Meet singles on twitter

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meet singles on twitter

So if you are looking to meet singles through Twitter, here are some things you can try. A bio that works. Since Twitter is a microblogging site which allows send . The latest Tweets from Meet Singles Online (@Meet_Singles_). Name is Linda, and work in the online dating industry. Check out our site which is totally free to. Hundreds of singles attended the first Flitter parties across Canada last week in recently moved to Toronto, found Flittering to be a great way to meet people.

Advertisement Why are people getting together there? Twitter is designed for people to voice opinions and curate an image to share with the world. Some use it as a type of diary to keep the world informed about their lives — so followers get to feel they know that person.


In social psychology, there are three things that lead to friendship and love: Before long a deeper connection ensues. Why Twitter over other dating apps? The more there are, the more there seems to be at stake psychologically-speaking. On Twitter, there are no romantic expectations and no pressure to be romantically liked so communication is natural and genuine and the connection starts off as a friendship.

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The best relationships, and the most long-lasting ones, are often ones that start with friendship. Advertisement Advertisement Totally fosters the excitement: But what do I know? These people really know why Twitter is da love bomb Andrea and Frank on their wedding day Picture: They got married last year. One of the things I did for our wedding was look up all of our original tweets to each other.

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She was playing the piano and spotted me during one of her breaks. She came over, we chatted, and it was lovely. Just like chatting on Twitter but in the real world. Even though you go overboard with your friends list, there is no guarantee that you will meet the kind of singles you want. Rather use certain criteria to add users to your list.

meet singles on twitter

For instance add only those who live in your town or city or better still locals with whom you share similar interests. Update your status If you happen to be present at a club or event like a music concert, tweet about it.

This way you will be reaching out to other tweeters - and surely a few who are single too -who are present in the same venue.

meet singles on twitter

This will definitely increase your chances of meeting new people. If you are eager to know larger number of people through Twitter, it is not enough to follow only your closest friends. You can write and introduce yourself and let them know how you found them.

meet singles on twitter

While this does not mean that you will directly reach out to singles, it will definitely help you get to know newer people among whom you may meet somebody special.

Make an effort to retweet If someone said something funny or share an inspirational quote with you, acknowledge the source with credit and retweet it.

meet singles on twitter

This will help you in enlarging your Twitter network, in which there are sure to be likable singles as well. You can however find single Twitter users by using powerful search engines like Google Web Search. To go about this you can google singles from Twitter according to bio, location or relationship status. While the first one will be more accurate, it will give you fewer results than the second one.

meet singles on twitter