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meet my street

Once open a time Jess or known as aphmau had some friend's or ross,adam,jin, barney,red,max,etc. She had to move away to a different school Phoenix Drop. North Tyneside has recently received a Big Lottery Fund Awards for All grant, What do I do if I want to close my street for play?. This ideal drives our new Meet Your Street campaign. A campaign to foster stronger connections between residents within local Monash.

If you do have concerns, we ask that you see how the closure goes — you may be pleasantly surprised. Even though there are sometimes other local spaces to play, the idea of street play is for children to be able to play on their own streets, outside their homes, and to meet other local children, like many adults used to do when they were young. Street play is also about community building and neighbours getting to know each other.

Children playing together on their street helps to build a sense of community and belonging, which in turn makes your street a safer and friendlier place. What about the potential noise and disruption? All of the evidence from the streets that organise street play sessions is that disruption is minimal. They only last for a short period hours each month and noise levels are not especially high. These are public streets and we cannot prevent noise during reasonable daytime hours.

What will happen to traffic? A street play session will not stop you from having car access to your home. The only real difference is that through traffic will be diverted and residents will be asked to drive in and out at walking speed behind a steward one of your neighbours in a hi-vis vest.

Access will always be ensured for emergency vehicles.

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Stewards will make sure that children are safely off the road temporarily if vehicle access is needed. If you usually park on the road, you may want to consider parking elsewhere, but you do not have to. Through traffic will be diverted, usually onto neighbouring streets or back alleys, with clear signage and stewards to explain the situation. Although this may have a small impact on neighbouring streets, it is only for a few hours and often at a time e.

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Sunday afternoons when traffic is reduced anyway. Will my property be damaged? How do I let people know about the event? Sample invitations are included in the kit. You might like to start with talking to the people you already know or neighbours you see in the street.

meet my street

Sample invitations are available from our Meet our Street kit. When is a good time to hold a Meet our Street event? Time of day is also an important consideration.

Meet our Street

Avoid the hottest parts of the day if you're planning a summer event, unless you can be certain of adequate shade. When the weather is hot you may wish to consider a late afternoon or early evening event. For evening events be considerate of other neighbours by limiting lighting and noise disturbance.

meet my street

Do I need permission to use a park or reserve? In order to use a park or reserve for a large gathering, you will need to apply for a relevant permit to prevent double bookings, make necessary maintenance preparations and avoid overuse of facilities.

Allow at least 10 working days for your application to be processed.

meet my street

Can I close a road? Road closures are possible but require permission from a number of stakeholders and can take time to process. Please be aware that a cost may be involved. Where should I hold the event?

meet my street

With any venue you may need to consider the following: Is there enough room for the number of people that might come? Are there toilet facilities? Do you need access to power, water or shade? Is there access for prams and wheelchairs Do you need permission to use the area?