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naac b buster swim meet clip

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The Management promotes improvement of teacher qualification by allowing them to complete their Ph. During the last five years one of the faculty successfully completed her Ph. Teachers are encouraged to do research in different educational areas and all of them have publications in different national and international journals. Xavier s College of Education, Patna The student appraisals of the teaching staff, curriculum transaction and the teachers self-appraisal have been regular features of the College.

This has helped in the academic development of the faculty and better transaction of curriculum. Infrastructural and facility development have kept pace with other developments. During the last five years, modern technological equipments have been added, titles and Dissertation Abstracts International to the library have been added and computer lab has been upgraded with 50 computers.

Wi-Fi Internet connectivity have been set up. Purified drinking water supply has been ensured at four places for both staff and students.

Thus the quest for quality and excellence after the second accreditation has been more than doubled in the College. It is envisaged that the re-accreditation process 3 rd Cycle will be a boost to sustain and enhance the performance of the College. Xavier s College of Education, Patna B. State the objectives of the institution and the major considerations addressed by them?

The curriculum of the B. Course is stipulated by Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna. This comprises of six theory papers of four core, one special and two Methods papers of marks and Practicals for marks. However, within the syllabi and keeping in mind NCTE norms the College trains students to develop competencies for quality teaching while focusing on the vision and mission of the institution. It is the aim of the institution that the students who take their training here become well-formed guides who will accompany the young learners on their journey to becoming fully human persons.

The college offers an all-round training, one that is at once intellectual, cultural, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, moral and spiritual.

The college further aims at promoting values such as respect for Indian Common cultural heritage, egalitarianism, democracy, secularism, equality of sexes, protection of environment, removal of social barriers, responsible use of cybernetics and mass media, transparency and probity in private and public life, observance of small family norms, national unity and respect for religious and moral values.

The objectives of the institution are: Promoting learning to learn, to know, to do, to live together and to be. The development of life skills, intellectual skills like critical and creative thinking, judgment, evaluation, reasoning, decision making, leadership qualities and academic excellence, Capacity building for understanding children and adolescents to provide need based education, NAAC Re-accreditation rd Cycle 33 42 St.

Xavier s College of Education, Patna Practice in teaching skills for participatory teaching and learning, Assisting and providing opportunity for self-development, Preparing for community service and national development, Providing opportunity for eco-friendly and environment-friendly attitude, Emphasis on value orientation, Making the trainees competent enough to fight against the challenges of job market and making and equipping them to face the global trends and demands The curricular and co-curricular programmes are in line with the institution s goals and objectives.

The curriculum and syllabus address the needs of society through human rights education, value education, environment education and self-development through educational psychology and sensitization to equality and equity. It provides inclusive education through which it takes care of the socially disadvantaged and physically challenged group by providing reservation of seats up to a maximum of 25 percent. The institution is very much conscious of the global trends in education and rigorously works for quality education and quality assurance.

Also has ICT been included in the curriculum. In addition, the college aims at conducting in-service programmes for teachers. Besides, the college undertakes documentation and research in relevant educational areas. The college also aims at preparing pre-ph. Specify the various steps in the curricular development processes. Need assessment, development of information database pertaining to the feedback from faculty, students, alumni, employers and academic experts, and formalizing the decisions in statutory academic bodies.

It followed the curriculum framed in accordance to NCTE curriculum framework of one year duration till Two of the faculty members are in the syllabus committee of the university. The college faculty played a major role in construction of the B. Xavier s College of Education, Patna eleven colleges affiliated to the University.

As this college is the only college under AKU for M. All the faculty members of M. The institution has a curriculum committee consisting of all the faculty members which prepares a curriculum schedule for the whole year.

The committee takes into account the feedback received from the faculty members, students, alumni and the members of the governing body including the Head of the Jesuit Province who is kind enough to meet the faculty and the students for their reflection.

His valuable suggestions are taken into account for furthering the various useful dimensions in the curriculum. How are the global trends in teacher education reflected in the curriculum and existing courses modified to meet the emerging needs? The institution recognizes the emerging global trends in teacher education and they are reflected in the curriculum as: Training in smart classes, Compulsory computer training classes by creating a Wi-Fi zone, National seminars and international conference in emerging trends, Faculty members are provided opportunity to attend workshop, ICT is one of the papers paper IV at the B.

This is also transferred through teachers examples, Curriculum includes various activities such as prayer, thought for the day, daily news update, cultural activities, seminars on value education, attention of the faculty on inculcation of values in students through lessons taught by the teachers or the student teachers during practice teaching, The curriculum also includes the elements of excellence to be achieved by continuous evaluation, mentoring and guidance of advanced learners, average learners or slow learners.

How does the institution ensure that the curriculum bears some thrust on national issues like environment, value education and ICT? The institution conducts seminars on value education, and elements of values are incorporated in each of the lessons of faculty members and also of lessons of the student teachers when they go for practice teaching. The institution has in its curriculum a two day seminar on Education for Environmental Sustainability which is conducted by Taru Mitra, a nonprofitable NGO recognized even by the United Nations.

The institution believes in value education and tries to instill in the students the human values of love, sympathy, tolerance, justice and equality through its teaching-learning process. The institution organizes seminars and other activities like: Though the syllabus is given by the university, the teachers by their example too, instill different values in the students.

ICT has been included as a full paper in the curriculum for equipping the students to compete in the global market.

Providing health awareness and hygiene to parents of neighbouring government cooperating schools. This pedagogical paradigm has been in use for more than years from the beginning of the Society of Jesus.

This model instills in students values through the stages of reflection and action. Does the institution make use of ICT for curricular planning? If yes give details. In the curricular planning the institution does make use of ICT. The curriculum of the institution goes much beyond the syllabus prescribed by the affiliating university. How does the institution attempt to provide experiences to the students so that teaching becomes a reflective practice?

The institution basically follows Integral Pedagogy Paradigm I. As is evident from the Paradigm the students are required to provide experience based reflection before going for action and evaluation. The institution organizes various seminars, group discussions on varied topics of national and global significance. Action Research, projects and assignments besides excursion are incorporated to enable students to become reflective. It promotes the use of ICT to make the students inquisitive learners and to become reflective.

Some of the institutional practices for reflection are: Asking probing questions, higher order questions and divergent questions during teaching. This process is reciprocated in practice. Giving projects and assignments that require reflection. Student presentations in the class. Feedback after practice teaching. Case studies in groups.


How does the institution provide for adequate flexibility and scope in the operational curriculum for providing varied learning experiences to the students both in the campus and in the field? The institution provides much more than what is required by the university syllabus.

It provides value-oriented and life-related programmes to the students for a varied learning experience. The institution takes initiatives to prepare the students in developing ICT skills. Further, they are encouraged for community service, cultural activities, sports and games which are organized in a planned manner throughout the calendar year.

The learning experiences which are outside the prescribed curriculum are: Seminar on Education for environmental sustainability. Seminar on women s empowerment and education of the girl child. Seminar on Human Rights. Kavi Sammelan original poetry recitation on present-day problems. Each One Teach One programme. Socio-economic, academic and health related survey of a community. Community services and health awareness. Seminar on Emotional Intelligence. Value-based and child-centred film shows.

TB seal campaigns for awareness and contribution. Essay competition on Hindi Diwas on National and Social issues. Workshop on Personality development and Interview Skills. What value added courses have been introduced by the institution during the last three years which would for example: The institution conducts different programmes for the development of communication skills, ICT skills, life skills, community orientation, social responsibility etc.

Some of the value added programmes are: Testing the pre-requisites at the entry point and carrying on development of communication skills verbal and written through mentoring and during normal interaction.

Continuous assignments are given, submitted and corrected by the teachers throughout the session. Spoken English classes are arranged in the beginning of the session for two months.

Seminar on classroom communication. Introduction to computer applications along with internet facilities. Exercise in creative thinking, lateral thinking, decision-making exercises, interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness processes, coping with stress and emotions are practiced in regular classes. These are developed through House System, Cooperative Learning Groups, various student committees such as excursion committee, sports committee, cultural committee, community service committee etc.

Each student teacher is required to teach a mini lesson with audio-video recording facility which is reviewed for the fellow-student teachers in the presence of the method teacher for feedback and improvement thereafter. Social responsibility is developed by giving opportunities to organize all the curricular and co-curricular activities with the teacher in the background This is done through house system by rotation. How does the institution ensure the inclusion of the following aspects in the curriculum?

Education as a discipline is in itself multi-disciplinary. Xavier s College of Education, Patna ii. Educational Management as a part of the curriculum includes scientific,humanistic, sociological and psychological aspects in it. The curriculum takes care of all-round development of the student teachers through its classroom teaching, seminars, workshops, debates, Kavigoshthi Cognitivesports, dance, music, drawing, painting, preparation of maps and charts, PowerPoint presentation Psycho-motor prayer and meditation spiritual and decoration, Rangoli,etc, aesthetic self-management of different activities and programme leadership trainingblood donation community service and charity during calamities empathy.

Attempts are made to keep and maintain democratic climate in the institution. Aspects of inclusive education have been incorporated into the system by providing reservation of seats for the socially disadvantaged and differentlyabled admission seekers, though they have to qualify and compete within their respective groups.

The institution also provides direct experiences with differently-abled children of Asha Deep. Then follows the development of lesson plans and demonstration lesson by the method teachers.

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Now the student-teachers give their criticism lessons which are criticized by the peer group and the method teachers. They are ready now for practice teaching and internship.

Eighteen cooperating schools are scheduled with different number of student teachers for practice teaching. Each group of students comprise of different methods of teaching so that the interest of the school and its children are taken care of. In every school there is a faculty member to supervise and help the students by creating a good rapport with the school management and the staff.

The school teacher is required to sit in the classes while the method teachers supervise the lessons by rotation. This takes 6 weeks followed by internship for one week. Xavier s College of Education, Patna teachers is appreciated by the students of the school, the school teachers and the Principal.

The school students are so happy with our student teachers that they request the student teachers to get appointed in their school. It gives us pride and pleasure to see that many student-teachers are invited by the management to join as teachers in their respective practice teaching schools after the session ends in the college. Many of them oblige the management by joining their institution after the second terminal examination in April. During internship period the school authorities engage student-teachers as fulltime teachers.

They are given opportunity to take attendance, receive school fees, take classes, evaluate internal examination answer books if it has happenedevaluate answer books of unit test, evaluate home assignments and supervise drill classes.

They are divided into groups of 2 to 4 according to the strength of the B. They apply the Flanders Interaction Analysis Scale to give the practicing students feedback.

The students are encouraged to use and reuse materials for teaching judiciously. In making aids they are motivated to use discarded materials like calendar. Besides, in craft also use of waste materials is encouraged. The students are required to do needle work, gardening and craft. In addition to these the trainees are provided computer training for twenty hours including theory classes and practicals.

The student teachers teach one child for two months who either has dropped or lapsed into illiteracy or is an out-of-school child.

They go for a survey of 10 families, collect data with regard to family size, education, economic status and health-status. Based on the data, they write a case study. They complete a project on "Bio-socio-academic and educational background" of the student-teachers of the session. This trains them in the art and science of data collection, analysis, interpretation and generalization.

They do the following three practicals in Psychology. They also compare inter-subject differences and sex differences in achievement. There is provision of mentoring and guidance of the slow-learners, average learners and advanced learners. There is provision of spoken English for those who are weak in communicative English. Special guidance is given in Hindi grammar and composition. There is a provision of three content tests in each of the method subjects. There is a provision of class tests in the theory papers.

There is a provision of two internal semester tests in December and April. There is a provision of educational excursion and picnic. Seminars and workshops are organized on the following: Audio Visual Aids 6.

Empowerment of Women 8. Bloom s Taxonomy Workshop on Gender Sensitization Class Room Climate n. Community awareness programme o. Blood Donation camp p. Poster- making competition q. Xavier s College of Education, Patna 1. How does the institution encourage feedback and communication from the Students, Alumni, Employers, Community, Academic peers and other stakeholders with reference to the curriculum?

Our curriculum is much more than what the university prescribes. It includes a number of workshops, seminars and social services etc. During the second semester, we take a student evaluation of the teachers which also provides information on curriculum.

Thus we get the feedback on our curriculum. We try to convince them on our demanding curriculum and they go back satisfied. Xavier s College of Education, Patna 2. Is there a mechanism for analysis and use of the outcome from the feedback to review and identify areas for improvement and the changes to be brought in the curriculum? If yes give details on the same. The institution filters the feedback regarding curriculum to the affiliating university and pursues the matter to seek the desired change.

The syllabus was made for the semester system. Since other colleges wanted to go back to year system, the syllabus had to be reworked. Our Principal being the Dean, in the syllabus was reworked and a new syllabus was prepared removing the anomalies found in the previous one. Educational Psychology has been made a full paper. ICT has been added as a full paper. Thirty percent of the marks has been earmarked for internal assessment. What are the contributions of the institution to curriculum development?

Two of our faculty members were in the syllabus committee and even now the Principal and the senior most faculty member are in the syllabus committee. The new syllabi were prepared by the present committee where the Principal and the Dean are members. As such it has been the privilege of its faculty representing as Dean of Education. By virtue of this, the institution plays an important role by contributing suggestions and feedbacks for the curriculum development. Which courses have undergone a major curriculum revision during the last five years?

How did these changes contribute to quality improvement and student satisfaction? Provide details of only the major changes in the content that have been made. New Syllabus was introduced by the University in The institution shifted its affiliation from Magadh University to Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna from Under the new University in the institution prepared new syllabi for both B.

Xavier s College of Education, Patna curriculum framework and the different syllabi of other universities. The papers were reorganized for semester system by including new trends and doing away with the excess load of studies.

But this could not be fully implemented as other affiliated colleges needed more time to prepare themselves for this change and so the B. The present syllabi meets the standards required by NCTE. This also prepares the trainees as per the global needs. The changes in the B. The institution is actively involved in curriculum revision and update by virtue of having the Dean and Executive Council and Board of Affiliation members of the AKU from this institution. The institution gives feedbacks and suggestions to the University for consideration.

Besides, the strategies for curriculum revision and update are summative, formative and continuous evaluation, tutorials, assignments, paper presentations, PowerPoint Presentations, microteaching, simulated teaching analysis. Pedagogical analysis, sessional tests, viva-voce and University Examinations.

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The evaluation scheme is varied and adapted to the units of curriculum activity. The internal assessment provides an opportunity for the teacher educators to revise and reconstruct their curricular transaction in the light of feedback provided by the students.

Through all evaluation, peer evaluation and staff evaluation the principle followed is a reflective analysis through personal communication or group discussions. What is the quality sustenance and quality enhancement measures undertaken by the institution during the last five years in curricular aspects? The following measures have been taken for quality sustenance and quality enhancement: Active participation of IQAC in quality enhancement.

Xavier s College of Education, Patna Student feedbacks and self-appraisals, peer appraisals and Principal appraisals are done regularly.

Well-wishers' feedback, cooperating schools feedback and academic experts' feedbacks are collected, analyzed and action taken. The institution organizes National seminars and International conference and workshops. Faculty members are motivated to attend seminars and workshops. Some faculty members act as resource persons. The faculty members are required to plan their lessons with achievable behavioural objectives and evaluating at the end of the lesson.

The teaching session, as far as possible, has been participatory and interactive. Technical and clerical assistance is provided to staff. Support staff help out our teaching faculty.

Some teachers provide handouts to trainees to help better learning. Regular home assignments are given and evaluated with feedback and guidance for improvement. The student-teachers have to take three content tests in their method subjects prior to practice teaching. They have to take two internal examinations one in December and the other in April. This keeps them engaged in self-study and taking guidance for better preparation from the concerned teachers. They have to present seminar papers on the topic given to them by the teachers.

They remain in constant touch with library for self-preparation for classroom interaction, seminars and examination. In some of the papers they start with class test after two months of teaching.

Weekly mentoring is done. The faculty members are available for six hours in their rooms and the students make use of their expertise. Quiz Competitions, Essay Competitions, Kavi Goshthi, Seminars and Workshops on various themes are organized as specified in the prospectus.

Xavier s College of Education, Patna The International Encyclopedia of Education and Dissertation Abstracts International added to the library are other measures taken by the institution to enhance curricular quality.

The Best Practices in curricular aspects planned by the institution are: The annual calendar is made for each curricular activity and they are fully implemented by the institution. Comprehensive evaluation has been adopted at both the formative and summative levels.

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Behavioural objectives based teaching has helped better input by the student teachers. Audio-Video recording, display, review and feedback system of the prepractice teaching lessons have increased level of motivation in the student teachers leading to better output. House system has enhanced the level of competition as well as cooperation among students. Visits to historical places have benefited the students to know more about history of education of the time. Use of technological devices has increased the level of motivation and interest in studies and performance.

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