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nikhil meet blog

Nikhil Sachan is an IIT-IIM graduate. The publisher was already reading his blog, and in a matter of less than 2 months after submitting the final script, the book. Mar 25, Back to Intertek Blog. Share. Twitter. close Follow Intertek Tweet This Blog: Nikhil Kumar. Adding Flexibility to the Existing Electric Grid. Read writing from Nikhil Singh in Noteworthy - The Journal Blog. Key takeaways: Product Meet-up with Rahul Ganjoo (VP Product, Zomato).

Written in Hindi, the stories in this book take you through many serious topics and enable you to see these issues from the eyes of kids in a purest and simplistic form. So, what made Nikhil write in Hindi?

nikhil meet blog

During all these years, there was nothing which could drift Nikhil from writing in Hindi and even before he realized he had already devoted a decade almost in pursuing his interest for the language. In college, he had enjoyed his association with the theatre where he wrote and directed many plays in Hindi.

nikhil meet blog

He kept himself busy with writing short stories and poems as well. Nikhil believes that he can express himself better in Hindi which is well supported by the vast vocabulary of Hindi and Urdu.

nikhil meet blog

He writes because of his love with Hindi literature and not for any reader base or royalty. At times, you read or see something happening around you which create unrest in you. I even run some through my hair…keeps it soft and parted in the right direction throughout the day.

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And I use the Juniper Eczema Treatment. Most of my eczema is gone now, so I use it mainly for prevention on my palms, neck, and back of my knees. Being ridiculous, every day.

nikhil meet blog

We spend a lot of time being absurd and coming up with ideas that amuse us. For us, this has taken 2 forms so far.

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The first is our Buy a bottle, Give a meal program, which came out of our experiences working in health care before Jiviand seeing the impact of nutrition on long-term health.

Whenever you buy from Jivi, we donate a meal per bottle, through a food bank, to a person in YOUR community.

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That way you get to support local, without having to buy local! She worked with us over a few weeks to create the perfect winter scent, and design the label she made the monotype print.


Working with creative people makes Jivi a better company. What beauty trend would you like to see disappear? One of the biggest trends in beauty today is natural. They make a big deal out of the few natural ingredients in the product, so they can sell them to us as green beauty, or natural beauty and charge more.

Key takeaways: Product Meet-up with Rahul Ganjoo (VP Product, Zomato) hosted by Matrix Partners

But if you flip the bottle over and look at the full ingredient list it reads like a chemistry textbook. Of the products you make, which is your favorite?

Bringing together the brightest of the early stage community is not only a privilege but also an activity that gives us immense happiness and we hope, that we can continue to contribute in bringing people together, in whatever little way we can.

It is in this spirit that we recently hosted a Product Meet-up at our office in Delhi, inviting product folks from across NCR to come and share their experiences, their thoughts and most importantly the questions that pervade their mind — with our guest speaker, Rahul Ganjoo VP Product Zomato and the consumer team at Matrix Partners — Sanjot Malhi and Nikhil Singh.

This post has been written in an attempt to share some of the key takeaways from that discussion with a larger audience — we hope you find it useful and as always encourage any feedback that you may have. Knowing customers is under appreciated and over simplified A great understanding of your customer is critical to the success of your product, but how you understand your customer is even more so.

nikhil meet blog

Put in the effort to get a pulse of the customer — the heavy lifting you do upfront will feed into your product roadmap and strategy and you will reap dividends later. Building a consumer product is a dynamic experience and hence requires discipline You can sit and make a roadmap for the next 8—12 months, but often you will find yourself having to re-write the whole thing a week later.

A good process reflects your clarity of thought in the goal you are working towards.