Meet me audio conferencing

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meet me audio conferencing

Use the Adobe Connect meeting room to control your audio conference. With a host of service options, including 24x7 bilingual support and availability, Allstream Meet-Me. Audio Conferencing is here to fulfill all of your audio. MeetMe Audio Conferencing. Overview. Using the MeetMe Conferencing application, callers can establish a multi party teleconference up to 18 participants for.

For external users, the access number can be mapped to a DID number to provide easy access to the conference.

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They are usually the conference organizer's own DN but any number can be used if it resolves to a dialable DN within the network. Care must be taken when using in the bridge number; see End of Dial. You can use it to add an extra level of security and differentiation from other Meet-Me Conferences. The concept of a conference leader or host does not apply to MCC. Users of non-MiNET display phone will be guided by tones only.

meet me audio conferencing

Callers can dial in to a conference directly or ask the console operator to transfer them. The operator would then dial the bridge number and PIN if required to join the conference and then release the call to complete the transfer.

A user may also transfer a party into a conference that they have entered on behalf of a held party. Start or join a meeting using any phone even your mobile phone, iPhone or iPad with up to participants. Audience participation during the conference. Share documents, presentations, or applications.

The meeting host WolfMeeting account holder and participants simply dial the same call-in number, enter access codes, and the audio portion of the meeting begins. The meeting host and participants can also join the online portion of the meeting, which is automatically created when the audio meeting begins, to share information or collaborate on an idea.

The meeting host is not required to schedule Personal Conference meetings in advance, and once generated, the access codes do not change.

For each account, the software generates unique host and participant access codes. The system prompts you for these codes after you dial a call-in number to start or join a Personal Conference meeting.

meet me audio conferencing

Telepresence Overview of Telepresence Cisco Telepresence is an all-in-one, easy-to-use video conferencing experience designed to deliver the illusion that meeting participants in two or more locations are in the same room while providing superior video and audio.

Telepresence conference rooms are configured with all of the equipment needed to deploy your video conferencing at the push of a button with no configurable settings or hand-held remotes required. Asterisk MeetMe integration Asterisk is free, open-source telephony software, and MeetMe is an audio conferencing application for Asterisk.

Asterisk-Java is a freely available Java library for accessing AMI though a Java-based application the adaptor in this case.

meet me audio conferencing

In addition to Asterisk-Java, the example attached with this article uses the MeetMe Java library, which is an extension of Asterisk-Java for managing MeetMe conferencing through a Java application.

Asterisk adaptor classes The Asterisk adaptor has three classes see Figure 1: This class implements the TelephonyAdaptor interface and is the core of the adaptor. For most operations, the adaptor identifies the conference object based on the conference ID passed as a parameter to its methods and the appropriate method is called on the conference object.

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This class manages the state related information for the adaptor, which includes a list of active conferences, the callback object, and the MeetMe conferencing state. This class represents an audio conference.

The various call control features available via the Asterisk Manager Interface are accessed through this class.

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This class adds itself as an observer to the MeetMe Conference to receive the notifications dispatched by the conference. This class also acts as the observer for all the MeetMe conference participants and handles any events dispatched by them. Audio conference life cycle While implementing an adaptor interface, keep in mind that there is a specific sequence of methods that are called during the life cycle of an audio conference, which typically follow the start, in session, and ended phases.

The sequence diagrams in Figures 2—5 illustrate the sequence of methods that may get called during the life cycle of an audio conference. Typical conferencing use case To understand better how an adaptor is implemented, consider the following typical use case: An audio conference is started from the Adobe Connect meeting room. A participant dials into the audio conference. Another participant is dialed from the meeting room.

One of the participants is muted for some time. One of the participants hangs up the phone.