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In architecture, a baseboard is usually wooden or vinyl board covering the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface. The tariffs were requested by One Rock Capital and its millionaire partner, John A. Georges, a private-equity executive. Georges is known on. Ken Fox and his family are celebrating 40 years riding the Wall of Death - they invited BBC Breakfast's Mike Bushell to join in.

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What about the jobless of Schwedt? Of that 15 percent [of the city's population who are unemployed], there is a very large fraction of people who are very difficult to help.

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Now we have one. Now, the young people have left so there is nobody here to make babies. Dozens have been demolished, many more are simply neglected. In one block earmarked for demolition, ripped-out baths stand on each balcony above towering mounds of rubble.

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A removal van stood outside one, helping yet another resident leave. Most of them leave to find work. It is really sad.

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He has lived here for 40 years, but now more than half the apartments in his block stand empty. These days, it, too, is abandoned, but three former prisoners came from Berlin last week for a tour. Walking through the interrogation chambers provides a reminder of a very different GDR: The ex-prisoners claim their attempts to open the prison as a museum have long been hindered by the city council: Today, it is everyone for himself — if you need help, you have to pay.

Now that the workers — and the work — has gone, those who are left rely on the state more than ever. Georges both own million-dollar properties. The elder Georges owns a home in Vero Beach, Fla.

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His home in Greenwich, Conn. The price has been cut several times.

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Ross earlier this month cut the tariff to Local news publishers want the tariff cut to zero, and argue it hurts American consumers. The damage it is doing to the already fragile state of the economics of newspapers of all sizes across America is severe," said Inquirer and Daily News publisher Terrance C.

Toomey on behalf of the newspapers in the commonwealth and encourage them to keep up their efforts," Egger said.

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According to Pew Research, the newspaper industry was already in the process of layoffs before the tariff. At least 36 percent of the largest newspapers across the United States — as well as at least 23 percent of the highest-traffic digital-native news outlets — experienced layoffs between January and Aprilaccording to the Pew study.

These were exacerbated by the tariff, put in place in January after One Rock Capital filed its complaint to the Department of Commerce.