Mshaa cross country state meet 2012 nissan

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mshaa cross country state meet 2012 nissan

Staff photo 16 Widespread flooding from torrential rains in Bates County area The .. On Oct. 4 () the oard met with Harold Kyser, a Butler attorney. This has een approved y the State of Missouri and the organiation is completely and Although the community lies in the cross-currents of the Osage and Marais des. St. Charles County is in the central eastern part of the U.S. state of Missouri. . lighter series vans[2] with the Chevrolet City Express built by Nissan in Mexico Graduates who meet the seven A+ state requirements are eligib more . First generation (–) Rear view The Chevrolet Colorado and its twin, the. [2] Members School Nickname MHSAAClass Enrollment County Colors . by Roger Williams objected to the use of a Christian cross on their flag, and they flew a red The Arkansas–Pine Bluff Golden Lions football team represented the 3 PM at Tennessee State* Nissan Stadium • Nashville, TN (John Merritt.

A no ake sale was held, and other fund-raisers were discussed. Harriett ooth had the lesson, and gave an interesting account of Bill Graham, his life, his ministry, and his relationship with past presidents. There will e no meeting in July and August.

Doris Ellis had the devotion. There were 21 memers and 1 guest, Mary Burton, present. Ruth Weil opened the meeting with the Purpose. Paper towels were collected for donation to the Food Pantry.

Helen Hill gave an informative program on Gloal Warming. Rachel Circle met Wednesday evening at the church. Linda Casey was hostess. There were 12 memers present. Lisa Teeman, chairman, opened with the Purpose.

Looking back 34 years

Joan Longworth had the devotion, titled Why the Big Rush? A no ake sale will e held in Septemer. The program was a variety of religious and inspirational s Kimerly Algiere, secretary.

Ron and Erma Wainscott hosted a family wiener roast and fireworks Saturday evening. Linda played the piano at Walnut Grove Sunday in the asence of Tina Simmons, Jared Shulse and friend Amy were visiting his parents, and Jared played special music for church. Nadine Meade visited her son, John Meade, and family Sunday evening. Please call me with your news items.

Marilyn said Mary was telling her she really had a good time with her kids on a weekend camping trip. She even went out in the oat with them. One morning on the trip her son Jimmie Leer told her he had caught a minnow.

When she asked to see if he rought in a 44 pound catfish. They are going to have a fish fry with it. They had a great time with no rain. Lisa Sumner came to see us Friday night ringing little Leroy and Maxine Beckham married 70 years Quite an event on July 18,extending to 70 years of marriage for Leroy and Maxine Beckham of Butler. The family hopes you will help the happy couple enjoy their day at the old homestead, West Ohio St. Even though we had high and rising water all around us, many made it to morning services.

We had 19 plus inches fall in four days. Saturday we lost our power due to a fallen tree that cut our line of service. For 8 to 10 hours the crew from Osage Valley Electric Coop worked so long and hard and they got into a oat to get to the prolem.

They cut the tree and repaired the line. We got our power ack. They deserve a medal. They went aove and eyond the call of duty. The farmers will really suffer as all their crops are under water. This is not what June and July are like at all. Hope the rest of summer is a lot etter. Our new neighors west of our place had to e rescued y oat this morning. I did all I could y phone to get them help. Water has gotten into their house and hopefully it will suside, so they can get ack in and salvage what they can.

Prayer is asked for Gene Thornton, he has een pretty sick he has in the past een a really good friend to a lot Chili Dog with her.

He came to stay the weekend with us. When Linda started to leave she just got a few feet when she stopped. In the middle of the driveway was a tom cat named Cat resting. She honked her horn he only raised his head and looked then laid it right ack down. Lisa got out of the car and picked him up and put him to the side of the road.

He was starting to go ack to the middle of the road when Tex came to the rescue. The est remedy is to take him to the house and give him some ice cream. Lisa had some important things she had to do. I hope they all rememer to pray for him. I talked to Jewel Harper on Wednesday, she is having a hard painful time with the chemo treatments. Ilene Miller also needs prayer. Her rother-in-law Frankie Miller was at morning service. It was nice to see him. Brandan Wackerman is joining the Air force and due to head to training soon.

Now he can fill his dream. The Mullers were also taken y oat to safety. Their home was really flooded adly. This has een so hard on so many people. The usual oard meeting has een rescheduled for next Sunday. Linda Wiley read a poem aout our flag. Dorothy also read a poem.

mshaa cross country state meet 2012 nissan

We enjoy her readings. This was a nice triute to Independence Day. Building fence will e rescheduled for the weeks ahead. Weather has put a hold on plans for future work schedule. We are still in need of a volunteer teacher for Sunday school classes.

Contact Kevin Black if you can help. We have a new greatgranddaughter Kimerlyn Justice, she was orn, June 20, 20 inches long and 7 pounds one ounce. Mother and ay are doing fine.

Tournament Archive

They live in Pennsylvania. Kimerley is the new Mom and Jody is the new Dad, ig sister Garielle, 8 is thrilled, and Noah the ig rother, 4 is very happy. Well I hope you all get to celerate July 4, it is too ad so much had to e cancelled.

Be careful fireworks can e dangerous if not used correctly. Be sure you check on a shut in. They may need a helping hand. Buckle up, e safe. Till next time, God less you one and all. Have a news item?

For instance, last week I had the idea of taking our three-year-old daughter and one-month-old son to a park. I planned on eing there no later than 9 a. We got there at 11 a. She did, choosing a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals for the park. So I asked the ovious question. Clifford and I are having a campout! Apparently having a pretend campout with a pretend dog warrants putting on real pajamas.

I reminded her that we were getting ready to go to the park. And off she ran. You know how cartoon characters chase each other around, popping up in different doorways where you least expect them? Well, that was me trying to get Kaelyn dressed. First she ran this way, then that way, occasionally shedding an article of clothing and laughing hysterically the entire time. Then Joseph had an explosive owel movement that only aies are capale of.

This one required changing his outfit, during which Kaelyn wandered off and I worried she was heading ack to camp. Just as she got up to join us, Joseph had a massive spit-up that required a second outfit change. Medicalodges also roke the top 50 at numer PG Opens July There were creeks and streams all over the area that were too ig to go through. Many were stranded at their own places. The ackwater is to raise until Thursday. Hopefully Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings will e perfect for everyone to attend the festivities.

Darrell will need to return aout the 8th or 9th of July. We hope that he will feel great while he is home. They had some prolems making it to 71 Highway, ut not a drop of rain in Kansas City. Part of the display pictured shows the internationally famous author s Underwood typewriter, coffee cup, notes and spectacles.

The display will e in place through Septemer. Hours are 10 to 4 Monday through Saturday. The museum, ordinarily closed Sundays, will e open Sunday, July 8, however, during the July celeration of Heinlein s th irthday. Household tips to help you save Phoenix As gas prices hit record highs, and impending summer vacations drain our wallets, many consumers are searching for new ways to save.

By making several small changes, we can save siale amounts of cash that can e Congratulations to Mr. James Fleischer on the irth of their first child, a son. Isach Allen arrived Thursday evening at 9: He weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long.

Michigan MHSAA Cross Country State Championships

Maternal grandparents are Frank and Esther Newsome. Paternal grandparents are Roert and Effie Fleischer. Best wishes to everyone! Happy irthday to Buck Isaacson and Wade Rapp. She rought a telescope and the kids enjoyed using it. On Wednesday, May 27, she was ack and 3rd- 8th grades learned aout constellations and made a sky wheel.

Unfortunately, it was raining so the telescope was only used looking out the window. Neta is from Adrian and is a wonderful educator. She was aided y her sons, Alex and Ian. On Saturday, July 21, eginning at 7: Bring lankets, lawn chairs and any snacks that you might want. For more information call the lirary at Neta Apple and crew will e out leader as we learn more aout astronomy up close and personal.

Please invite your friends. Heilnlein Day at the lirary. Friday, July 6, 1 to 3, will e our open house to honor the th irthday celeration of Roert A. Refreshments will e served. Have a great day! According to the U. Sullivan offers seven household tips to help you cut your ills and save: Laundry Wash your clothes in cold water, and wait until you have a full load efore running the washing machine.

This will help you save money on energy and water. You can also hang dry your clothes, as opposed to using a dryer, to save even more. Donita Wilson, and David and Julie Moore. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Duane Harkrader who passed away this week.

Visitation and funeral services were held at the Schowengerdt Funeral Home in Butler. Internment in the Oak Hill Cemetery. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July! For instance, your cell phone charger still uses electricity even if the cell phone is not plugged into it. This can amount to monthly savings. In addition, movie channels are not necessities. Cut them if you can. Kitchen According to the U. Department of Energy, appliances account for as much as 20 percent of your energy ill.

Newer, more energy-efficient models save energy and water. When possile, use a microwave or toaster oven to reheat small portions of food rather than an oven. When washing dishes, avoid pre-rinsing if you are using a dishwasher, and only run your dishwasher with a full load.

Bathroom Bathing is the primary use of hot water in most households. You can save water and energy y taking short showers instead of aths.

mshaa cross country state meet 2012 nissan

Plus, low-flow, aerating showers and faucet heads significantly reduces the amount of water usage. Students host author Butler Elementary 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade summer school classes were treated with a visit from Kansas City author and illustrator Jenny Whitehead.

She took the students through the process of writing and illustrating a ook. Her advice to all writers was, never give up on your writing. Whitehead gave students advice on illustrating as well as writing poetry. Teachers as well as the students enjoyed the morning. Visitation from p. In lieu of flowers the family suggests contriutions e made to the Butler Presyterian Church or Regis University for a nursing scholarship in her name. Burial following the service in Oak Hill Cemetery, Butler.

Throughout her life she lived in Johnstown, Pa. However, she always considered Butler her home where she would come and spend weeks at a time with her family. In Denton she attended the Lierty Christian School. After moving to Golden she attended Regis University where she had just een admitted into the school s nursing program.

Maggie loved horses and was an avid equestrian jumper where she participated in state and local events. She also enjoyed movies, music and her friends.

She was preceded in death y her maternal grandfather, Merle Hafer. Maggie touched the hearts of everyone she met and she will e greatly missed y all her friends and family. Duane, one of two oys, grew up in rural Bates County, Missouri, attended Prairie City Grade School for two years and graduated from Rich Hill High School in On July 20, he was united in marriage to Marsha Ratlaff in their home and to this union, three children were orn.

Through and through, Duane was a farmer and devoted his life to agriculture, raising eef cattle, farming row crops, owning his own dairy usiness and most recently operating a feedyard and finishing cattle.

He also served on the Rich Hill School Board as president.

mshaa cross country state meet 2012 nissan

Duane was a sports enthusiast He was always involved in the sports activities of his children and rarely missed a game.

A passionate, persistent and determined individual, he never let himself e idle and always had several irons in the fire, making him a versatile farmer. He always tried to work efficiently, manage his time well and grow his operation. Duane was well known for eing ale to figure faster than anyone with a calculator.

When he wasn t working with his cattle, you could find him playing a round of golf on the local golf courses. He also enjoyed visiting with neighors, friends and family. He was preceded in death y his parents and infant daughter. Funeral services were held Contriutions to the Doule Branch Christian Church. On Novemer 18, she was united in marriage to Fred Ernest Ramsey. Viola was a homemaker, choosing to take care of her family and home.

Wentzville-Tobacco-Company-Factory | Revolvy

Viola enjoyed vegetale gardening, sewing and quilting for herself as well as family and friends. A conservative, quiet and reserved lady, she would do anything to help.

She was also the historian of the family and kept detailed records of her family s genealogy. Viola is survived y a niece, Thelma Hammett of Amoret, Missouri and several other nephews, nieces, great-nephews and great-nieces. She was preceded in death y her parents; husand Fred in ; and four sisters, Julia, Beulah, Dorothy and Alice.

Burial in the East Mt. Zion Cemetery in LaCygne, Kansas. Contriutions to the Oregon Christian Church. Making Missouri safer By Gov. Matt Blunt Making certain our law enforcement officials have the tools necessary to protect our citiens, enforce our laws, and put criminals ehind ars is one of my top priorities.

The aility for law enforcement to effectively investigate and prosecute crimes depends greatly on the accuracy of forensic services carried out y crime las.

Law enforcement officials must e given the highest quality of analysis possile to make Missouri safer. Inmy administration promised to support law enforcement professionals on the front lines y providing funding for an additional state crime la in Springfield. We have worked diligently, partnering with federal and local agencies, to make the Springfield Crime La a reality. Recently, there were concerns aout whether we could provide the funding for the crime la.

But we made a promise and we were all committed to keeping it. Working together with Springfield Mayor Tom Carlson, Representative Bo Dixon, Senator Norma Champion and others, I recently announced a plan to enter into a leasepurchase agreement with the City of Springfield for the uilding that will house the new crime la. Currently, the system receives over 23, criminal cases a year.

Michigan Tech Novvs. MiamiNov. Miami Octvs. Ohio StateMarchvs. YaleJan. Lake Superior State Jan vs. MiamiJan. The online version of the newspaper will provide weekly updates on the top candidates for college hockey s top individual honor. Ryan Miller is one of 40 candidates to advance to the second phase, which runs until March During that time, fans can log onto and click on the Vote For Hobey link. Once registered, visitors can tab their top three selections for college hockey s most prestigious individual award.

MSU and Pivotal Communications offer a fax-on-demand service which allows media to access the most recent hockey releases and statistics at any time. Weekly releases, statistics and game summaries are available Monday afternoons.

Select the information you need by the following request numbers: MSU hockey releases, statistics, game notes, photos, player features and interviews are available and updated daily on the official web site of Spartan Athletics: Coach Mason is available for interviews during the week and can best be reached by phone in the late mornings Monday through Thursday.

He also attends MSU s weekly press conference each Monday at He and MSU players are available for interviews on non-game days immediately prior to or following practice, which usually begins at 3 p. Interviews may be conducted via phone or in person on the Michigan State bench. Coach Mason and MSU players will be available to answer your questions outside the locker room following a postgame minute cooling-off period.

With the exception of live television broadcasts, players are not available until the conclusion of the cooling-off period.

Media members can access the MSU locker room area through the hockey office entrance under the northeast corner via the Zamboni opening at the east end of the rink. Please do not cut across the ice. Interviews with the visiting coach and players should be arranged through the visiting SID.

Follow Trowbridge to the end and make a left on to Harrison Road. Take a right at the second light on to Shaw Lane. Please contact hockey SID Mike Eidelbes for parking passes, a limited number of which will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. The list of finalists will be announced on March The Hobey Baker presentation takes place in Albany, N. Nail s three-goal performance was the first for a Spartan skater since Mike York accomplished the feat in a home win against Miami on Jan.

His 12 goals ties him for the team lead in that category with junior winger Adam Hall. His through 25 games denote single-season highs in goals and points. Bogle, who has put together back-to-back multi-point games, has on the year.

He s reached single-season highs in all three categories in just 23 games. The Spartans maintained their places atop the U. Boston College, North Dakota and St. Cloud State remained in the two, three and four spots with Colorado College moving back into the top five after a one-week hiatus. Boston College held on to its number-two ranking with St. Cloud State moving into the top three for the first time this season.

North Dakota and Colorado College rounded out the top five. The CSS report consists of four separate lists the top North American skaters, the 30 best North American goaltending prospects, the top European skaters and the seven best netminders in Europe. Current freshman Jeremy Jackson is tabbed as a fourth-round pick 91st overall. Two members of next year s crop of newcomers are projected as fifth-round selections. National Development Team, is projected as a sixth-round pick st overall.

Ohio State s R. Umberger, who is ranked fourth overall, is the highest-rated college player on the January CSS list. Tom Anastos, a four-year letterwinner under Ron Mason in the early 80s and current commissioner of the CCHA who graduated from MSU inis mentioned as one of four rising influences in the game. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1: Bob Essensa2.

American Hockey League 4: Michigan at Michigan 7: East Coast Hockey League 4: Mike Brusseau, Mohawk Valley3. Chad Alban, Idaho3. The magazine-format show is dedicated to in-depth coverage of MSU hockey, football, and men s basketball. Coach Ron Mason, along with football coach Bobby Williams and basketball coach Tom Izzo are featured on the show, which airs Sundays at 9: The show, which airs Saturday at Jerry Marshall, the Munn Ice Arena public address announcer for three decades, hosts the program.

Spartan fans can now direct questions to Coach Mason via at Selected questions will be answered by the coach on the air each week. College Hockey Online to approximate the process by which the NCAA selection committee decides which 12 teams to invite to the Division I postseason tournament.

The RPI takes results from games between two teams that each play 20 or more games against Division I opponents and from them, produces a statistical rating. Factors involved are the team s winning percentage, the average winning percentage of the team s opponents, and the average winning percentage of the team s opponents opponents.

For each head-to-head comparison won, a team receives one point. The final PWR ranking is based upon the number of points won against teams at or above. Ties are settled by the RPI. However, the raw data that is combined to form the PWR is utilized by the selection group to determine who makes the tournament and who doesn t. Basically, the PWR is an overview of what the selection committee looks at when deciding which teams get at-large bids and which don t.

That leaves seven at-large bids for the selection committee to hand out in mid-march. However, the selection committee has the wherewithal to override statistical comparisons in cases where the numbers don t tell the whole story. It s based solely on facts head-to-head record, strength of schedule, record over the last 16 games, and so on. There are no elements of the weekly polls involved. And no one benefits by running up the score, so MSU s win over Notre Dame in October means no more or no less than the Wolverines win over the Fighting Irish earlier this week.

If you re a fan of a team in the top eight of the PWR, then probably not. But remember, there are still six weeks left in the regular season anything can happen. Your team could also win its conference s playoff championship, rendering this entire discussion moot.

Last Night Tonight 1 Michigan State idle vs. Michigan 2 Michigan idle vs. Western Michigan idle 7 Miami vs. Steve Ferranti vs. Goals For 19 3. Will play in th career game next month. One game, 9x MR: One game, twice MR: One game, 3x MR: One game, 5x MR: Six games, twice MR: Two games, twice MR: Six games, three times MR: MC-Kiley-1 Rosa-1 ; UNO-Chalmers-1 Brisson-1 ; Jackson-2 -2, Maloney-5 ; PPG; 6: Jackson-4 ; ENG; Jackson-5, Dolyny-3 ; PPG; ND-Dolder-4 Gill-3, Henning-2 ; MSU-Patchell-1 Nail-2 ; Record when led at one point: MIA John Nail est two goals NMU-Cockburn-6 Theuer ; Jackson-6, Dolyny-4 ; 5x3 PPG; 5: MSU-Whitten-3 Hutchinson-3, -2 ; MSU-Nail-2 -3, Hutchinson-4 ; 4x4; 0: Jackson-3 Hutchinson-5, - 4 ; PPG; MSU-Hall-6 unassisted ; 2: Jackson-4 -5, Dolyny-7 ; 5x3 PPG; 5: WMU-Gagnon-2 Gove ; 6: Jackson-5 Maloney-7, Hutchinson-6 ; 0: MSU-Clark-2 Insana-1 ; 3: