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Someone made a real life version of Nuke Town from COD: Black Ops as a paintball field - Imgur

See more ideas about Tactical gear, Soldiers and Special forces. You need to order the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Sergeant Paintball Gun Package if you are. See more ideas about Special forces, Swat and Military guns. South-West Africa during the border war - When dumb Israelis show you Arabs in their army so. Meet Him Upstairs. Once you regain control over Walker, go through the only possible way - Chapter XV. Once you regain control over Walker, go through the .

Riggs will kill an enemy soldier that walks into the hallway ahead. When that's done keep going forward through the door on the right. Head down the stairs inside. Then loop around down the ramp ahead into the parking structure. Immediately get to cover inside as several enemies will attack you from all sides. So you know, there are vents on the ceiling in here with sand falling out.

If an enemy is beneath it you can shoot it out to stun them with sand. Anyway, you should first take out the enemy trying to flank you on the right. Then get behind a pillar ahead.

You will be able to take out more enemies from here and have better cover. Don't stay there long. Either head around to the left, or the right, towards the other side maintain cover. You will be attacked by a heavy so take him out quickly. There is a turret gunner at the back of the parking garage who will shred you. Shimmy around further to the left side to block him with the ambulance so he can't shoot you. Then vault over and take cover on the ambulance and get into a position where you can take aim at the far right of the gunner.

There is an enemy in the booth there you should take out. Then you can move into cover a little further forward and order Adams to toss in a grenade to take care of the gunner.

When they are all dead, head forward towards where the gunner was. Then go into the door on the right just past the toll booth.

Head to the left inside and up the stairs. Get any ammo you need in here then vault over the sand bags. Continue to the right, then left, and go through the door.

Be careful there is a soldier guarding the stairs. Take cover at the top of the stairs as there is more enemies inside. When it's clear take cover behind the railing on the left and shimmy to the right side.

Take out any enemies on the stairs, from the far side of this floor, or below. Keep an eye out on the catwalk above, as well, as there are two snipers you can order Lugo to take out or take out yourself. When it's clear go up the stairs on the right side. Take cover behind the wall facing towards the center of the auditorium. From here you can snipe any enemies you are able to see below.

Get any ammo you need, when it's clear, and head down the stairs on the right side. Continue to the right and around the corner. Go down the stairs on the right and look to the right to fire on the enemies down the hall. Be careful, also, as another crazy knife guy will attack you around the middle of the room. Maintain cover when you shoot him. Then take out any enemies taking cover ahead of you.

Round the corner going to the right and clear the way of any other enemies. Take cover directly around the right side. Go straight down and the path will split into 3 more paths. Go left and you'll fight another monster. Win you'll get Erbe Blades. Then go right at the intersection and continue to go forward. Before taking the stairs down, go to the right and you'll encounter another monster chest and you will get yet another Valkyrie Dress. Then at the intersection, go to the foor on the right to get Tear-All Balm.

From there there's one more elevator There's a recovery point and save from here because you'll have a long battle ahead of you He also does Luminous Ogre Slash. He unleashes Afterglow Smasher as his S-Craft; most of which does moderate damage overall. But it's his mechanized monster that's causing the most problem. Photon judge does AA Canceler to interupt spells. It also does Donkey Missle and Atomic Smash to annoy you.

Get rid of Photon Judge really quickly with your S-Craft. Afterwards, then build up your CP meter by attacking Richard. He's not that strong to begin with. Besides, the CP is better invested on the next bout. Reverie Left and Right Forceps Everyone acts independently on this bout. The left forceps is immune to all magic damage. Interestingly, its the only one that can do several magical attacks such as Spiral Flare, Diamond Dust, Aerial and etc.

The right forceps on the other hand is immune to all physical attacks but acts as a healer. Finally, Reverie can hit a large group of people on the field with his cannon.

He can also charge up and fire his laser. Huge damage but it's easily avoided. This battle is all about opposites. All magical attack should go for Right Forceps. Use any single arts to do damage against right forceps while do any physical attacks including S-Craft. Finally, hold back your attacks a bit and build up your CP a bit because the next one is a killer Reverie Okay, he'll start off summoning Alpha Drones acting as support.

It'll cast mid-level arts just to hinder you a bit. Also, the drone's attack can go all the way to end of the screen. Finally, the Alpha drone has the ability to self-destruct.

Because Reverie has a widespread gatling attack, it can get anyone within the area. This could be dangerous especially if your allies are all bunched up. Also, he has the ability to cast AA canceler on everyone on the battlefield. Going too close to the final boss itself is somewhat risky. Within the vicinity, he can pound the ground.

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It's enough to knock-back several people. It also does Death Rage which causes severe damage to the victim. However, Reverie will start using Annihilation. It has a very slow charging time. But when the power is unleashed on the following turn, the damage is quite devastating on everyone.

Someone made a real life version of Nuke Town from COD: Black Ops as a paintball field

But, using that attack can take its toll on Reverie itself. It has a cool-down time and its defenses went down for a short period of time. But don't be complacent though because it can still unleash Death Rage. I hope you have stored up your CP for your battle because it is going to be a long battle.

Having Earth Guard is a must in this battle because Reverie is going to pull all stops to do significant damage on your allies. When Reverie's defense is wide open, unleash your S-Craft. This will do siginificant damage against the boss. So, pull off any S-Craft regardless the amount of CP. One" "No, everything, all of this, it was your fault" "If that's what you believe, then shoot me. Five" Konrad shoots you, but you can really see that Walker commits suicide, both in the reflection and reality.

A cutscene showing both Konrad's and Walker's bodies appear. Over the radio a message is transmitted: The death toll is too many. Credits roll, the game is over.

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The trophy "A Farewell to Arms: You are relieved" is achieved. As Konrad slowly shatters like a mirror, he says no matter what happens next don't be too hard on yourself.

He asks what mission, and as Walker tells him to get a radio the man disappears. Walker reports over the radio the immediate evacuation of Dubai. The survivors, one too many The trophy "Too Late The Hero: Carry on, soldier" is achieved. Only available if the player chooses to shoot Konrad, believing the reality that Walker is still believing the illusion that it wasn't his fault.

A cutscene shows military American Humvees roll up to a Walker, wearing Konrad's uniform, sitting on the steps of the tower, holding an AA12 and a Desert Eagle in his holster. Falcon-1 personal hop out and approach him, saying the found Captain Walker. Walker approaches, gun in hand, his head burned and bandaged. The men are alarmed that he is armed, saying something is not right in his eyes.

They say they want to help, but Walker needs to put down the gun, claiming that he is shellshocked. Live and let live" is achieved.