Meet point nalasopara police

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meet point nalasopara police

Sairaj Apartments, Achole Cross Road, Nalasopara East, Palghar - , Sanyukt Nagar (Map) Making way for a hearty meal is Ideal Meet Point Family Restaurant And Bar in Mumbai. Sanyukt Nagar,Sairaj Apartments,Achole Cross Road,Nalasopara East is where one can visit the. It was an entertaining day for Nalasopara police officials, who along with an IPS rank officer, got themselves amused by a group of roadshow. A year-old man was allegedly tortured physically inside the Tuling police lock- up last week after he was found drinking in a public place with.

On the first day of India's freedom, ace police officer J.

meet point nalasopara police

Bharucha took over from A. It was the end of the British era, but as in other areas of government, the pomp and ceremony of office continued, every morning, the CP is welcomed into the headquarters with a smart salute by a Police platoon and band. Kamte realized soon enough that although he was technically head of the entire province, the power lay with the Bombay CP.

Kamte prevailed upon the then chief minister called premier B. But even this did not dent the CP's clout and the CP's post has remained like the Wimbledon Cup that every police officer worth his salt has aspired for. Ribeiro occupied the CP's office for over three years and is the only CP afterwhen Maharashtra was formed, to complete a full tenure. Ribeiro's most challenging job was quelling the police revolt of in Mumbai, the first of its kind almost anywhere in India.

The most adverse publicity was earned when retired CP Ram Deo Tyagi was arrested for his alleged role in the Suleiman Bakery firing during the '93 Mumbai riots.

In JanuaryShrikant Bapat, an officer of impeccable credentials, was removed as CP for failing to control the riots. His immediate predecessor S. Ramamurthi could never shake off the black spot in his career— he was in charge of Indira Gandhi's security when she was assassinated on October 31,by her bodyguards.

meet point nalasopara police

Ramamurthi was shifted out of the department and was reinstated as police chief in Mumbai. Pasricha is the second Sikh to bag the hot seat. The first was A. In a moment of foolishness, I open the boot and pop on my backpack. Whilst the lads are arguing with the police, I start to walk away… quickly.

The whistle blasts through the night once more and I consider running. I definitely could not out run these guys… Fear sets in as I consider my options; run, fight or give myself up to the Gods… The bribe is significantly more money than I am carrying and, on principle, I am reluctant to pay anyway. This idea disintegrates before it is even fully formed.

Vasai-Nallasopara-Virar only: September

I am, at this point, starting to freak out as my options dwindle. Cold sweats seize me as my vision clouds. The police rush over to me, one grabs me by the arm, they talk in circles — drug test, passport, arrested, body searched… I struggle to control my emotions, angry at these bastards for preying on foreigners rather than focussing on catching real criminals.

Police corruption is a well documented epidemic in India and this is a country where, if you have money, you can literally get away with murder.

Anger gives way to fear as one of the cops saying something about putting me behind bars, a smirk plastered across his face. I try playing to their sense of decency, explaining that my girlfriend is coming to India and I need to leave so that I can go and meet her. Shouts one of the policemen, pointing at me and then pointing at the car.

meet point nalasopara police

I look at my friends, they are lost, unsure what to do. I figure the situation is bad. Within sight of the police station we suddenly turn down a quiet street. The second policeman on the bike rocks up. Only in India… The cops disappear into the night like a bad memory and we are left in the car. I feel totally exhausted and seriously stressed.

A cheeky smoke, corrupt cops and a bribe to far in India

My adrenaline is pumping and my senses are in overdrive. My amigos are clearly in a similar space, having been terrified that they were going to be responsible for me being arrested and thrown into a cell for at least a night or two.

The lads have a different idea. The night continues to tumble on until finally I say goodbye to my friends and, with great relief, I begin my journey to get the hell out of Bombay.

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Just as I am boarding my train, my phone slips from my grasp and shatters spectacularly. The train pulls away from the station, my chest loosening a bit as the city slowly fades away from view. I lie on the hard sleeper bunk and watch the fan a foot above my face go round and round. Drugs are illegal and can get you in sticky situations. If you intend to consume, please be safe. In places like India, police corruption is rife and most cops see no problem with extorting bribes out of unfortunate people who cross their paths.

If you are a foreigner, the cost of this bribe is likely to be extremely high indeed as many cops perceive all foreigners to be rich… When I travel, I always have emergency money hidden on me in a s pecially designed security belt. I strongly recommend travelling with one of these.

A couple of my good friends back home are in the police force and I even had a Thai police officer drinking buddy a few years ago. You can usually bribe your way out of most minor drug offences in many countries within Asia but it is often not cheap. In general, if you find yourself in a compromising situation with the police, this is the best advice I can give you… 1.

Do not sign anything which you cannot read. Avoid handing over your passport. If you go for a bribe, do it as early as possible. Once more police are involved it will only get more expensive. A good way to deliver a bribe is with a handshake. Be extremely polite but stay firm, do not show any signs of weakness.