New demigods meet percabeth fanfiction rated

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new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction rated

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Annabeth C., Percy J. It's also in the mortals/new demigods in camp/etc. point of view. R&R!. Percabeth meets mortals and new demigods, maybe even a few Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 24 - Words: 42, What happens when mortals, demigods, and even gods meet some special demigods? Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Annabeth C., Percy J. It was the first day of school, but I couldn't wait to hit on the new girls so I.

I sat at my table all alone, until my only friend, Lola, decided to join me. That's when I noticed something, the fact that there was an old woman on the otherside of the street not taking their eyes off of me. I nudged Lola and whispered, "Look at that old woman, she's just staring at me.

She asked me to type in my mom's cell number, so I did.

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction rated

After she went into the next room to talk to my mother the only thing I heard before she was out of earshot was, "It's time. I took the phone from her and said, "Hello? She'll take you to a safe place," she told me sounding a little scared. I'm not-" My mom cut me off.

Your not safe, just go, if you have any questions ask your siblings, I love you," She said and the line went dead. What did she mean siblings? I'm an only child! Before I knew it Lola had dragged me half way across New York. We reached a hill when she finnally said, "We're here.

I'll show you," she said nicely grabbing my hand and pulling me over the hill. Once I saw that scene I looked Lola and said, "This is a camp moron!

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction rated

I'm not a moron! Right before I could yell again someone walked up to us. What do you see?

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I approached the white building, to see a man in a lepord-skin shirt and another man in a wheel-chair. The man in the wheel chair looked at me and said, "Come here. He studied me and looked at the other man who simpily scoffed. All of a sudden a girl who looked about seventeen materilized next to me. She grabbed me by the arm lightly and said, "Don't worry I won't hurt you. She glanced over her shoulder and said, "Come on, you gotta' keep up.

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And standing at a big building. I hurried to get beside her and she then said, "Do not, I repeat, do not, be afraid of what is inside. I was going to ask him out today, after school.

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction rated

He always turned down girls because he had a 'girlfriend'. I think, no know, that he's rejecting them for me.

I decieded that I should just talk to him. And if it worked out sooo much, then I might be able to ask him right now.

So I made my way to his table. Avery, Joe and Jack. I gave them my best winning smile and sat down next to Percy. Jack smirked, "I'm sorry, but that seat is reserved for someone else. I got a little angry. Who did this underling think he was? I was about to tell him exactly what was on my mind when the whole cafateria fell silent. I turned towards the door and was instinatly jelous.

At the door stood a beautiful girl. The annoying part was that she didn't look concerned at all. She had honey blonde hair. You couldn't get a dye that color so it must've been natural. She had steely gray eyes analizing your every move. And had the same tan as Percy. A tan you couldn't just get from Tan Bed. What bothered me more was that she was heading straight for Percy.

He ran to her and they hugged. Please be super close relatives. I chanted inside my head. But was very dissapointed when he smashed his lips on hers. I stood up and broke them apart, "What do you think you're doing to my future boyfriend you dumb blonde! Sorry to the awesome blondes out there but I want to prove how stupid Caroline is. Hope that guy who had tried to ask her out has healed The girl glared at me and I flinched slightly.