Meet me in st louis full movie 1944 max

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meet me in st louis full movie 1944 max

Meet Me in St. Louis is a musical based on the film of the same title, about a family J. Stadlen as Grandpa Prophater, Brynn O'Malley as Esther Smith, Max von Essen as John Truitt and Stephen Bogardus as Mr. Alonzo Smith. Dec 19, This isn't exactly a Christmas movie, but Christmas does make a As is typical for Minnelli, the art direction and the whole look of the movie is highly detailed, stylized, and gorgeous. Meet me in St. Louis Garland The Boy Next Door 3 .. Keenan Wynn Marilyn Monroe Max Steiner MGM Myrna Loy Netflix. In the year before the St Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they Meet Me in St. Louis I too could picture myself serenading a whole trolley car about my crush in that get-up! . Margaret O'Brien as Tootie makes the movie for me. -MAXIMUM OF FIVE VOTES-.

Unfortunately, they are not fast enough, and the telephone rings. Smith answers, but is confused when the operators tell him that someone is calling from New York. He hangs up, and Esther accidentally tells him everything out of anger.

He soon figures out that he was the only one who didn't know about the call, and tries to put his foot down, but when the phone rings again he tells Rose to answer it. Her phone call turns out to be less than successful, because he was only calling to ask how she was, and he said if his parents knew he was calling, they would kill him.

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Katie tries to lighten the mood "Meet Me in St. A few months later, we are at Lon's going-away party, right before he leaves for Princeton. Warren tries to apologize to Rose, but she refuses to accept "Raving Beauty". At the party, Esther is formally introduced to John Truitt, pretending not to know who he is.

She takes his hat and hides it in the piano. Agnes and Tootie have crept to the landing to see what was going on, and after being caught, perform a dance they do with Esther "Under the Bamboo Tree". Afterwards the guests leave, but Esther asks John if he would like to come with them to the Fairgrounds on Friday. He agrees, and then she asks him if he will help her turn off the lights, because she's afraid of the dark "Over the Bannister".

He leaves, leaving Esther slightly disappointed.

meet me in st louis full movie 1944 max

After they leave, Katie asks the older sisters why they won't go out to the Halloween Social. They both respond that men are too bothersome and they'd rather not. Katie gives them some advice "Touch of the Irish". Immediately following the number, a scream is heard offstage. Tootie comes in with a bloody lip, saying John Truitt hit her. When he comes by to ask if she's alright, Esther beats him up for hurting her little sister.

meet me in st louis full movie 1944 max

Agnes enters soon after, telling what happened. They stuffed one of Katie's dresses so it looked like a body, then put it on the trolley tracks so when the motorman had to put on the brakes, the trolley would come off the tracks. Tootie then reveals that it was not John who hurt her, but she fell.

Esther is ashamed and goes to apologize to John.

meet me in st louis full movie 1944 max

Smith comes home and breaks the news to the family that they are moving to New York. He thought the family would be happy, but they all are shocked and upset. He tries to convince them that it will be fun, but it doesn't work "A Day in New York". They all exit, leaving Mr. Now it is winter and their last Christmas in St.

Louis is fast approaching. Both Rose and Warren are left without dates. Rose didn't respond to Warren's proposal to the dance, so he decided to go with Lucille Ballard who is Lon's girlfriend. Esther and Katie persuade them to go with each other, and Rose and Esther make a plan to fill out Lucille's dance card with the worst people imaginable.

meet me in st louis full movie 1944 max

Unfortunately, John Truitt comes by and tells Esther that he can't take her to the dance because his tuxedo is locked up in the tailor's. Grandpa comes to the rescue, inviting Esther to the dance with him.

The Making of Meet Me In St. Louis starring Judy Garland

A good meal and an occasional wisecrack to keep everyone in line. Everyone's excited about the upcoming fair, St. Louis's rival city Chicago had one a decade earlier and Buffalo did three years earlier, but this one promises to be the most extravagant of all. Ames gets an opportunity in business and wants to move the family to New York, but one by one the family has or develops obligations and ties to St.

Louis that makes them reluctant to leave.

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Not to mention they don't want to miss the fair. Louis and it was his first opportunity to work with Judy Garland whom he would marry after the film was finished.

Judy got to do three of her most identified songs from the Hugh Martin-Ralph Blane score that was blended with some traditional music of the times. Louis and were staple items at Garland concerts for years.

meet me in st louis full movie 1944 max

The other nominations were for musical scoring, color cinematography, and screenplay. Margaret O'Brien did a remarkable job in this film, this was probably her best role while a child star at MGM.

Not that she was the youngest and most appealing of the kids, she was that.