Meet other wrestling fans cheering

The Five Types Of People You See At Wrestling Shows

meet other wrestling fans cheering

New Orleans, LA, April — At WrestleMania Axxess, Keith Lee face of the promotion, the fans would soon be cheering him on to smash. Looking for a few new wrestling cheers for the next match? Explore fun The day of a wrestling meet is a cheerleader's time to shine. You're Whether the team's doing good or bad, these cheers can get fans into the spirit. I think that they know I love wrestling and I love this sport. I think they're It's also that I think I give off an energy anytime I meet fans. I hope I let Do you think that crowds cheering Becky Lynch is a problem? Four New Shows To Debut On WWE Network Next Week 5 days ago by James Dixon. 10 Best.

Sabu is guarded and fans struggle to have a noteworthy conversation with him when meeting the ECW Superstar at conventions. In recent years, Sabu has started taking bookings with his significant other, Melissa Coates. She usually does most of the talking and Sabu just poses for the pictures or signs the autograph with minimal interaction. The problem is fans want to have a conversation with their favorite wrestlers in hopes of creating a memorable moment. That will never happen with Sabu.

It still applies to her these days as she has the reputation for being a Diva in her real life. Keibler left the WWE for an acting career, but it never panned out with her only noteworthy roles coming as guest appearances on sitcoms.

Keibler has somewhat stepped outside of the public light, so you can understand her not wanting the fan interaction.

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However, she always had the reputation of being unapproachable in real life with her belief that she was a bigger star than the rest of the world assumed. The fact that she once dated George Clooney in a public relationship likely added to her ego growing.

Others have been snubbed by Punk being downright mean to them. Punk is clearly a moody person as confirmed by his fellow wrestlers. Punk was one of the first to speak out against that sect of fans. Flair believes his own hype and has frequently treated fans poorly in various interactions. Wrestling conventions are the place where fans get the best chance at having a short conversation with a hero.

Flair gives very little time to each fan hoping to get as much money as possible from pictures and autographs.

meet other wrestling fans cheering

It sacrifices the experience of fans wanting to share a memory or moment with the legend. Flair is also known for being unapproachable when outside of the context of a wrestling event. Roberts is known for being one of the worst wrestlers to meet.

Over the years, he flat out disrespected fans and failed to treat them with kindness, despite the fact that they were paying to meet him at independent shows. Roberts getting his life back on track by going clean has changed him from being a jerk all the time to only half of the time.

His mood can be hard to figure out. Some fans have reported he is still a bit mean towards them and tries to get them away as soon as possible. Others have had better experiences. DDP Yoga will only improve your social skills so much.

meet other wrestling fans cheering

Hall however still is one of the wrestlers fans should try to avoid meeting at all costs. One specific incident saw Hall refuse to sign a birthday card for a sick child suffering from cancer. The old school approach of Hall also makes it impossible to get a good conversation out of him. All of this factors into Hall being a wrestler that is not fun to meet. Jericho wants fans to boo him at the show.

meet other wrestling fans cheering

Standing out from the masses in his trademark red-and-yellow tye dye shirt, sunglasses and a bandana that keeps his mullet protected from the elements. Attends 40 to 50 WWE shows a year. Holds up signs and acts like an idiot. He is a fan of WWE.

meet other wrestling fans cheering

He is a powerlifter. Not the four four! Not the lasting tableau of The Phenom himself, forlorn and broken, wandering back up the ramp and into a yearlong hibernation.

Mbeh was rooting FOR Lesnar.

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But no one captured it more than Mbeh. On that night, and all the nights since, Ellis Mbeh was all of us.

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David Wills has the rare distinction of being beamed onto computer, tablet and phone screens the world over, all because of an outpouring of admiration for his heroes. Overcome with emotion, Wills instead gave a tearful thanks to the legends for the sacrifices they made.

When I ring announced in Madison Square Garden during the s and s, Vladimir never missed an event. His unbridled passion for the product was second to none! Piper looked to the crowd for ideas, saw Vladimir, and summoned him to come up onto the ring apron.