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For DeathSpank on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic The only quest i have to do is "Meet Sandy Past Gate" But i think thats. So I just finished the game and have %, but am only level 19 with lots more XP to go. My quest now is to meet Sandy at the gate, if I do that. Final Quest - Meet Sandy Past Gate (spoilers) DeathSpank.

Sparkles is equipped with multiple spells which provide support to DeathSpank, including a healing spell. It revolves around a character named DeathSpank, who has searched his entire life for an item known as The Artifact, a mysterious object whose purpose is equally mysterious.

The story begins with The Artifact just out of DeathSpank's reach. Unable to claim it, he meets with a local witch, who promises to help him in exchange for his services. The victory is short lived, however, as a group of henchmen who serve the evil Lord Von Prong steal The Artifact and all of DeathSpank's equipment.

After a lengthy journey with several side quests throughout various locations, DeathSpank faces off against Lord Von Prong. He defeats Von Prong, and DeathSpank ends with a prelude to the game's sequel. Thongs of Virtue DeathSpank was first confirmed on January 9, via a press release. The release stated that game designer Ron Gilbert would be joining forces to develop the game. Gameplay enhancements based on feedback from the console versions include an equipment comparison function, a treasure chest feature in each town and major area, a new streamlined user interface and more.

These versions also make use of Steam 's cloud saving and achievement functionalities and leaderboards. That battle is in essence the end of Act I and it had a nice WTF moment that provided a nice cliff hanger" he stated.

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness at Hothead Games; he contacted them and a deal was struck for the company to develop the game. Wesp's restores a lot of cut dialog. The basic version is great, the full version makes a few iffy design choices, and can be thought of as a good mod. The "true" patch is supposed to be all fixes and no additions, but it's creator has gone totally insane, and despite the fact that he criticizes Wesp for restoring dialog, he's started writing Malkavian dialog.

Both fix most of the worst bugs. I thought he freaked out and disavowed the internet, removing all of his mods and swearing vengeance upon all of us "immature" gamers? I don't know if he still plans on updating. I love the internet. Isegrim on January 31, Vince on January 31, Some say it's the only way to write Malkavian dialogues. I tried playing Bloodlines but i got so disapointed with combat and PoV and the fact that it wasnt even an indirect sequel to the Redemption that i just couldnt do it.

And the fact that i cannot make my own character but have to use only those few models I really liked Redemption because of its story and characters. Anyway, i have been hearing good things about Bloodlines and enough time has passed so i will give it a try sooner or later. Alex on January 31, Both very nice games, although not rpgs. I am also taking a look at Anvil of Dawn, which is a nice looking dungeon crawler, but not much besides that.

After this, I am planning to move to the first wizardry and the first Realms of Arkania game. Anyone has any recommendations? Anyway, I don't have too much experience yet, but so far it's great! Very beautiful in-town art, and quite serviceable 3-D graphics outside the towns, still with what seems so far to be good art direction.

The interface is kind of cumbersome, which is too bad, but I wasn't really expecting it to be as brilliant as Wizardry 8's, and it doesn't seem like it will take me long to get used to it. The game is more linear than the Wizardries, I hear, but so far there's plenty of room for exploration in a large world. One really nice thing is that combat animations and sounds are extremely quick, allowing combat to progress enormously faster than in Wizardry 8, where a single turn in a large battle could take several minutes.

Also, you can adjust the monster spawn frequency in the options menu, which seems like it might be great if I ever get sick of frequent random battles the way I did in Wiz8. Anyway, so far it lives up to my high expectations, and I'm looking forward to playing more. Palmer Eldritch on February 03, This time around I like it a bit more, as I play in small doses.

Skipping some side-quests, rather than obsessively craving to complete every aspect of the game, seems like a good idea as well. I kind of regret not creating a cleric, though. I've left 2 spots open, so maybe I'll find someone that can join later.

I'm considering restarting it one last time with a single character - I'm not sure. I guess the sheer boredom of the starting area is enough to make me reconsider. Makes the Irenicus dungeon skipable. I cant play without it anymore. Nordom on February 06, I just had to play something cyberpunk and dystopian to match my new Shadowrun campaign: One Wolf on February 12, Even the "true" patch changes some things that aren't strictly necessary, so checkout the readme.

I personally use an older Wesp patch but I have no idea what version. It changes some things, but they are all things that I like. You can read the readme on his patches that will explain the revisions for each patch along the way, so just read along till you see a change you don't like, and then get the patch that is one version earlier. For those replaying, I strongly recommend playing a Malk as the dialogs are made 3x as hilarious if you have a basis of comparison.

Knowing how a situation was handled by any other class vs. I highly recommend it in SoA you have to think things out as a low lvl characterbut in ToB you have long since maxed out your levels and are reduced to wading through piles and piles of foes. As for myself, I was addicted to playing Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis for a few weeks, and was surprised at how excellent that game is. If only I'd played it back when the Genesis was a new innovation, I would have been in awe.

Holds up very well. I just went back to Arcanum, which I never completed. My skills got a bit too spread out for me to be good at much, and for some reason I just can't get my karma into the positive range although that isn't the game's fault. Being "good" in RPGs just doesn't sit well with me, and since I am usually forced to be "good" I suppose I might be overcompensating a little. I'm almost done with MotB last chapter, I think and found it to be a truly excellent game, even with the shitty combat.

No problem being evil in that game, in fact I have been richly rewarded for it. I played most of the way through the first Thief not long ago, and found it to be simply fantastic. But damn, that game is FUN to play. I have heard bad things about the sequels, and I watched a friend play Thief 3 for a while. It didn't seem to be as open as the first at all.

How do they measure up? Also, I am replaying Fallout for the second time, and I am ashamed to say it isn't quite as good as I remembered it being. Don't get me wrong, it still is one of the best, but when I was playing Fallout 2 I kept thinking that it was somehow inferior to it's predecessor. I'm honestly not sure that it is inferior at all. Larger world, much better dialog, and more of almost everything.

One thing that is pretty sweet about Fallout, however, is stumbling across the Master by accident whilst prowling around the Cathedral, and completing the game's primary objectives well before you are done with sidequests, or even visited all the cities.

Or finding yourself in the Military Base via the mutant leader in the Necropolis. That really adds a wonderful "free" feeling to the game. Also, I love the time constraint you are faced with in Fallout, as in FO2 it didn't grab me quite the same way.

Not to mention that the Master is just a phenomenal character as a whole. His dialog and graphic and voice is unparalleled. CandyStick on February 12, Have fun, it's a great game.

I actually bought it on the release date, so I had to fight with bugs on every step, and yet I still loved it. Much better game than Wizardry 8 in my opinion. Dungeons are defenitly the best part, many are filled with puzzles,traps and levers, and yet they never felt redundant to me, very well designed.

It's a huge game too. Yeah, too bad Bradley has gone so deep into the toilet, making Dungeon Lords as he did. Even with the deadline push and other looming pressures, the condition of that title was really inexcusable.

I don't have a lot of dungeon crawling experience -- it's pretty much just this and Wizardry 8, with a little bit of World of Xeen -- so I can't say exactly how it measures up to the classics of the genre. However, it has the huge advantages of far faster combat, leading to much less tedium, and wonderful dungeon design. They all sound appealing. Also, Arcanum's been calling out for a replay for a good long time.

Euchrid on February 12, Can anyone make a case for FO being a "better" game than FO2, and thereby allay my guilt?

It's the Metal Age, and includes more mechanical aspects than the first game, some did not like this, but the gameplay is definitely at least on a par I probably prefer 2 over the original.

Thief 3 is a good game in its own right, but I definitely prefer the first two games. It has smaller levels and even these are divided, linked by "portals"no rope arrows, some awful use of blue bloom, and just did not have the same feel as the originals for me yeah, helpful comment I know. Still, there are a couple of great levels, with some exceptional atmosphere, and is definitely worth playing for a fan of the original. Regarding FO, Fallout 2 had the better roleplaying, more and better quality side quests, options, less black and white morality The original felt to me that most everything had its place, and supported the overall design and themes of the game, the shorter length of the game aided in this.

I also preferred the story and overall atmosphere in the original. It's for these reasons I view the original as the better game overall, despite FO2 doing many things better, I feel similarly about Arcanum. This is probably the best and most concise comparison of the qualities of the two games that I've seen. However, I would add that the qualities of Fallout 2 make it better suited for replays than Fallout 1.

I'd say I've replayed Fallout 3 or 4 times, but Fallout 2 must be at least 7 or 8. The greater scope, more options, and increased opportunity for roleplaying make Fallout 2 more replayable for me. Must be over 50 so far. Probably around or over Lately i stumbled across killap Restoration pack for FO2. You people who dont know about it need to go and get it imidatelly.

It puts many things that were cut out or never finished back into the game and fixes a lot of others. Now you can actually find Sulik sister, see what Cassidy looks like and a ton of other things i wont spoil for you. It has a nice installer version with Killap patch included. Its a brilliant work that makes replaying FO2 a whole new experience all over again. For those that replayed BG2 i would really recomend getting some mods.

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Primarily Tactics mod, dungeon be gone mod, maybe ease of use, spell level 50 mod and Unfinished business. Tactics makes enemies tougher and gives them better AI and you can even select which ones to upgrade during instalation in DOS window and makes a ton of other fixes too, all choosable.

Dungeon be gone gives you an oportunity to skip Irenicus Dungeon at the begining while still getting all the loot and quests with a little help of a particular bard. Ease of use has many features, alows you to stack arows and potions in single place in the inventory, alows wearing of magic rings and amulets and armor all together and increases the number of items you can reforge and a lot o other stuff.

Best used with Tactics unless the game becomes too easy. Spell level 50 makes all spells level up more then in original vesion. Unfinished business puts back a lot of small quests and subquests that didnt make it into final version. Have Boo stolen and saved in a mad exciting adventure! And some companion mods are very good. Soulafein mod has a lot of content and a couple of surprises. Valen mod for those who wish to side with Bodhy.

Starwars on February 13, Such a flawed game, but still one I keep coming back to Thinking of trying out one of the freeplay mods.

Trouble is that I really want a more subtle experience than what most of the mods seem to shoot for. A mod that plays pretty much like the original in terms of difficulty well, perhaps some tweaks to the "end level equipment" so that it doesn't get to easy and that doesn't go all out on unleashing mutants all over the place though I'd like some migration where NPCs and mutants roam from area to area.

And that running into a mutant for the first time was an "oh shit" experience. One Wolf on February 13, Similarly that it has good cohesiveness, or similar to FO2 for the reason you cited? By the way, I see what you mean concerning the "feel" in FO vs.

I am leaning towards the other side, where the RP opportunities, scope and improvements in general outweigh the semi-scattered feel that I get playing FO2. Gangs vying for power, drug labs, gun-running, casinos, just the things that would fill a PA power vacuum.

Euchrid on February 13, Though, this was more about Arcanum's faults mostly combatdull areas mostly the minesand stretched out plot I just think it went on too long. Usually roleplaying choices would trump cohesiveness, but Fallout still had a good amount of choice, and outdid Fallout 2 in most other areas other than scope and interface. I much preferred the forced from your Vault, find the water chip, deal with The Master plot to that of Fallout 2, the intro and outro were just perfect.

Tribals, talking deathclaws, the Reno families even though playing the town was a lot of funthe scientology spoof, the Shi In short, Fallout 2 had great rolepalaying options and was a heap of fun somewhat on a GTA level.

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Whereas, Fallout had weaker, though not weak, roleplaying options, a better story, great intro and outro, and leaned more towards affecting than fun. They're both great games, but I feel that Fallout' tone just was pitch perfect for the setting, whereas Fallout 2 went too far into the land of the lulz.

One thing I'm not sure about, is if I had the chance to rewrite history, would I want Fallout 2 made with more of a likeness to the original? I actually like the contrast of the two, and may have tired of the original's more serious tone, especially if the game were to be as long as the current sequel.

I actually haven't played Fallout 2 for a couple of years, unlike cardtrick, I find Fallout more replayable due to its shorter length and my personal preference. I've played the original over 10 times and the sequel about 4 or 5. Planning on replaying it soon, then playing it again with Killapp's mod.

One Wolf on February 14, I'm playing Arcanum right now, and it's impressive to say the least. The music is gorgeous. Replay it with Killap's mod straight away, it doesn't damage the original game in any way I know of. Euchrid on February 14, If I don't have the time or inclination to play the game twice, I'll just play it with the mod.

Arcanum is great, especially Tarant. One Wolf on February 15, Sure is, I am just finishing up in Tarant now about to depart for the Mines. What a well-made game Arcanum is. I'm already planning my next character. This play through I played as a Halfling rogue, and it has turned out to be very playable. I always resent RPGs that seem to discourage Thief type characters, and it happens with dismaying frequency.

I remember playing NWN for the first time, and my rogue had it's ass handed to him until I took levels as a fighter. Yet another reason I'm looking forward to AoD, so I can actually play as an assassin or a thief without de facto hard-mode being applied. Starwars on February 15, Been replaying most of my RPGs, and don't really feel like going through them again.

I'm realizing that gaming is actually a fairly integrated part into my life, helping me unwind in the evenings at least when the weather is to depressing to go outside like it is now, come on Spring. I really need a slower paced game to relax with. Thinking about Tropico which I've heard many good things about, but never actually tried out.

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Maybe if you tell us what you've already played we can offer some suggestions. Palmer Eldritch on February 16, Tropico is pretty good. I think it would suit your needs, as it isn't overly difficult or fast-paced probably qualifies as a relaxing game. Have you played Anachronox? Perfect game if you're bored with the norm and want something unusual and relaxing. I'll look and see if I can find where I bought it from. They're a publisher that sells budget games -- mostly old games no longer available in most stores.

Free shipping in the UK, reasonable rates anywhere else in the world. I've never bought downloadable software from Newegg, but they're an extremely reputable company. The Sold-Out version doesn't come with a print manual anyway, and the manual's not all that great in any case. Plus it's cheaper, and you don't have to wait for shipping. One thing to know -- however you get the game and you really really should get it you definitely want to get the final unofficial patch.

It was made by one of the developers of the game, in his spare time, without funding or support from the publisher, and released over a year after the game. It fixes a huge variety of bugs, and also implements a taxi service to remove some of the hassle from transportation and allows you to hold the backslash key to speed up the entire game much as in an SNES emulator or something which is very nice if you get bored of walking or are replaying the game and want to skip through parts that you're not interested in.

You can find that here http: Apparently I haven't been searching hard enough. Getting it from Newegg seems like a good idea. Starwars on February 16, T, Arcanum, BGs etc. CivIV is pretty much constantly installed on my drive. Though I tend to enjoy games that doesn't focus much if at all on battles. Relaxing is good but screaming, holding yourself back from punching the screen and being on the edge of heart atack most of the time is also good.

Sword of the Stars has good multi-player both 4Xgames. Don't play Freespace, play Freespace 2 with the campaign from the first game installed some fansite converted it. I have to try that. Man, why doesnt someone make a sequel of that game?

For more relaxed similar spacy game you can always try Freelancer, if you can stomach horrible characters and non skipable animations of the story. Once you pass those you can fly around different systems with some relaxing atmospheric music and trade around and stuff. Most fights are avoidable by running away. I'll probobly pick up two worlds for the since im an achievement whore when it drops in price, that and the fact my pc probobly wouldnt even run two worlds. Also planning on popping in s.

I'm really enjoying it, and ended up being pretty surprised at how much the time was after a few hours. P Really nice game, and great atmosphere wonderful music. I've never heard of that And i have somewhat of an issue with BG2. I started a an Orc with dual wield katana's. And im having quite a bit of the issue in combat where i only hit once with one of my Divine Furys and i cant seem to hit twice