Meet scientists at project purity

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meet scientists at project purity

Join the scientists at Project Purity. instantly teleport back to Rivet City to meet back up with your father and his cohorts, the latter of which you. Completing Project Purity Quest - posted in Fallout 3 Technical meeting him in the Science Lab at Rivet City and agreeing to meet him at the. if you fast traveled to the rotunda you will most likely have to wait for a while. If they are still not there be sure to check just outside and all of the.

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Li opens the door. After the threat is cleared and the door opened Alex and Daniel continue to wait endlessly on either side of the doorway. Li and Garza still follow the player normally. Alex and Daniel remain in the same place even if the player goes to a different area and returns.

Alex and Daniel will return to the Jefferson Memorial after the main quest if Broken Steel is installed. PC PlayStation 3 Xbox When your father and Doctor Li talk in the Rivet City science lab, the cinematic mode will not come on and you are free to walk around like normal, yet their conversation still goes on.

PC PlayStation 3 Xbox The four quest companions you guide through Taft Tunnel seem to mess up the game's standard companion handling. Any spawned followers may remain in their waiting state in the tunnel, so if you're missing any after this quest, look for them in the second part of Taft Tunnel.

PC PlayStation 3 Xbox Sometimes if the player accidentally harms a follower other than doctor Li, when arriving at the Citadel the non-player character will become hostile towards the player causing the Brotherhood of Steel to also become hostile. This can sometimes be fixed by reloading your autosave, activating a Stealth Boy then killing the non-player character. PlayStation 3 Xbox If Dr. Li goes into the basement area of the Jefferson Memorial and you follow in after her, if she goes back into the main area, and if you try to follow her again, the game will freeze up as you load through.

PlayStation 3 Xbox Near the end of the quest where you leave the tunnels to approach the Citadel, there is a bug that can cause the game to crash.

The Waters of Life

James refuses, and kills both himself and the Enclave soldiers with lethal doses of radiationalthough Autumn survives. The player is forced to escort the remaining staff to the relative safety of the Citadelcontending with feral ghouls and even more Enclave soldiers. Though the Enclave managed to capture the Jefferson Memorial, a crucial component, the G. Once the Lone Wanderer does obtain the G. President John Henry Eden asks that the Lone Wanderer install the modified FEV when they reach the Project Purity control room, which will purge the Capital Wasteland of any beings "tainted" with radiation, regardless of severity.

The Lone Wanderer battles his or her way to the control room and, after finally stopping Colonel Autumn, a final decision is posed. In the original game, as a result of James' actions, the Lone Wanderer ultimately dies if they choose to enter the control room. However, in the downloadable content pack Broken Steel the Lone Wanderer will survive and the decision made at the purifier will have repercussions across the wasteland.

We opted to do the right thing here and keep everyone alive, but you have the option of killing any of the characters who aren't Dr. Li, if you want to lighten your load a bit. Otherwise, keep them alive, speaking to each of them. You can arm Daniel, the rude guy we gave him a.

Ultimately, however, you'll want to speak with Dr. Li to get the lowdown on what's going on. She's freaking out, and she makes it very clear that her survival, and the independent survival of Project Purity depends on you. We're assuming you kept everyone alive for the sake of this walkthrough. Li and tell her and her assistants to stay behind as you scout up ahead. This will give you a chance to collect some items and gain your bearings without having to deal with their constant annoying chatter.

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Go down the corridor ahead until it opens up into a more wide-open chamber. Ahead and slightly to the left, you can find a medical kit on the wall which holds Rad-X and a Stimpak. To the left of that, you can find Buffout and a Toy Car, but make your voyage on that side quick!

You'll become quickly irradiated due to the radioactive waste barrels strewn around that side of the room if you aren't careful. Otherwise, there's not much else to gather here, so run back and get the team you have to protect, and continue down the corridor ahead.

From here, things will initially be safe and quiet, except for the random Enclave Eyebot, who will give away your location if you don't kill them quickly enough since they are amongst the weakest enemies in the game, however, this shouldn't even remotely be an issue for you. The pathway is linear and you shouldn't have any pathway choices to make in the early-going. Should you go right, or go left?

First, go left, telling your team to stay behind. You'll have to navigate through irradiated space once more, but on and around the radioactive barrels you encounter, you should find some Rad-X, RadAway and Turpentine, all of which is worth getting for your ever-growing inventory.

Go down the other route now, with your team in tow. Head all the way to the dead end, where a door must be hacked open via a nearby computer terminal in order to proceed.

meet scientists at project purity

You must move quickly towards the door near the end of the corridor, because there are Enclave soldiers in an adjacent room on your left that don't know you're nearby. Keep everyone past the door as Dr. Li begins hacking the computer, which will take a while. If you have an insane hacking rating, you can do it yourself, but chances are you don't, so be patient and quiet as she hacks the computer. When she's successful, the door will open and you can proceed down to the next part of the corridor.

Be sure to grab the Stimpak and other stuff from the nearby medical kit before proceeding. Part 4[ edit ] Bring your team through the door, killing the Enclave Eyebot and Feral Ghoul Reamer you're likely to run into on the other side. Then, keep your team stationary as you backtrack to the previous room where the Enclave soldiers are. This time, you're going to open fire on them.

There will be two soldiers in the far room on the ground floor, and some Enclave soldiers on the catwalk above. Ignore the latter foes, since they are hard to hit, and run straight for the back room, eliminating both Enclave soldiers there as you've no doubt noticed, combing their bodies is well-worth it, as they hold Laser Rifles, Enclave Power Armor, Enclave Power Helmets, Microfusion Cells and Pulse Mines.

When they're dead, you can then head into the previous room, dodging fire from above. Search for a desk in a little alcove on the right side of the room and grab the awesome goods there.

meet scientists at project purity

Ops Training Manual can all be found here. Grab the goods, and then run back to reunite with your friends. When you get back to your friends, tell them to follow you, and press forward through this new tunnel. More Feral Ghouls and their stronger friends await you, and there may be an Enclave Eyebot or two as you go down the linear series of corridors, but nothing too exciting should be awaiting you beyond that.

The corridor seems more complex than it is -- the end of it is a circle which wraps around on itself, meaning the door on the right side of the circle is the only door you have to seek out to proceed. You could, of course, seek out a room on the left side before going through the door on the right. It's highly irradiated, but you can find some stuff on a work bench there, including Abraxo Cleaner, Wrenches, Hammers, and even a Bottlecap Mine. Continue forward through the linear pathways from here until your team suddenly stops following you.

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It appears one of the guys you're with, Garza, has a heart condition and can't go forward anymore. There are myriad ways to proceed from here, and most of your choices are of the evil variety. If you want to be a good guy which is what we opted to do in this situationoffer up some of your Stimpaks to Dr. She'll take a staggering five of them from your inventory, which sucks, but this will give Garza the strength he needs to finish our escape.

If he's already dead, of course, you won't have to deal with this, and you can use some persuasion techniques to convince the rest of the party to leave him behind. Naturally, how you deal with this is up to you, but be sure to keep the team behind from here as you enter the next room, because two Enclave soldiers are on the catwalk once you enter the room and turn around!