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meet music producers

Successful music producers are ordinary people who do ordinary things and maintain daily schedules. They have telephones, email addresses. Find Meetups about Music Production and meet people in your local Join Music Production Meetups Related topics: The Electronic Music Producers. Finding a producer. When you've written a number of songs and maybe played them live for a while it becomes inevitable that you will want to record your music.

But these are a crucial part of your job as a songwriter or artist. Know your market and audience Who will you be playing these songs for? Will you be pitching them to a music publisher for established artists? Pitching to film and TV? To a label as an artist?

meet music producers

Are you building up your fan base on YouTube? Selling this CD or EP at live gigs? Of course, you could be doing all of these, but one or two will be more important than the rest. Think about that audience and what appeals to them right now.

meet music producers

You need reference tracks for many different reasons. The most important one: It can be even worse with music. A few reference tracks can show a producer what you mean by an uptempo, galloping rhythm, a distant landscape-y pad, or an edgy, contemporary vocal. You can have reference tracks for many different things: Tracks that represent your genre Tracks with a rhythm groove you think will work with your song.

Tracks with instrument sounds or a vocal style you like. Tracks for mixing ideas. Make a playlist of reference tracks. Put your reference tracks together in iTunes or on a flash drive or CD so you can easily play and replay these songs. Then, refer to them often.

meet music producers

Brings out the best in your music: Assesses strengths and weaknesses: He or she may suggest bringing in outside musicians to handle some of the parts. A producer should work with you to make sure your project stays on budget.

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May arrange, perform, and mix: They work out of their home studio much of the time and may create the entire track there. If you feel the track needs a live drummer instead of programming, be sure to discuss it.

The producer has to get the best possible performance from you and the musicians. Where do you find a music producer? Go to clubs in your area that feature the kind of music you want to record.

The big clubs will host touring acts on weekends. It's a long process even if you are going for that 'we're just a bunch of musicians who happened to be playing live' sound. It's true a producer can seriously enhance your songs and they can also seriously harm them. However no one recommends you rely on production to save a poor song.

As Graham Gouldman remarked, 'you can't hum a production'.

Music Producers: What They Do and How to Find One

It's the song - the melodythe chorusthe hook - that will grab the listeners and stay in their head, production should enhance this but can't replace it. Producers are freelance and can have their own agents who negotiate fees and deals with record companies.

Producers command large fees and are usually hired by the record company to work with an artist. No one recommends you rely on production to save a poor song. But producers will work with unsigned artists if they think they are going to be successful later on.

In this case the producer will take no fee or a reduced fee in return for payment when they get a record deal or a publishing deal. There are also those who are just starting out in production who are looking for bands or artists to work with. You may be able to spot a rising talent yourself and both benefit each other. The other option is to produce yourself and look for an engineer to do all the technical stuff. Engineers work with producers in a studio.

Where Can I Find A GOOD PRODUCER For My Songs?

They set up the recording equipment and do a lot of the technical legwork in a studio. Many producers start out as engineers and then go on to the more creative production job, probably after having been given a break by a studio to produce a few up and coming artists.

If you want to find a producer you can do it a number of ways: