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meet joe black analysis

For millions of people, a close encounter with death has enabled them to see with fresh eyes the beauty and bounty of life. In this fantasy film directed by Martin . Meet Joe Black” is a movie about a rich man trying to negotiate the terms of his own death. It is a movie about a woman who falls in love with a. The cinema has no trouble finding attractive human forms for angels and devils. They're playful folk. But when it comes to personifying Death.

He's killed in an accident shortly after they part and his body is taken over by Death, who thereupon moves into the Parrish household under the name Joe Black.

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Joe gives Bill a reprieve until the mammoth sixty-fifth birthday bash his other daughter Marcia Gay Harden is organising, but he prevents anyone knowing his true identity. Films in which people become aware of their impending death normally involve remorse over past sins and attempts to put lives in order. Kurosawa's Living is the classic instance.

meet joe black analysis

But, astonishingly for a rich man involved in the media, Bill has conducted himself impeccably. There is not a stain on his private or professional life.

In fact, his only remaining task is to preserve the integrity of the communications empire he's created by preventing the duplicitous Drew from merging it with the corporation of an unprincipled rival.

Death, in fact, could hardly have found someone better prepared to go into that good night. He thus has more quality time to spend with Susan, who loves him not as Death but as a mysterious stranger.

Meet Joe Black: Death visits Earth

Scenes in his office also include massive paintings and can be easily distinguished as the top of a skyscraper. But when Susan steps into frame, often dressed in a simple shift or t-shirt and jeans, we get a stark difference to the richness we often see in the shot.

meet joe black analysis

The camera suddenly zooms in to Bill clutching his chest, and jump-cuts rapidly to him and his deteriorating state. But something, maybe the voice, is stopping him from dying.

Meet Joe Black

The second scene I want us to pay attention to is actually two different scenes, but are very similar in their setting, and completely different in the feeling they give in the film.

The first scene is when Susan enters the coffee shop and hears a man talking on the payphone behind a translucent pane of warped glass. We see the profile of the man, haloed by sunlight.

Dying for it

The scene goes on and the chemistry between Susan and Pitt is extremely apparent and endearing. More Reviews TV Review: Here, he pushes his luck too far by extending a slim conceit to a full three hours.

meet joe black analysis

Rarely has there been a film with so little justification for such a marathon running time; much of the problem stems from the dialogue direction, which often has the actors pausing significantly for many seconds between lines. Brest, who began mulling the project seriously more than 15 years ago, and his writers have taken just the central premise — of Death assuming human form for a few days to get a taste of what life is like, and falling in love along the way — and spun it in different, much more detailed ways.

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With his 65th birthday fast approaching, New York media tycoon William Parrish Anthony Hopkins begins hearing a strange, disembodied voice, and shortly suffers a heart seizure while being spoken to so mysteriously. In short order, the voice materializes to the mystified William in the guise of the fellow from the coffee shop. Thus begins a peculiar relationship in which the dazzlingly blond Joe Black follows the powerful William on all his rounds.