Migs gymnastics meet 2013

Region 7 Men's Gymnastics

migs gymnastics meet 2013

WIKARAKA ST. New Zealand. Trustees. Association. TRUST OF THE . 1 September: MIGS Intermediate Gymnastics competition. I had a catheter and dextrose on when Migs handed me our baby so I could try to . diet (we had cheat days too!) and religiously go to the gym every AM. Meet Calel, he is a 6-year old who was diagnosed with ASD (Autism . December · November · October · September Home · Our Programs · About Us · Contact us. Menu. Browse · · · · · · · · · · · Search ·

Just follow the steps posted on our Instagram account.

migs gymnastics meet 2013

I had a catheter and dextrose on when Migs handed me our baby so I could try to breastfeed him. Sadly, we received zero support from the hospital staff. We were not taught how to massage the breasts for possible clogged ducts, etc. Although instructional videos are readily available online, getting help from a professional is still a huge thing. Recovering from my C-Section and being frustrated with breast feeding, I felt that I almost had post partum depression.

I thought pumping every hours, it would help increase my milk supply. I have tried everything from malunggay capsules to essential oils but nothing seemed to work.

2011 MIGS Boys Meet - All Levels

My frustration hurt my relationship with Migs as I became a slave to my breast pump. I am always exhausted.

migs gymnastics meet 2013

Good thing one of my friends told me about Arugaan, a support system for women with infants and young children. I immediately reached out to them. I was visited by Ms.

migs gymnastics meet 2013

Rhea last September 3 and was given a lactation massage as well as some tips on how to successfully breastfeed. I was so relieved seeing so much milk while being massaged. She was very accommodating and she still answers my questions even after our session. I get to sleep and eat better now which also means that I get to spend more time with my boys Migs and Chuck. If you want to know more about Arugaan, please visit their official Facebook page.

That being said, the concept of having an extended family or a shared home became a norm in our country and sadly, it becomes harder and harder to break the chain. Migs and I used to practice traditional way of saving money.

migs gymnastics meet 2013

We used to save a portion of our income to our preferred bank. We thought we were doing well because we were able to save money for our car, a beautiful wedding, leisure, down payment for a house, etc. Our wake up call was when Migs got sick.

Maxwell Swierczek at the MIGS Meet March 7, 2015

Although our Health cards covered the hospital bills, we had to spend a portion of our savings considering that he has been sick for a year. I also had to let go of some of our signature bags and some pieces of jewelry. As soon as Migs is back on his feet, I have reached out to several financial advisers so we can start preparing for our retirement fund. In the end, we chose to sign up with Sun Life. We felt that everything that we need and looking for are in one package.

Sun Life phone app is also user friendly and lets me monitor our plans wherever we are. After signing up, we decided that we are ready to have a baby by But guess what, about 2 weeks of getting our retirement plans — we are already pregnant.

It seemed like everything was perfectly planned. As parents, it is our responsibility to raise our children no matter what the circumstances may be.

2011 MIGS Boys Meet - All Levels

Both teams look to be a slight cut above the rest but the real battle both verbally and on the ladder appears to be for positions One team will miss out on finals action! At the foot of the ladder, Champions, the Dentites have been luckless all season and have struggled to secure wins despite averaging 51 points per game which generally warrants a top 5 position. Those numbers point toward the 3rd placed, Bankstown Kebabs having to work a little harder to maintain their current position when they average just 47 ppg.

The only possible change to the top 5 will be if the Terry Hills Rhinos can sneak into 5th position but that seems unlikely on the back of a poor points differential.

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Spider Pigs and the guru, Fire Breathing Ferrets are just a solitary win behind but their points differential is far inferior to the current leader. The Bucca Bulldogs are obviously concentrating on their Champions League campaign and are currently sitting in second last but are definitely not out of the final race. Luck will need to go their way though, if they are to feature deep into the finals…. Averaging 63 points each week is going to make it hard for their competitors come finals time.

Drunken Slurries may have to be content with second place and a week one finals matchup with a lesser opposition.

Meet Results - MIGS Program - Men's Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program

But in a great competition, the rest of the table is jam packed and anything is possible in the final eight rounds. Of the contenders to the top two, the Steamers have the best attacking average of 55 points. If they can get some luck and start winning the high scoring match ups, then they could be the smokey to go on a glory run and meet Primetime deep in the finals….

The Brigade are on fire averaging 65 points per game and destroying all that come before them — they are clearly the team to beat and are the hottest Legends League team around. It looks likely that this will be the top five at the end of the regular season with a run from Rangers or the Maximators looking unlikely with their attack slightly off the pace.