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Your Inner Fish: Episode 3: Your Inner Monkey Preview Inner Reptile - Preview . Preview: Ep2 | 30s. Your Inner Fish: Amazing Places, Amazing Fossils: Lucy. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Your Inner Monkey at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Apr 26, Your Inner Monkey, the final installment of Tiktaalik-discoverer Neil . worm, we meet amphioxus, a filter-feeding marine invertebrate that has a.

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How would a video adaptation of the book successfully convey the scope and detail of the book, without possibility over-diluting it for the general public? Shubin is a terrific guide; extremely telegenic and animated.

His boyish enthusiasm, articulate yet succinct explanations, and passion for his subject are well conveyed interestingly, some of my students viewed his enthusiasm as being egotistical and somewhat arrogant - perhaps this is true, but they all agreed that if that's the case, it's well-deserved.

Heck - has anyone had the opportunity to hear James Watson speak?

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The digital illustrations, that bring to life extinct species - at times literally in the palm of Shubin's hand - are extraordinary, and help enormously with students' visualizations of reconstructions. The animated sequences appear to have been created by the same, excellent, artists who created the sepia-toned, "pop-up-book" style graphics for Tyson's Cosmos series.

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While I found the first episode to be the most compelling, students each had their favorite. The final episode allowed them to meet the famous australopithecine "Lucy" for the first time which generated much subsequent discussion.

meet your inner monkey

In fact, that was the joy of watching this show with my class - the discussions the material generated following each screening. Students were obviously engaged and fascinated - the material generated questions clearly related to our course content, and allowed students to think of the material in a new way.

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Even those students who are faith based - something I respect and do not attempt to "change" in class - were moved to see evolution as a process of God's miracle, similar to the personal ethos of Francis Collins.

Since males have a single X chromosome, they can only have two opsin varieties—leaving them red-green color blind. Clearly the advantages of trichromatic color vision are not so great or we would expect all New World monkeys to have evolved that trait. Well, a couple of species have, but they are in the minority.

meet your inner monkey

We are told that when researchers introduced a human gene for a third opsin into the retina of a male squirrel monkey named Sam, he was able to differentiate more colors. This was touted as demonstrating the amazing ability of the brain to utilize additional input.

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Unmentioned was that Sam has a brain architecture that he shares with his sisters, many of whom are able to differentiate a wide spectrum of colors. A more convincing demonstration of brain plasticity in color differentiation is an experiment where researchers gave a third opsin gene to mice—a dichromatic species—and they gained the ability to differentiate colors their peers could not.

meet your inner monkey

I wonder if trichromatic female squirrel monkeys in the wild are respected for their heightened ability to find ripe fruit and luscious leaves? Another digression was capturing and discussing the small primitive fishlike amphioxus.

The same genes that organize the neural tissue in the anterior of amphioxus are involved in the development of the human brain.