Nice to meet you korean song lyrics

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nice to meet you korean song lyrics

Glad To Meet You: North Korea's pop orchestra warms hearts in the performance with the North Korean pop song Glad To Meet You – a. Nice To Meet You Lyrics: You got me spinning, spinning, yeah / I slowly fixed it back / Til' then I'm goin', goin', yeah / There's just no coming. Americas & Europe · ○ Japanese & Korean Singer Album Song Lyrics. Lyrics provide or Error Correction. Lyrics provide or Error.

Unlike her stone-faced teammates, the year-old's friendly smile left a strong impression on the South Korean public. In this Olympic season, they have been skating to the North Korean song "Pangapsumnida," meaning "nice to meet you" in their exhibition program.

Nice to see you by ex korean song lyrics

The well-known tune is about joy, hugs and tears during a reunion of the peoples of the two Koreas. The song fits the mood for the "Peace Olympics" the Moon Jae-in administration has tried to create by getting the North to participate at the last minute in Korea's first Winter Olympics.

nice to meet you korean song lyrics

They are expected to repeat the routine at the gala after competing in PyeongChang. The selection of this song was probably intended to please South Koreans and make a good impression with the international community by promoting their country as peace-loving and friendly.

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For some South Koreans, lyrics like "the day we celebrate unification with a party is not far away," stir up strong emotions about a country that shares a culture and history, but remains divided. Since the retirement of the Olympic champion Kim Yuna, few skaters from the Korean Peninsula have attracted as much international media attention as Ryom and Kim.

nice to meet you korean song lyrics

Technically and artistically, they are far above any pair South Korea has produced. A New York Times article published Jan. In an interview with the Cosmopolitan, Marcotte lauded them as a "crowd favorite," saying "they have a lot of charisma on the ice.

nice to meet you korean song lyrics

In the previous season, the North Korean pair skated their long program to the "pas de deux" from "Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky. The tune was also used in the routine of the Russian pair Elena Bechke and Denis Petrov, the silver medalists in Albertville.

nice to meet you korean song lyrics

The stage layout of the orchestra further emphasises the display of femininity for the male gaze. Whereas symphony orchestras generally use a loosely semi-circular stage layout with the conductor at the centre, the Samjiyon Band puts the string players — comprised mainly of young woman, attractively dressed — in a line at the front, with the winds and brass — largely comprised of men — in lines behind them.

And for all the female emancipation seemingly on display, the conductor of the orchestra is, as ever, male. It is easy to mock this obvious display of patriarchal control over collections of female bodies for musical ends, but similar cases are easily found in the West.

What are North Korea's cheerleaders singing at the Winter Olympics?

For example, groups of female musicians were widespread in the vaudeville and dance band era. Groups such as The Ingenues, an all-girl band based in Chicago in the s and s, were similarly skilled multi-instrumentalists whose curiosity value arose in part from their femininity.

And like the Samjiyon Band, notwithstanding the prominence of the female performers, it was the men behind the scenes who were calling the shots, particularly their agent and manager, William Morris.

nice to meet you korean song lyrics

There are also more contemporary resonances. There are also many differences with these comparisons — the main one being that, while groups such as The Ingenues and Bond Quartet are undoubtedly musically skilled, they are also at the service of a music industry whose primary motivation is to increase the profits for its corporate shareholders.

Musical quality may be important, but only inasmuch as it can be used to underpin financial success. Ft. Wheesung- 처음 뵙겠습니다 (Nice to Meet You) lyrics [Eng. - Rom. - Han.]

Sell-out performance The Samjiyon Band is certainly popular. The online lottery to buy tickets for its South Korean concerts was heavily oversubscribed.