friends that his jacket was being advertised for sale on Instagram at a store in New York City. Fairfield detectives responded to the store and recovered one of the stolen jackets. He informed the victim that he would meet him as long as he did not involve the police.

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The victim immediately contacted Fairfield detectives concerning this offer. On October 11,a meeting between the suspect and the victim was set up with police awaiting his arrival. Vargas allegedly arrived at the Quick Check in Fairfield in an Uber and was taken into custody. The other items stolen from the victim were recovered.

Vargas was charged with robbery and was brought to the Essex County Correctional Facility. The case was investigated by Detective Robert Sanger. It should be noted that the charges against Vargas are merely allegations and that he is presumed innocent until he either pleads guilty or is found guilty in a court of law Authorized by: On that date, at approximately 9: Upon arrival, Officers James High Jr. As the investigation continued, it is alleged that Sokolofsky was operating a white Subaru, which was traveling east on Route 46 in the right lane.

It appears that he then struck a black GMC that was stopped at a red traffic signal, striking it from behind. The force of the impact then made the GMC strike a black Mazda that was stopped in front of it for the same red light. When the officers spoke with Sokolofsky, it is alleged that he exhibited signs and symptoms consistent with being under the influence to include slurred speech, bloodshot and watery eyes, swaying while he was standing and the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.

A series of field sobriety tests were administered to him and, based on the totality of the circumstances, he was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters for processing. While at headquarters, a breath test was administered that allegedly indicated Sokolofsky had a blood alcohol concentration over double the legal limit. In addition to being charged with DUI, he was also charged with careless and reckless driving.

He was released on his own recognizance pending an initial hearing in the Fairfield Municipal Court on October 25, It should be noted that the charges against Sokolofsky are merely allegations and that he is presumed innocent until he pleads guilty or id found guilty in a court of law Authorized by: On that date, at approximately 5: Officers were dispatched to the scene to investigate.

Officer Sean McCormack arrived to find the pickup truck had a flat, passenger side tire.