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meet your needs

Many people don't know how to ask for what they need in their relationship. Here are ten non–confrontational methods that will help you get your emotional desires met. By asking your partner for one specific change you greatly increase the provability of getting your needs met. High quality example sentences with “best meet your needs” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better. meet your needs - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.

Chances are that if you really thought about the question and identified your core needs and top one or two wants for housing, your current living space fulfills that and more. They end up with empty rooms and a lot of storage space, which is always a waste.

If you find yourself realizing that your home consists of the things you need, the two or three things you want, and a bunch of unused space and storage space, consider downgrading to a smaller home. This achieves several things: It reduces many of your ongoing expenses, like utilities, insurance, and property taxes. It also reduces the maintenance time and effort required to keep things up.

Marcus Balcher Transportation Most of us need transportation of some kind in order to get to work and also to take care of tasks like buying groceries or picking up children. We also use transportation for many other things — going out to eat, entertainment, and so on.

People often resolve this by owning some number of cars, which are just simply expensive beasts. Is that the best solution? This is a great category to look at needs and wants.

For transportation, I look at this question in terms of what I need to do, not what equipment I have.

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What are my transportation needs, meaning where exactly do I need to go? The biggest need for most people is work. You need to get to work and get home from work. Other major needs include getting food and moving children. In our life, our primary car need is so that Sarah can go back and forth to work I work from home. We also sometimes use cars to pick up children from school and from other events.

We also need at least one vehicle that can handle slick roads as we live in Iowa and slick roads are a constant threat from November to April. Going out to eat? Going out for entertainment? Going on road trips? We like to be able to regularly go to Ames and Des Moines for cultural stuff as a family, and we also like to be able to conveniently visit family as we have a lot of extended family within a 4 to 6 hour radius.

We could also visit family by renting a car, but we do it frequently enough that this would become pretty expensive pretty quickly. Right now, we are a two car family. Sarah commutes with a very fuel efficient car and we also have a four wheel drive that is used when the weather is poor. The cheapest route for us would be to simply move close to where Sarah works, which would eliminate her work transportation needs and put us in a situation where public transportation is available for us.

We could easily be a one-car family and still handle all of our wants just fine. Unfortunately, Sarah works in the midst of the Des Moines metro area and neither of us want to live in a city. If it were not necessary for Sarah to sometimes have a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to work, we would probably try being a one vehicle family.

So, what can you do to address your transportation needs and wants? I think the first thing to look at is your driveway.

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Is there a car that sits there most of the time unused? If so, you should consider getting rid of it, as doing so will save you a lot of money each month and will also give you a burst of cash when you sell it. Also, if you have access to public transportation, you should strongly consider eliminating a vehicle. When you buy a new one, focus on two features above all else — fuel efficiency and reliability.

Those two features drastically reduce the costs associated with owning a vehicle. That would sweep in everything from your energy bill to things like home internet and Netflix. In the modern era, people need running water. They need sewer service. Things like cell phones, home internet access, gym membership, and cable television fall under this.

Why limit this to just one or two things? The more services you have that require your attention — internet access, cable, the gym, and so on — the less time you have to devote to each one during a given month. Maybe your cell phone provides for your internet needs and you can cancel your home internet service.

Maybe your Internet service plus Netflix can eliminate your cable bill.

Think Different: Meet Your Needs (and Major Wants) in New Ways for a Financial Reboot

Meet Just Those Needs and Wants as Cheaply as Possible So, you have a few utilities you need — like your energy bill — and one or two utilities that you want — like home internet access. One of the best things you can do to trim your utility bills is to ramp up the energy efficiency of your home. Just read through every line item on your regular bills and figure out if there are any that are unnecessary, then give your service provider a call and see if those can be eliminated.

How do you maximize the value of your clothing dollars? Take responsibility for feeding yourself. As an adult, you no longer wait for parents or anyone else to feed you. You've learned to feed yourself. For those needs your spouse is unable or unwilling to meet, you're responsible for finding other healthy ways to get some of that nourishment your soul and body need.

meet your needs

No, that does not mean getting sex from anyone outside your marriage. But do you need affectionate touch? Hug a friend, or a child.

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Do you need adventure? Find some girlfriends or buddies to go adventuring with. Do you need conversation? Call a same-sex friend, or meet for lunch or coffee. Invest deeply in a small group at church. It's not the same, perhaps, as getting that from your spouse. But learning to feed yourself may also result in you having more to give in your marriage. Look to God for what human beings cannot give.

It's natural for humans to look to other humans whom they can see and hear to get their needs met. But no human being can fully meet your need for validation, healing, respect, love, support, and so on.

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No human can make you feel good enough, beautiful enough, wanted enough. No human being can give you a sense of purpose, convince you that you have what it takes or keep their promise that that you will never be alone. We so easily try to fill a God-shaped hole in our soul with anything else—addiction, accomplishment, busyness, things or a person.

When He tells you to do something, do it. When He says something to you, believe it.

meet your needs

Invest in your relationship with God to the point that He becomes your enough. Become comfortable with unmet needs. Ever since Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden, no human being has ever had all their needs met.

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It's not because God doesn't want us to have our needs met; it's because we're in a war zone until the enemy is destroyed in the end. Our desires, our longings, our true needs that go unmet, will have an end.

The apostle was often in bonds, imprisonments, and necessities; but in all, he learned to be content, to bring his mind to his condition, and make the best of it. Pride, unbelief, vain hankering after something we have not got, and fickle disrelish of present things, make men discontented even under favourable circumstances.

Let us pray for patient submission and hope when we are abased; for humility and a heavenly mind when exalted. It is a special grace to have an equal temper of mind always. And in a low state not to lose our comfort in God, nor distrust his providence, nor take any wrong course for our own supply. In a prosperous condition not to be proud, or secure, or worldly. This is a harder lesson than the other; for the temptations of fulness and prosperity are more than those of affliction and want.