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J-DILLA - FRANK N DANK rare LP - 48 HRS + 3 12"'s rare promo's look. ( RARE promo only 12"). 2. NICE 2 MEET U (produced by Saukrates) /MCA (J- Dilla) (RARE promo only 12"). 3. MA DUKES/PIMP STRUT (Both produced by J- Dilla). Frank n Dank are an American hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan. They also go by the J Dilla); "Ma Dukes" (feat. Tammy Luccas) / "Pimp Strut"; "McNasty Filth" (Jaylib feat. Frank n Dank); "Nice 2 Meet U" (feat. Frank N Dank - Pandora. Frank N DankFrom the album Nice 2 Meet U - MCA (' 06 Version) 12" (Explicit). Start Station Ma Dukes (featuring Tammy Lucas).

It also includes influences of African-American culture, westward expansion integrated the Creoles and Cajuns of Louisiana and the Hispanos of the Southwest and brought close contact with the culture of Mexico. Large-scale immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from Southern and Eastern Europe introduced a variety of elements, immigration from Asia, Africa, and Latin America has also had impact.

A cultural melting pot, or pluralistic salad bowl, describes the way in which generations of Americans have celebrated and exchanged distinctive cultural characteristics, in addition to the United States, Americans and people of American descent can be found internationally.

nice 2 meet u frank dank ma

As many as seven million Americans are estimated to be living abroad, the United States of America is a diverse country, racially, and ethnically. Some other race is also an option in the census and other surveys, people of European descent, or White Americans, constitute the majority of the million people living in the United States, with They are considered people who trace their ancestry to the peoples of Europe, the Middle East. Of those reporting to be White American,7, reported to be Multiracial, with largest combination being white, additionally, there are 29, White Hispanics or Latinos.

In addition, the District of Columbia has a non-white majority, the state with the highest percentage of non-Hispanic White Americans is Maine. The largest continental ancestral group of Americans are that of Europeans who have origins in any of the peoples of Europe. This includes people via African, North American, Caribbean, Central American or South American and Oceanian nations that have a large European diaspora, the Spanish were the first Europeans to establish a continuous presence in what is now the United States.

Detroit — Detroit is the most populous city in the U. It is the seat of Wayne County, the most populous county in the state, the municipality of Detroit had a estimated population of , making it the 21st-most populous city in the United States. Roughly one-half of Michigans population lives in Metro Detroit alone, the Detroit—Windsor area, a commercial link straddling the Canada—U.

Border, has a population of about 5. The Detroit Metropolitan Airport is among the most important hubs in the United States, the City of Detroit anchors the second-largest economic region in the Midwest, behind Chicago, and the thirteenth-largest in the United States.

Nice 2 Meet U (Original)

Detroit and its neighboring Canadian city Windsor are connected through a tunnel and various bridges, Detroit was founded on July 24, by the French explorer and adventurer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac and a party of settlers. During the 19th century, it became an important industrial hub at the center of the Great Lakes region, with expansion of the American automobile industry in the early 20th century, the Detroit area emerged as a significant metropolitan region within the United States.

The city became the fourth-largest in the country for a period, in the s and s, suburban expansion continued with construction of a regional freeway system.

A great portion of Detroits public transport was abandoned in favour of becoming a city in the post-war period. Due to industrial restructuring and loss of jobs in the auto industry, between and the citys population fell by 25 percent, changing its ranking from the nations 10th-largest city to 18th. Inthe city had a population ofand this resulted from suburbanization, corruption, industrial restructuring and the decline of Detroits auto industry. Inthe state of Michigan declared an emergency for the city.

Detroit has experienced urban decay as its population and jobs have shifted to its suburbs or elsewhere, conservation efforts managed to save many architectural pieces since the s and allowed several large-scale revitalisations. More recently, the population of Downtown Detroit, Midtown Detroit, paleo-Indian people inhabited areas near Detroit as early as 11, years ago.

In the 17th century, the region was inhabited by Huron, Odawa, Potawatomi, for the next hundred years, virtually no British, colonist, or French action was contemplated without consultation with, or consideration of the Iroquois likely response.

When the French and Indian War evicted the Kingdom of France from Canada, the raids and resultant decisive Sullivan Expedition reopened the Ohio Country to westward emigration, which began almost immediately, and by white settlers were pouring westwards.

Bythe population of Detroit was 1, byits population was up to 2, and it was the third-largest city in the Province of Quebec 6. Madlib — Otis Jackson Jr. He was raised in Oxnard, where he began his music career, in the early s, Madlib formed a loose-knit collective composed of rappers that worked with Madlib in his Oxnard-based Crate Diggas Palace studio.

This collective was composed primarily of his friends, and became known as CDP, Madlibs first commercially released music was production for the rap group Tha Alkaholiks in He went on to music of his own with the group Lootpack. The Lootpacks debut album Soundpieces, Da Antidote ushered in a string of releases on Stones Throw centering on Madlibs production work which would continue for a decade and his first solo work, under the guise of Quasimoto, The Unseen, came in The album was met with acclaim, named by Spin Magazine as one of the top 20 albums of the year.

Over the next years, through several record releases on Stones Throw and other labels. Madlib was later invited to remix tracks from the Blue Note Records archive inin addition to the remixes, the album contained newly recorded interpretations of Blue Note originals, many of which were credited to members of Yesterdays New Quintet. Returning to hip-hop music inMadlib announced two collaborative projects, working with the late hip hop producer J Dilla, the duo known as Jaylib released Champion Sound.

The other was Madlibs collaboration with rapper MF Doom, known together as Madvillain and their Madvillainy album was highly anticipated and well-received, topping many critics year-end lists.

InMadlib announced his own imprint called Madlib Invazion, the series would ultimately take over two years to complete, culminating with 13 album releases and several vinyl-only EPs, spanning hip-hop, jazz, remixes, and multi-genre DJ mix tapes.

The label has continued to release records outside of the original series, freddie Gibbs and Madlib announced plans for a collaboration album late in with the release of an EP titled Thuggin. Their debut album, Love Is Wicked, had a release in various countries on 4 September It reached number 6 on the Finland and its highest entry was number 9 in the France Singles Top Never, Never was a hit in Finland, performing well in Kenya.

In the yearBrick and Lace released their single called Bad to di Bone which became a track in European and African countries. A French collaboration was even presented hence popularity and this new single was intentionally pinned out to appear on a new upcoming album, but instead was re-based on Love is Wicked, which was re-released for a second shot at fame and success.

In Julythe duo penned another hit track called Room Service, starting off the year with releasing four new songs in March, the Brick and Lace Summer European Tour was soon announced straight after.

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An upcoming second single and music video to promote their album was said to be imminently soon when the girls were interviewed in December They released Bang Bang, Ring The Alarm, and Shackles as buzz singles for their upcoming album, soon after Maythey revealed to African press that Nyanda was pregnant and was expecting a baby soon.

There has been a buzz on the internet stating that the girls will be releasing an album in — Soon after Nyanda, the elder of the two, who was already in late pregnancy, has gone on a break for health cares, Brick and Laces younger sister Candace has currently filled in for her for any tour representation.

Latest news is that Brick and Lace will be touring Europe yet again in April, May and it has been revealed that Nyanda has already given birth to her baby and is already two months post-pregnancy 8. J Dilla — Yancey died in of the blood disease thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. James Yancey was the eldest of four including a sister, Martha.

The family lived at a house near McDougall and Nevada. He developed a vast musical knowledge from his parents—his mother is an opera singer. According to his mother, he could match pitch perfect harmony by two-months old, to the amazement of musician friends and he began collecting vinyl at the age of two and would be allowed to spin records in the park, an activity he enjoyed tremendously as a child. Along with a range of musical genres, Yancey developed a passion for hip hop music.

He also took up beatmaking using a tape deck as the center of his studio. During these teenage years he stayed in the basement alone with his collection of records. He later told Pete Rock when they met years later that I was trying to be you, inhe met experienced Detroit musician Amp Fiddler, who was impressed by what Jay Dee was able to accomplish with such limited tools.

Upon its release inthe quickly became popular with fans of Detroit hip hop, as well as gaining the attention of Q-Tip. I think he embodied what a lot of Midwestern hip-hop brothers are about. He grew up on the east side of Detroit, so he would be talking about his chain and his truck and getting some ass.

He would be on that, but then he would go and sample Ahmad Jamal, or create something from some obscure rock record.

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His hip-hop embodied the soul and the funk and the spirit of what the Midwest is about. He might be gone now because he did his job on earth. He had a good childhood. The spot he was at, Conant Gardens, was a little rough. As we grew up, cats got older and started listening to NWA. Cats would be doing their thing, but he was never in that circle. He knew those cats, but he was never in that circle.

He was always in the basement. I met him at this spot called St. We grew together, got real close musically, and started working together.

We would make beats together, listen to music together…that was one of my closest friends.

What Up Testo Frank N Dank

The Roosevelt was the spot in New York where producers used to meet up, the ones who knew about it. It was like a fucking cattle rush in there. All we did was drive the price of records sky high, everybody digging for shit and looking for the same drums. There were a lot of people in there. Nobody would ever see Mark, and that nigga was up in there, eight in the morning.

It was just a cool little movement. He introduced me to the whole Dilla genius. He had something about him that was just real special. He had been staying with Tip for a minute, and I remember him being on the phone a lot because I think he missed Detroit. I heard about fourteen beats on a cassette—a beat tape he sent to Q-Tip—and I lost my mind.

I could not believe that a man had figured out a way to make the machine do shit like that. I was just trying to be the motherfucker that had first dibs. I was trying to develop the Ummah as something of a network. That was the MO. I was trying to follow.

nice 2 meet u frank dank ma

In my world, Fantastic Vol. Common heard it, and had a whole new vigor about his career—that took him out of the Relativity period into the Common we know today. It brought Mos alive, it brought Kweli alive—it was just breathing new life into people. How one demo and one unknown group could spark a fire like this was unheard of. The shit was crazy—the choruses were perfect, the production absolutely unheard of.

I learned so much. When he would ask for things, no matter how weird they might have seemed to me, just trying to find what he was looking for was definitely a huge learning experience. Sonically, it sounded like he was coming out of that Beats, Rhymes and Life sound and moving forward towards what we have now, what his last couple of years of work were.

That album was like the end of one generation of Dilla beats, moving on to the next. The way he was combining the live drumming with the keys and the samples, nobody was doing anything like that at the time. You could tell we were all children of Tribe, but what Jay Dee did so well was bring that aesthetic, but also bring some street to it, so that real cats on the street could appreciate it. I went to Detroit to hang out with Jay Dee—or Dilla as he had just become known as—to talk about ideas for the album.

To my pleasant surprise, he had various BBE comps on his wall. I also noticed he had a lopsided collection to what I expected—way more jazz, Brazilian, funk, and soul albums than hip-hop records. We drove around Detroit and I suggested the title Welcome 2 Detroit to him and he loved it. Jay really loved the fact that the Beat Generation series would allow him to do things no one had ever suggested.

It was different, for the first time in your life, having someone give you the opportunity to basically say who you are as a producer.

Because a lot of us are under the hypnotism of the industry, I had no idea what to do. His Beat Generation album set the tone for everybody that did it. Jay was really hands-on as far as his beats, especially when it came to mixing—he was definitely right up there at the board, right along with you.

He would work different ways, though. Sometimes he would do the track from beginning to end as far as the music. Sometimes he would build a foundation, then bring players in and see what they would bring to it. He just brought in people he was confident in and let them bring what they heard to the project. It was the same thing when he was working with artists. He would really let them do what they were feeling.

Even [with] me as an engineer, he definitely let me do what I was hearing. He would actually make you stop the tape and back up. The primary reason why I even started the idea of a Soulquarians was so I could get first-hand Jay Dee beats. He definitely made it easy for MCs. Dilla would give you a beat for about thirty seconds on a beat tape. You usually have to put the chorus where you want the chorus and the verse space where you want the verse space.

That shit was damn near a finished production by the time you got it on a beat CD. He was extremely thorough. De La and the Pharcyde—I remember hearing that stuff and being blown away. I never felt that he was trying hard—he just innovated. Virgin was mad at us because instead of working on the album like we were supposed to do, we spent two months straight not even recording anything—like, literally putting the record on, learning the chords, then going into the studio and redoing it.

We were so stuck on that record. For the longest time, we would just sit there and listen—me, D, and [engineer] Russell [Elevado]. I would like to think that whole Electric Circus phase was a Hail Mary throw and the ball is still up in the air. I feel somewhat vindicated now because the Sa-Ra cats and Platinum Pied Pipers are embracing the Kraftwerk side of things. Common wanted to go to the next level and be really experimental, and we were going there—doing different things, trying different things, trying different sounds.

That was an amazing time. It was just really creative—extra creative. We tried to go as far as possible with it. If anybody was the reluctant student of that experiment, it was me. He was such a diverse artist. He knew so much about music, having studied music, and he came up in a musical environment, so he knew how to adapt, which is why his shit is just so lethal.

If you notice after he did that wave of albums, he kind of went back to his regular hip-hop and put out the Ruff Draft EP and started doing his thing with Stones Throw. I got a spot out here. It was a time in his life where he knew he was sick and he wanted to get to a more peaceful place in his heart, a more peaceful environment.

I think he was going through different trials and hard times, and I felt like his salvation was out here, like this was his home. He was ordering it for a record store he worked at out there. The first record I ever put out, the Jay Dee Unreleased, it kind of tripped me out, because I would get more frustrated, it seemed, than he would. He had all these remixes that he had submitted to all these different record labels and they all fronted.

I always stayed in touch with House Shoes. Through that, House Shoes was showing him the Lootpack and Quasimoto and all that. Eventually, I started talking to Dilla when Slum Village came out here and did a show. I remember that was when he and Madlib first met. We all felt like it was a historical moment. I was backstage at an Alkaholiks concert ten years ago—I took those cats around digging and shit, and Madlib was DJing for them. He moved out here [to L.

Out here, it was like, bam! I could wake up to that. How many people can say that? Jay was always looking out for folks. Madlib would buy the whole store. Dilla would buy, like, two records.

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Even though Dilla was out here [in L. That shit never happened in Detroit unless we were at St. Dilla never let that shit bother him, though. I think it bothered everyone else more than it bothered him. All he wanted to do was make music. The love there is like you were born and raised there. I let other people pay attention to what I do. I pay attention to what somebody like Jay does.

You know how running water sounds? It would have a different swagger when Jay would hear it. Jay Dee was the cat that, if you were a freshman on the first day of school, the creative equivalent would be him rocking a polka dot T-shirt with some plaid plants and multicolored sneakers, but walking with a confident stride.

He did everything with such confidence. Everyone else would be rocking a track suit or some color-coordinated shit, but his feng shui was just totally out of whack. Artists, you know, are a different breed altogether. Some like Jay might be a little alien. He had a fixation on little alien figures at one time or another, and I half-expected him to be from another era or another place in time.

Frank-N-Dank Ma Dukes ( Madlib Remix )

He was a little ahead of his time. Back in that Beats, Rhymes and Life era, no one was making music like that. Jay was a different kind of nigga. The nigga had this little alien doll sitting on the speaker. Get the fuck out of here. During one period of recovery in ICU, for two days, he sort of rambled and talked to himself. His eyes were wide open and he was looking at the corner of the wall and talking—not whispering, but talking out loud.

The nurses were asking me if he had ever done this before. They did all kinds of scans to make sure nothing else was going on.