Meet them all reaction tf2

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meet them all reaction tf2

If you are ambushed, you need to quickly react and wind up your Heavy, Both of you will often be fighting on the front lines when you meet one another. it's best to come back with teammates, as all of your weapons suffer. Some response rules are common to all classes, while others may be specific some of which occur % of the time (such as "You've failed!. Scout, You're most likely to meet another Scout when both of you are It is best not to get hit at all, as untreated afterburn will take off up to half of your point blank shots, then retreat before his former healing target can react.

Finally as Engineer concluded his little speech with a dull threat, the camera panned out to show more of the battlefield and, to Histoire and IF's horror, showed just how many people were currently attacking and getting slaughtered by his Sentry Guns soon as they get in range, all while he's still casually playing guitar and drinking beer without a care in the world.

  • Scout match-ups

Also, that light source which IF thought was a camp fire… Was actually a burning corpse… "Hold it. Maybe it's just for show? I would rather want to know how he managed to invent these turrets without any of us knowing of them… Were they never patented?

The last scene showed the entire team posing and the words 'Reliable Excavation Demolition Mercenary Team. Even if they are mercenaries, shouldn't they have a contract? This one was far more action-packed, featuring clips of the black Scottish Demolitions Expert blowing things up and dodging explosions like it's an action movie, in between clips of an interview where he supposedly talks about what makes him 'a good Demoman', while being drunk and getting more drunk.

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Histoire noted that he seems to be quite sore about losing one of his eyes 'T'all you fine dandies so proud, so cock-sure, prancin' aboot with your head full of eyeballs!

He also sounded like he has chemistry knowledge. That'd explain why they'd give it to us, and it makes sense for them to use special effects so it'd look more thrilling.

And they have the Medi-Gun, even if someone got hurt or even killed on set, they could just get revived, right? Even if they genuinely died there, we know they're alive now, so I suppose that's that.

meet them all reaction tf2

During this night alone she's seen more pain and death dealt by these men than most of the ASIC have been causing for years! Did she just offer employment to nine professional murderers? Most likely, but it's not like there's a better option… The resume button was pressed, again the same ending screen came up and after three seconds of nothingness the screen showed another video.

This time the ladies got to Meet the Sniper… As the show started with Sniper driving his trailer down a road, instantly they commented on how primitive the area seems. As far as any of them know, no one uses power lines to transport electricity anymore, nor stationary telephone booths, which raises the question: Where do the mercenaries live?

Maybe she's just not one for schadenfreude… Aside from that, the Sniper's ending remark made for a pretty apt summary of who he is. Look mate, you know who has a lot of feelings?

Blokes who bludgeon their wife to death with a golf trophy. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet. This time, after the ending pose, there was a short scene with Sniper telling his father to put his mum on the phone… "This is getting weirder and weirder…" IF commented. It's almost like they're from the past and they somehow went into the future. Meanwhile, the next video was already playing in the background… This time it was Heavy's turn.

His video was relatively shorter and almost entirely consisted of a simple self-introduction, without the blood and death in the background this time, though Heavy talked more about his minigun than about himself. There were a few interesting facts for the girls to take note of though, most prominently: He did say 'it costs four-hundred-thousand dollars'.

Rather than a title card, this one started with Scout and Demoman, both badly injured with Scout heavily bandaged and Demoman in a wheelchair and cast, both trying to escape from a series of explosions, the source of which turned out to be rockets. The unluckier of the two, Scout was sent flying by several rockets, and IF and Histoire winced as he crashed into the camera, hard enough to break glass… That segued into the title card, 'Meet the Medic', after which the camera panned into an operating room… and all the viewers' jaws went loose at the sight of Medic holding a severed heart while casually telling a grim yet silly story to the Heavy, who was awake, laughing with the Doctor, and had his ribs and internal organs exposed by a large hole over his torso.

The girls' jaws went straight to the floor when Medic then proceeded to explode Heavy's heart into pieces, albeit accidentally, and acted like it was nothing while opening the fridge to take a different, larger heart of something called a 'Mega-Baboon'… Histoire paused the video when she saw Spy's severed head, still alive and calmly asking for death, inside the refrigerator.

I don't think my stomach can handle more of this…" IF cringed at the sight of the refrigerator full of organs… "If these are special effects, then they are very impressive ones…" Histoire had to close her eyes and shake her head a little, as if trying to shake the visions of gore out of her mind.

A part of her wondered if a living severed head would be actually possible given the Medic's other feats, but for the sake of her own sanity she'll keep believing it's all faked… "That doctor must be really good. Medic attached the heart implant into the Mega-Baboon heart this time and, like with the previous heart that exploded immediately, placed it in front of the Medi-Gun beam. The heart was then shoved unceremoniously back into Heavy's chest cavity, and Compa's eyes began to sparkle when Medic finished the surgery by fully healing Heavy in a matter of seconds, flesh, skin, and even cloth regrowing at an impossible rate!

He's a good doctor after all! Then the ending screen and a bonus scene afterwards, showing the rest of the team lining up for what was probably the same surgery Heavy went through, with Scout's having just been finished, with some… minor complications. IF had to wonder if there really is a bird stuck in his guts… The video after that was about Scout, showing him running through a fierce battlefield, talking bragging about himself with the 'Meet the Scout' title screen in the background, and beating Heavy to death with a baseball bat to steal his sandwich.

Relatively generic of an introduction compared to the others with nothing strange, though IF pointed out that again, there was more than one Soldier, a red one and a blue one… The next one took a more cinematic approach again, starting inside some kind of base with a woman's voice warning the a? He hurriedly took a shotgun and nearly fell down the stairs he was running down, meeting up with a blue Scout trying to open the door to a "Briefcase Room".

While the Scout expressed relief that the blue briefcase was still there IF wondered what was kept inside that's so important it had a secured room dedicated to ita blue Spy walked in with a body lugged over his shoulder.

The title card appeared, reading 'Meet the Spy' as expected, and after the title screen the Spy asked if anyone killed a red Spy on the way there before dumping the body on the table, revealing it to be a dead Sniper with a familiar butterfly knife in his back.

The Scout dismissed the intruder as being any kind of threat, and the Spy tried to convince him of the danger of this red Spy, to no immediate avail… 'What are you? President of his fan club?

And as usual, the footage moved on to the featured mercenary-in-red kicking everyone's asses not literally and showing what that merc specialized in, in this case sabotaging machines, close-quarters combat, and instantaneous perfect disguises. Try to avoid using jumps unless it is to go over him or behind cover, as jumping makes your movement much more predictable. Scout Soldier Both you and the Soldier are very effective at close range.

A Soldier will typically aim his Rocket Launcher at your feet; if you can stay in the air, he will find it much more difficult to hit you. Your speed and double jump should be enough to avoid being directly hit by a rocket while nearby cover can be used to avoid the splash damage. Use your mobility to never allow the Soldier access to high groundwhere he is deadliest and can freely rain rockets from above.

It may be optimal to maintain a medium distance from a Soldier so that you have sufficient time to dodge his shots. Scout Pyro Defeating a Pyro is all about spacing. It is best not to get hit at all, as untreated afterburn will take off up to half of your maximum health. Backpedal while whittling away at his health with any of your ranged weapons.

Weapon heckling can be less effective against a Pyro, especially if he has the Degreaseras the ranges of his weapons are comparable to those of yours. Avoid facing a Pyro in an enclosed area or narrow corridor; he can use the compression blast to shove you into a corner for an easy kill.

If he lights you on fire, the Mad Milk can be used to extinguish the flames. Your speed lets you quickly get within close range of the Demoman, past his Grenade and Stickybombs, where he is weakest and can damage himself.

meet them all reaction tf2

If need be, take alternate routes to avoid his Sticky traps or ambush him. A Demoman with a shield equipped is vulnerable to weapon heckling; stay at medium range to avoid his melee attacks, then close in once he switches to the Grenade Launcher. While fighting other enemies with a spun up Minigun, keep in mind that the Scout can use the Sandman to easily stun you from afar. Heavy Soldier You are the only class that both boasts more health and firepower than the Soldier.

Heavy match-ups

The Soldier will be aware of this and either abuse cover or high ground to bombard you with rockets. Your slow speed and large size makes avoiding rockets difficult, especially if he uses the Direct Hit. If he's not out in the open, lay down oppressive fire to wear down his health and stop him from rocket jumping away. Consider fighting a Soldier with the Shotgun to stay mobile and dodge his rockets.

Thus, a good Pyro will resort to ambushing you. Like when dealing with the Scout, keep in mind possible routes you can be flanked from. If you are ambushed, you need to quickly react and wind up your Minigun; if you are fast enough, your large health pool should allow you to survive his high burst damage.

A Pyro that attacks you head-on will often circle-strafe in an attempt to dodge your fire. He is not as mobile as the Scout, so keeping your crosshair on him is not as difficult. Watch out for Flare Gun shots at long range, as they are capable of wearing you down if you stay in the open.

A smart Demoman will keep his distance while lobbing grenades at you, possibly in an attempt to lure you into a Stickybomb trap. Your slow speed makes it extremely difficult for you to dodge his grenades, which can kill you at base health with only three direct hits.