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meet other artists uk

We Meet 7 Female Artists Featuring At This Year's The Other Art Fair. by Katie .. I was born in Kazakhstan in , and have lived in the UK since Interface Arts is a collective of artists and craftpersons based in County Durham times and directions can be found at: an opportunity to meet other artists and discuss issues relating to your practice. OPEN, An exhibition of UK artists on will showcase 15 stellar art is my first love, but I find it difficult to leave other disciplines behind.

What is your favourite piece of work that you'll be exhibiting at The Other Art Fair March and can you tell us a little bit about it? I met some traditional female dancers in Zambia a few years ago and asked if I could photograph them when they performed.

I have been working from these photos for two years now. Instead of painting the whole figure of the dance I wanted to focus on the portrait only as I felt the energy of the dance was expressed in their facial expression alone. My background is Architecture. I studied in Oxford and London.

Architecture shaped my aesthetics and gave me skills and knowledge that later on helped me develop my own style.

meet other artists uk

I seek for magic and exotic concepts and what I'm interested in mostly is Surrealism. I find Surrealism an act of liberation from the oppressive monotonous reality.

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I am making digital surreal collages. I take retro Americana, blending it with pastel colours and pinks, dramatic landscapes, tropical palm trees and pictures of the universe to create surreal utopias. The works are rich in color, texture and layers, which create a sense of depth. I want my art to be able to touch all ages and genres.

But since my perspective and my experiences are that of a young woman, I feel that young women can relate more to my work.

  • We Meet 7 Female Artists Featuring At This Year's The Other Art Fair
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If previously there was a certain path of becoming acknowledged in the art world through institutions, art critics etc. Social media has democratised this process.

Meet the artists who are breathing new life into the UK electro scene

I think it has also contributed in broadening the definition of art, which is beautiful. One of my new ones is "Facing the Stars and the Lions" and it's part of a triptych. For Station to Station, Abraham Brody is performing Ancestors and Soul Alchemy II, two 6 hour performances which explore notions of ritual, shamanism and higher states of consciousness. By performing these rituals — which use wheat, amber dust and wildflowers — Brody will attempt to reconnect with his ancestral roots.

In Soul Alchemy II, the artist invites you the public to experience his musical improvisations and interact with him and with each other. Participants are invited to paint thoughts, reflections and feelings on the canvas in the space.

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Ann Van den Broek Belgian choreographer Ann Van den Broek uses her Station to Station residency to research and develop work for a new production that will be premiered at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam in November This is an unmissable opportunity to see the choreographer at work with her team of dancers, a singer, composer and cameraman.

For Station to Station, Coates presents Answer Painting, a residency in which he offers his services as a painter to the public. Come and post your own question to Marcus or sign up to one of the pre-arranged consultations to take part. A selected number of drop-in sessions will be available on each day.

meet other artists uk

Those fortunate enough to have their questions picked will be invited to attend at a specific time to discuss the painting and its answer with Coates. Sign up on our website! His work spans painting, sculpture, music, installation and film. During his residency in Station to Station Creed will create a dance performance in response to painting he will have made during his first day in residence.

Additionally, in response to dance, Martin Creed will work on sound and rehearse songs with a 5 piece band. The result of this organic way of working will be shown on 11 July 19hh — a live ticketed performance that will include dancers and music.

EMA Erika Andersona.

meet other artists uk

EMA is interested in pop culture language and works with her live band or with hybrid texts designed for sites that creatively repurpose the tools of the internet. Audiences will be able to explore this changing 3D environment while their own experiences are filmed and ricocheted live onto the walls of the gallery. Worldwide submissions are also encouraged via email to sacred iwannadestroy. The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington staged a one-person exhibition of her work in autumn and Glynn has also recently staged an ongoing cycle of performances at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

In the past Adrian has exhibited in a shop window in Chinatown and also in his own property window in a residential area in Kensington.

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Both were very successful in terms of how many people they reached on a daily basis. There is little effort required to maintain a window exhibition, for example no invigilation is needed, but the results can be very rewarding. Adrian would like to hear from people who are interested in being involved in his project and also people who have ideas about window spaces that could be used.

He is planning to produce a book and has been collaborating with a writer and graphic designer on the project. You can see more about the project here: He is also looking for people who have worked at the Pilkington Glass headquarters in St Helens to take part by allowing him to photograph them on the site.