Meet your second wife jezebel lyrics

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meet your second wife jezebel lyrics

that a British survey had named Portman as the most desirable celebrity wife. And for the sin of thinking of you when I'm trying to please a new guy. affection she returns, Winehouse has not always been lyrically kind to him. . "I'm not gonna meet your mother anytime/ I just want to grip your body over. Next Monday, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical The Phantom of the Opera (with lyrics by Charles Hart his obsessive love affair with his second wife, Sarah Brightman, who His third wife, Madeleine Gurdon, whom he met through his even if the British public never stopped thinking of her as a Jezebel. This is a funny sketch but it has the same problem as a bunch of SNL stuff, which is after the first joke they just repeat. Yeah the second wives.

As music historian Jonny Whiteside wrote: In the Hollywood clubs, a new breed of performers laid down a baffling hip array of new sounds…Most important of all these, though, was Frankie Laine, a big lad with 'steel tonsils' who belted out torch blues while stomping his size twelve foot in joints like Billy Berg'sClub Hangover and the Bandbox…Laine's intense vocal style owed nothing to CrosbySinatraor Dick Haymes.

Instead he drew from Billy EckstineBig Joe TurnerJimmy Rushingand with it Laine had sown the seeds from which an entire new perception and audience would grow… Frank Sinatra represented perhaps the highest flowering of a quarter century tradition of crooning but suddenly found himself an anachronism. First Frankie Laine, then Tony Bennettand now Johnnie Raydubbed 'the Belters' and 'the Exciters,' came along with a brash vibrancy and vulgar beat that made the old bandstand routine which Frank meticulously perfected seem almost invalid.

Frank's style was very innovative, which was why he had such difficulty with early acceptance. He would bend notes and sing about the chordal context of a note rather than to sing the note directly, and he stressed each rhythmic downbeat, which was different from the smooth balladeer of his time.

A lot of singers who sing with a passionate demeanor—Frank was and is definitely that.

meet your second wife jezebel lyrics

I always used to love to mimic him with 'That's…my…desire. His rendition of the title song for Mel Brooks 's hit movie Blazing Saddles won an Oscar nomination for Best Song, and on television, Laine's featured recording of " Rawhide " for the series of the same name became a popular theme song. You can't categorize him.

He's one of those singers that's not in one track. And yet and still I think that his records had more excitement and life into it. And I think that was his big selling point, that he was so full of energy. You know when you hear his records it was dynamite energy. His parents had emigrated from MonrealeSicilyto Chicago 's Near West Sidein " Little Italy ," where his father worked at one time as the personal barber for gangster Al Capone.

Laine's family appears to have had several organized crime connections, and young Francesco was living with his grandfather when the latter was killed by rival gangsters.

meet your second wife jezebel lyrics

North Park Avenue and later at W. Schiller Street [13] and got his first taste of singing as a member of the choir in the Church of the Immaculate Conception 's elementary school across the street from the North Park Avenue home. He later attended Lane Technical High Schoolwhere he helped to develop his lung power and breath control by joining the track and field and basketball teams. He realized he wanted to be a singer when he missed time in school to see Al Jolson 's current talking picture, The Singing Fool.

meet your second wife jezebel lyrics

Jolson would later visit Laine when both were filming pictures inand at about this time, Jolson remarked that Laine was going to put all the other singers out of business. At 17, he sang before a crowd of 5, at The Merry Garden Ballroom to such applause that he ended up performing five encores on his first night.

Laine was giving dance lessons for a charity ball at the Merry Garden when he was called to the bandstand to sing: Soon I found myself on the main bandstand before this enormous crowd, Laine recalled. I was really nervous, but I started singing 'Beside an Open Fireplace,' a popular song of the day.

It was a sentimental tune and the lyrics choked me up. When I got done, the tears were streaming down my cheeks and the ballroom became quiet.

I was very nearsighted and couldn't see the audience. I thought that the people didn't like me. I can still close my eyes and visualize its blue and purple label.

The first time I laid the needle down on that record I felt cold chills and an indescribable excitement. It was my first exposure to jazz and the bluesalthough I had no idea at the time what to call those magical sounds.

I just knew I had to hear more of them! Laine worked after school at a drugstore that was situated across the street from a record store that continually played hit records by Gene Austin over their loudspeakers.

meet your second wife jezebel lyrics

He would swab down the windows in time to Austin's songs. Many years later, Laine related the story to Austin when both were guests on the popular television variety show Shower of Stars.

Still billed as Frank LoVecchio, he would entertain the spectators during the fifteen-minute breaks the dancers were given each hour. During his marathon days, he worked with several up-and-coming entertainers, including Rose MarieRed Skeltonand a year-old Anita O'Dayfor whom he served as a mentor as noted by Laine in a interview by David Miller. Laine befriended Cole in Los Angeles, when the latter's career was just beginning to gain momentum.

meet your second wife jezebel lyrics

They remained close friends throughout the remainder of Cole's life, and Laine was one of the pall bearers at Cole's funeral. Success continued to elude Laine, and he spent the next 10 years "scuffling"; alternating between singing at small jazz clubs on both coasts and a series of jobs, including those of a bouncer, dance instructor, used car salesman, agent, synthetic leather factory worker, and machinist at a defense plant. Often homeless during his "scuffling" phases, he hit the lowest point of his career, when he was sleeping on a bench in Central Park.

I would sneak into hotel rooms and sleep on the floor. In fact, I was bodily thrown out of 11 different New York hotels. I stayed in YMCAs and with anyone who would let me flop.

Eventually I was down to my last four cents, and my bed became a roughened wooden bench in Central Park. I used my four pennies to buy four tiny Baby Ruth candy bars and rationed myself to one a day. The program director, Jack Coombs, thought that "LoVecchio" was "too foreign sounding, and too much of a mouthful for the studio announcers," so he Americanized it to "Lane. WINS, deciding that they no longer needed a jazz singer, dropped him. With the help of bandleader Jean Goldkettehe got a job with a sustainer nonsponsored radio show at NBC.

As he was about to start, Germany attacked Poland and all sustainer broadcasts were pulled off the air in deference to the needs of the military. He quit singing for what was perhaps the fifth or sixth time of his already long career. While working at the plant, he met a trio of girl singers, and became engaged to the lead singer. The group had been noticed by Johnny Mercer 's Capitol Recordsand convinced Laine to head out to Hollywood with them as their agent.

Inhe moved to California where he sang in the background of several films, including The Harvey Girls, and dubbed the singing voice for an actor in the Danny Kaye comedy The Kid from Brooklyn. Fischerthe latter of whom was to be his songwriting partner, musical director, and piano accompanist until his death in Jarvis also did his best to help promote the struggling singer's career, and Laine soon had a small, regional following.

In the meantime, Laine would make the rounds of the bigger jazz clubs, hoping that the featured band would call him up to perform a number with them. In lateHoagy Carmichael heard him singing at Billy Berg's club in Los Angelesand this was when success finally arrived. Not knowing that Carmichael was in the audience, Laine sang the Carmichael-penned standard " Rockin' Chair " when Slim Gaillard called him up to the stage to sing. This eventually led to a contract with the newly established Mercury records.

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The label soon folded, and Laine was picked up by Atlas Records, a "race label" that initially hired him to imitate his friend Nat "King" Cole. Cole would occasionally "moonlight" for other labels, under pseudonymswhile under contract to " Capitol ", and as he had previously recorded some sides for Atlas, they reasoned that fans would assume that "Frankie Laine" was yet another pseudonym for "Cole". The ruse worked and the record sold moderately well, although limited to the "race" market.

Laine cut the remainder of his songs for Atlas in his own style, including standards such as " Roses of Picardy " and " Moonlight in Vermont ". It was also at this time that he recorded a single for Mercury Records: Kitzel" who was a featured player on the Jack Benny radio show. In it, Laine plays a peanut vendor at a ball game and can be heard shouting out lines like "It's a munchy, crunchy bag of lunchy! It was played by Laine's friend, disc jockey Al Jarvis, and gained the singer a small West Coast following.

His next big break came when he dusted off a fifteen-year-old song that few people remembered in" That's My Desire ". Laine had picked up the song from songstress June Hart a half a dozen years earlier, when he sang at the College Inn in Cleveland.

He introduced "Desire" as a "new" song—meaning new to his repertoire at Berg's—but the audience mistook it for a new song that had just been written. He ended up singing it five times that night. After that, Laine quickly became the star attraction at Berg's, and record company executives took note. She listened to him every night, and eventually cut her own version of the song, which became a hit on the "harlem" charts.

It quickly took the No. It also made it to the No. Although it was quickly covered by many other artists, including Sammy Kaye who took it to the No.

Laine paid off all of his debts except one—fellow singer Perry Como refused to let Laine pay him back, and would kid him about the money owed for years to come.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Brought Some Much-Needed Specificity to ‘SNL’

The loan to Laine during the time when both men were still struggling singers was one of the few secrets Como kept from his wife, Roselle, who learned of it many years later. At Mercury[ edit ] Laine was a jazz singer in the late s. Laine and Miller became a formidable hit-making team whose first collaboration, " That Lucky Old Sun ", became the number one song in the country three weeks after its release. It was also Laine's fifth Gold record.

The song was knocked down to the number two position by Laine and Miller's second collaboration, " Mule Train ", which proved an even bigger hit, making Laine the first artist to hold the Number One and Two positions simultaneously.

McPhersona ground-breaking African-American songwriter and publisher, was believed to be based on a real-life friend of vaudevillian George Walker, who was with him during the New York City race riots of The song takes what was then an ethnic slur, "shine", and turns it into what is essentially a badge of honor. It had been a hit for Laine's idol Louis Armstrongwho would cover several of Laine's hits as well. The song, which has a loosely structured melody that switches in tone and rhythm throughout, was pitched to Laine by a young song pluggerTony Benedetto, who would later go on to achieve success as Tony Bennett.

Laine recognized the younger singer's talent, and gave him encouragement. Laine and Patti Page, circa s. In this decidedly gothic tale of a ghostly female spirit who inhabits a metaphorical "swamp", the femme fatale attempts to lure the singer to his death, calling "Come to the deep where your sleep is without a dream.

The coloratura contrasts well with Laine's rough, masculine voice, and disembodied female voices would continue to appear in the background of many of his records, to great effect.

Gilkyson would write many more songs for Laine over the next decade, and he and The Easy Riders would back him on the hit single, "Love Is a Golden Ring". Laine's influence on today's music can be clearly evidenced in his rendition of the Hoagy Carmichael standard, "Georgia on My Mind. In an interview, Mitch Miller described the basis of Laine's appeal: He was my kind of guy.

He was very dramatic in his singing…and you must remember that in those days there were no videos so you had to depend on the image that the record made in the listener's ears.

And that's why many fine artists were not good record sellers. For instance, Lena Horne. Fabulous artist but she never sold many records till that last album of hers. ElishaElijah's successor, commanded one of his disciples to anoint Jehucommander of Joram's army, as king, in order that he might destroy Ahab's descendants as a punishment for the way Jezebel had treated God's prophets and his people. Knowing that he was coming, Jezebel put on make-up and a formal wig with adornments and looked out of a window.

Bromiley says that it should be looked at less as an attempt at seduction than the public appearance of the queen mother, invested with the authority of the royal house and cult, confronting a rebellious commander. Her blood splashed on the wall and horses, and Jehu's horse trampled her corpse. He entered the palace where, after he ate and drank, he ordered Jezebel's body to be taken for burial.

His servants discovered only her skull, her feet, and the palms of her hands—her flesh had been eaten by stray dogs, just as the prophet Elijah had prophesied.

Thiele dates Jezebel's death around BC. He termed it a "brilliant stroke of international diplomacy. Finkelstein notes that these accounts are "obviously influenced by the theology of the seventh century BCE writers". These writers considered the polytheism of the members of the Omride dynasty to be sinful. In addition, they were hostile to the northern kingdom and its history, as its center of Samaria was a rival to Jerusalem.

He points to verses like 1 Kings However, there are some issues with this theory. Whereas on the seal it appears the inscription begins with the letter yodh, Jezebel's name starts with an alephwhich is lacking on the seal; furthermore, the possessive lamedh which would translate to the prerequisite "belonging to … " is also missing from the seal. However, it is entirely possible these letters simply could have been located where the seal is damaged.

Regardless, scholars do not agree on whether the seal is evidence for the historicity of the biblical character. Some scholars have also said that the size and intricacy of the seal could mean it was used by royalty.

By the early 20th century, it was also associated with fallen or abandoned women. Her aunt says a series of Julie's transgressive actions has caused her to draw the comparison between Julie and "Jezebel, a woman who did evil in the sight of the Lord". If ever the Devil was born without a pair of horns It was you, Jezebel, it was you If ever an angel fell Jezebel, it was you, Jezebel, it was you! It contains many references to the biblical Jezebel, in particular the dogs associated with her death.

In the Hulu original series Handmaids deemed a risk corrupting influence to the reformed culture of Gilead were given two options:

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