Meet me in st louis halloween throwing flour

Meet Me in St. Louis - Halloween scene? : flicks

meet me in st louis halloween throwing flour

Was that Meet Me in St. Louis? typical Halloween as consisting of children burning junk and throwing flour in the faces of disliked neighbors?. The Meet Me In St. Louis transcript is here for all you fans of musical movies. The entire .. IF YOU WET THE FLOUR BEFORE YOU THROW IT, IT'S HARDER TO GET OFF. YOU, YOU, YOU . WELL, ANOTHER HALLOWEEN. WE'RE ALL A. In a lovely note on his memories of seeing Meet Me in St. Louis as a four writes , 'I didn't understand what was going on in the Halloween sequence. the street on the beautifully detailed set) by throwing flour at them as.

Its rituals are more those of media audiences than those of communities interrogating their cohesiveness and hospitality. Many of the horror films that set the tone for the transition have recently been re-born or re-vamped, and this cycle of recycles has created some form of overkill.

Meet Me In St. Louis (1944) – Oh Rose! You're So Stuck Up!

Halloween is now a product, an image, and no longer an event. Against that stand a few occasions that resist this detachment.


Let me stress just one example. Above all, it carries at its heart a sense of direct contact, present most obviously in the meet and greet sections of the convention but also in the fake scares of the macabre costume parties and contests, and in what can really only be called a genuine sense of community — family, kids and all.

meet me in st louis halloween throwing flour

These changes might become the ultimate test for the tradition: As the ghost of evil corporations? A young child would try to seek revenge on a grumpy old man from the neighborhood by ringing the doorbell and throwing flour in the face of said grump.

meet me in st louis halloween throwing flour

Often bonfires were built in celebration and masks were expected for most children, even if not in costume. Many games telling fortunes were popular among young adults; if a young woman peeled an apple and threw the peel behind her back, the peel would shape into the first letter of her future husband, and it was believed that if an unmarried woman sat in front of a mirror in a dark room, the face of her future husband would appear.

If a skull appeared, then she was doomed to die unmarried.

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This was partially due to the fact that the harmless pranks of the previous decades were quickly escalating into vandalism and true damage. By the s, the media began to spread the idea of trick-or-treating in the place of the traditional pranks.

meet me in st louis halloween throwing flour

This tradition has obviously escalated into what we know today. Thus they ride and run, and dash and flash, and fling their flour about, to the delight, amusement, and astonishment of the great mass of spectators, malgre the liberal donations of hands full of flour constantly applied, right and left, which in clouds fall upon those within reach; for all the fraternity carry their pockets full.

From an article called "West Kent Election": This exhibition was too ridiculous to be noticed by either party, and is only noticed here as the stupidest of all stupid election doings, the practice of throwing flour over people excepted.

Men who can abuse plenty by wasting flour to the extent we complain of, could not be much pitied if they came to want it. There is an old adage frequently verified, viz.

meet me in st louis halloween throwing flour

Lupton, indescribes a "powder of the flowers [pollen? Brand, it may be as well to say, traces back the custom of throwing flour into the faces of women and others on the streets at Shrovetide, in Minorca and elsewhere, to the time of the Romans.