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There are several main characters in Carnivàle, an American television serial drama set in the . in order to gain his full measure of power and fulfill his destiny , he must find Brother Justin at long last meets his adversary, Ben, in the final episode of . Played by Tim DeKay (seasons 1–2 main cast) – Further information. Many online personalities like Kelly Lee Dekay are creating a lot of Working at the shop full time, I get to meet such a lovely array of people. Program Description. The International Stroke Conference is the world's premier meeting dedicated to the Jason Lee, Houston Methodist Hosp, Houston, TX Practical Application of Serial Measurement of Cardiac Troponin I for Risk .. Kelly Jarvis, Northwestern Univ, Chicago, IL DeKay, Keva C.

I had a great time watching this movie. I read an article about how the main female character, Claire Dearing, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, wears her high heels throughout the entire film and how that, along with her perfect ensemble, make her less than feminist.

See how out-of-touch she is with her environment? In a funny exchange with ex-Navy, Raptor Wrangler Owen Grady played by Chris Pratt we learn that Claire is the type of woman who prints out an itinerary for her dates. Sure, there are people like that, good on them. Makes sense for that type of personality to be in charge of a potential death park.

It was an annoying and trite line spoken in a way that rang untrue to me. To me, that was a lazy bit of writing that the movie could have easily done without. Howard and Pratt as they begin their Jurassic World adventures. To do this they must venture into the park and Claire jumps right in, high heels and white suit be damned. I actually kind of loved her for this. It was actually impressive enough that I noticed it at one point.

I later read that Howard actually trained for her heel running like it was an Olympic competition and she never switched her heels to flats or special wedges, she did all that running herself.

Not from my personal experience but I have a good friend who can run in heels so it does happen folks. Character development has to be quick and it has to be easy. Dressing Claire in head to toe white with beige heels and perfect hair is a great way to show the audience right away who she is. Dressing Owen in a leather vest and tight jeans is the best way to show us who he is.

Clothes do make a difference a film and in this case, they do it very effectively. As for feminism in a dinosaur movie? One of my favorite small scenes is when Claire and Owen are running from the I-Rex and he stops to give her a hand, she buzzes right past him, a quick little f-you to being a gentlemen during a fight or flight scenario.

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When Sofie begins to show interest in him, he breaks off his relationship with Rita Sue; however, the fact that he was sleeping with her and that Libby knew about it causes Sofie to break both of their hearts as pay back. After this Jonesy remains cold towards her yet finds new affection in Libby. The two eventually elope. Jonesy is kidnapped, tortured and left for dead by a man who had lost his wife in a Ferris wheel accident. Ben is able to heal Jonesy including his crippled knee, and Jonesy joins Ben on his last mission.

In the series' final minutes, Jonesy and Sofie meet again, and she shoots him in cold blood. Genealogy Apollonia and Sofie Agnesh Bojakshiya [39] are fortunetellers in a mother-daughter act at the carnival. Although Apollonia is catatonicshe and Sofie can communicate telepathically. Their original biographies declare Apollonia a "once renowned seer who read cards for the rich and famous" and "the only psychic Houdini was unable to debunk.

Apollonia's sister cared for her until Sofie was old enough to take over, and they began working the traveling circuits shortly afterwards. When the series starts with Ben joining the carnival, Apollonia can no longer shield Sofie from her own true self. Sofie begins to evade and rebel against her mother's mental control, but Apollonia counters by first trying to drive Sofie to suicide, then by attempting to kill her in a trailer fire at the end of the first season.

Nevertheless, season 2 shows Apollonia repeatedly appearing to Sofie and snake charmer Ruthie. Sofie tries to leave her fortuneteller life behind by becoming a roustabout. After a short-lived relationship with Ben, Sofie leaves the carnival altogether and becomes the Crowes' maid in California. Brother Justin introduces her to the world of religion, but several signs suggest the preacher is not the good man Sofie thought. After berating Brother Justin in the final episode, Sofie is locked in a barn where visions insinuate her as the Omega and Brother Justin as her father.

She later shoots Jonesy, and her eyes have taken on the coal black appearance of Brother Justin's eyes. The final minutes of the series show Sofie finding Brother Justin dead in a cornfield. She lays her hands on his chest, and the corn around them dies.

meet kelly lee dekay measurement

Lodz's character arc starts with Ben joining the carnival. Lodz unsuccessfully hassles the boy to work with him and to listen to his dreams. He later initiates Ruthie's death with Management's blessing to get his sight back. Upon finding out these circumstances, Ben strangles Lodz to death, reviving Ruthie in the process.

Nevertheless, Lodz repeatedly appears to Ruthie and leaves her the message "Sofie is the Omega " on a mirror. Using Ruthie's body, Lodz also visits his lover Lila and informs her about the events leading to his death and "you'll be seeing me soon [ According to Clancy Brown Brother Justinthe writers had originally planned Lodz's return as a mummy after a man sold his desiccated body to the carnies.

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Besides serving a purpose to the story, it should indicate all bets are off for the other characters. The family traveled the international circuit as the "Flying Villalobos" until misfortune struck. One of Lila's two older brothers died in Copenhagen inand her father committed suicide in At age sixteen, Lila already sported a beard and married for the first time.

The marriage did not last long, and Lila would marry over nineteen more times in her life. Lodz would be her only true love. His sudden disappearance at the beginning of season 2 however makes her suspicious. Samson's subsequent evasive behavior suggests external forces, but Lila finds herself unable to obtain proof. Ruthie repeatedly approaches Lila at night, seemingly possessed by Lodz, and leaves her clues.

When Lila finally learns of the circumstances surrounding Lodz's death, she suborns the carnival crew to a mutiny that almost prevents the troupe from meeting with Brother Justin in California. Season 2 finale and character fates Dora Mae Dreifuss played by Amanda Aday season 1 recurring Felix "Stumpy" Dreifuss is the manager of the cootch striptease show.

Their original biographies state Rita Sue was born in Michigan in as the only child of Thomas and Emma Menninger. Her parents invested in her education at the finest Eastern boarding schools, but the family's financial fortunes declined with Thomas's death in Rita Sue left her home in and started vaudeville work. She joined several traveling companies and strip-shows, where she met Stumpy, a barker who had begun his career in They married intwo months before the birth of their first child, Libby.

Intheir second daughter, Dora Mae, was born. When their company's owner died, Stumpy and Rita Sue began traveling with various carnival companies and were eventually joined by their two daughters in the late s. Their fortunes steadily declined in the s when more cootch family acts spawned in the difficult times.

Dora Mae is murdered by an inhabitant of a haunted ghost town, the sexual relationships between Jonesy and Rita Sue, then Jonesy and Libby, cause much heartbreak, and Stumpy's affection for gambling almost ruins the family. Their arc in the story reveals Ruthie as a former lover of the mysterious Henry Scudder. Gabriel, a big and powerful person but with a low IQis the first carny to experience Ben's healing powers.

Shortly after Ruthie and Ben grow close, Ruthie dies from a snake bite. Ben first tries unsuccessfully to resurrect Ruthie, but succeeds later when he strangles Lodz, the carnival's blind mentalist. In season 2, Ruthie starts to encounter people who have died a long time ago.

Being possessed by Lodz at night, Ruthie repeatedly approaches Lila, leading to Lila turning into a major obstacle for the carnival's success.

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While his disappearance in-between seasons is not directly addressed, Bert mentions hearing about some acts having abandoned Samson The Road to Damascus. Alexandria and Caladonia Potter [4] played by Karyne and Sarah Steben season 1 main cast — Alexandria and Caladonia are twins conjoined at the hip. While their disappearance in-between seasons is not directly addressed, Bert mentions hearing about some acts having abandoned Samson The Road to Damascus. Burley played by Scott MacDonald season 1—2 recurring — Burley is a roustabout at the carnival.

meet kelly lee dekay measurement

Osgood played by Blake Shields season 1—2 recurring — Osgood is a roustabout at the carnival. Possum played by Bill Moseley season 1—2 recurring — Possum is the cook of the carnival.

Jasper played by Frank Collison season 1—2 recurring — Jasper is a barker at the carnival. She was married to Samson for nine years. He dresses as half a man, half a woman. Stangler played by John Hannah season 1 — Stangler is a bartender and resident of Babylon; he is executed after a round of "Carnival Justice" due to admitting to the murder of Dora Mae.

Genealogy Iris Crowe is the older sister of Brother Justin and a devoted supporter of his ministry duties in California. Iris' significance in the series starts when Brother Justin informs her about the church board's plan to take away his new ministry.

Shortly after, a fire in the church kills several orphans, but it remains unknown until the end of the first season that Iris was the arsonist.

Radio show host Tommy Dolan, who arrived to help with the arson investigation, develops feelings for Iris, but a romance is hindered by Brother Justin's return from a week-long self-discovery trip. Dolan starts to uncover evidence pointing to Iris's guilt, but a strange twist at Iris's planned public confession results in Dolan's arrest as the culprit.

Late in the second season, Iris joins her foster father Norman in an ultimately unsuccessful plot against Brother Justin. His first appearance in the series occurs when he meets Brother Justin around a campfire.